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Im chat icon

In general, to maintain the aspect ratio, you should begin with a square icon. A friend of mine uses my favorite episode of The Young and the Restless as her buddy icon, but I can't quite make it out in the infopane. What do I do? The easiest thing to do is ask your friend to put it up on YouTube or some equivalent service. Alternatively, you could buy it on DVD, if available. The mouse-over tooltip on the infopane also has her full-size buddy icon, for a quick fix. Additionally, clicking the icon in the infopane should also enlarge it. How can I unblock someone? See the "Privacy" option under the "Tools" menu in the Buddy List. Why are the status icons so big? Can I make buddy list entries smaller? We believe that, by adding a second line of text to each buddy list entry, we're able to show more information about each buddy on the buddy list. The "Big List," as we call it, shows status text and idle time concisely and attractively. Most importantly, it puts the buddy icon in the list, making it far easier to locate buddies within a large list where names are harder to pick out than images. Due to the increased usability of this interface, we have made it the default. We are aware that some people feel more comfortable using an interface more similar to IM clients they may have used in the past. The 'Big List' can be disabled by un-checking "Show buddy details" in the Buddies menu. Can I import or export my buddy list? Why are my logs combining the logs of several of my buddies? It's likely you have inadvertently combined some buddies into contacts when you did not intend to do so. To correct this you need to find which contact the logs are associated with. Right-click that entry in the buddy list and click Expand. Drag out the buddies that do not belong in the contact. Where did my buddy go? I just tried to change its group and it disappeared! You inadvertently created a contact from two buddies. Hover over each buddy in the destination group and watch the tooltips that appear. You'll see the "missing" buddy in one of them. Right-click that entry in the buddy list, click Expand, and then drag the buddy that does not belong out to the group. Watch the buddy list carefully; a bar will appear to show you where the buddy will go if you are in the right location. Can I group buddies by their owner, like Trillian's or Miranda's Metacontacts? Right click a buddy on your list and at the bottom of the menu click "Expand". Then just drag other screen names to the same person below it. When you're done, click on the arrow to collapse them. When the contact is collapsed, Pidgin will select a buddy to display based on the status of the buddies in the contact, and their order. If you use the Alias function, by either highlighting a buddy and pressing F2 or right-clicking and selecting "Alias I grouped my buddies into contacts, can I control which one is selected? Pidgin uses an algorithm to determine which buddy is selected. If you right click on a contact and select expand, you can see an ordered list of the buddies in that contact. It computes which is most available as follows: It will start at the top looking for a buddy that is "present" and not idle. If it finds one, it will use that. If it did not already find one, it will then start at the top looking for a buddy that is away but not idle. If it has not already found one, it will start at the top of the list looking for a buddy that is idle but not away. If it has not already found one, it will start at the top of the list looking for a buddy that is both away and idle. If it finds one it will use that. Lastly, if all of the buddies are offline, it will pick the top buddy. Ideally it would search the list one more time, looking for a buddy that is offline, but on a protocol that supports offline messages. This has not, however, been implemented yet. With this search pattern, you should be able to drag the buddies in that contact into an order that will yield reasonable results for that contact most of the time. While this will be sufficient for most people most of the time, we recognize that a small minority of users may need to control things more precisely. If installed and loaded, this plugin allows for some modifications to the algorithm that Pidgin uses. Specifically, you can weight certain accounts to be either more likely to be chosen or less likely to be chosen. This cannot, however, be done on a per-buddy basis with the existing plugin. Why are protocol icons not displayed in the buddy list and conversation windows any more? See Sean's blog entry on the subject for the rationale behind this change. However, as of Pidgin 2. How do I remove a buddy from my buddy list? Right-click the buddy and click Remove. What do the icons next to my buddy mean? Icon Meaning You are blocking this user You may send SMS text msgs to this buddy's mobile device by right clicking on the buddy and choosing 'Send to Mobile' This buddy has the musictracker plugin installed or is playing music on Windows and has 'Now Playing' enabled to show to their buddies The buddy is logged in using a web interface to chat This user is a bot The buddy's AIM client supports AIM Secure IM and they have the appropriate X. Icon designed and named after the Hiptop device for which this was added. Statuses How does Pidgin decide which saved statuses to show in the status selector? Pidgin shows six "popular" saved statuses in the status selector. These are your six most recently used statuses, offset by a weight. Pidgin sorts all your saved statuses by the timestamp when they were last used. And then, for each time you've used a status, the timestamp is increased by one day. If you are upgrading from 1. As a result, the initial contents of the menu will be somewhat random. It will settle over the first few uses of distinct states into the behavior described above. How can I delete an auto-saved status? Hover over the status and hit delete. Why are no states listed when I go to set a state for Auto Away? Pidgin can only use saved states for Auto Away. You need to create and save a named state first. When will voice and video be implemented on Windows? These libraries already work in Windows. The Pidgin build process needs to be updated appropriately to enable the functionality. Patches to make this happen are welcome. Does Pidgin support libjingle? Yes, both GMail and GTalk implementations should work. Currently, the command-line gstreamer-properties program is used. On other systems, Pidgin makes its best guess as to which device to use. A plugin is planned to support this functionality on other systems. When will voice and video be implemented on other protocols? We plan to implement these features, but it is a daunting task. The time available to the developers who work on these features is limited, and so any work on these features proceeds slowly. In short, we have no idea when this will happen. It could be tomorrow, or it could be in That's really the best answer we can give right now. Why can't I do a video call with the GMail client? You can find these in gst-plugins-ugly and gst-ffmpeg. For debian based systems that's gstreamer0. If you have a new enough version of GtkSpell, the text input area's context menu will have a Languages submenu that will allow you to choose a language from the list of dictionaries you currently have installed. Smileys Emoticons Does Pidgin support animated smileys? Yes, but there is a bug which can cause animation to be lost if Pidgin has to resize the image. Also, only the most recent 20 emoticons are animated. Can I save custom emoticons as animated gif? Yes, in version 2. Im chat icon

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  1. Some ISP's will terminate service if it is proven you have participates in such. Audio, Image, Movie or Web. Icommerce or Ecommerce Icommerce Internet Commerce , often termed Ecommerce, is the act of doing business on the Internet.

  2. Teleports the avatar to the position the cursor is currently looking at. When checked, any messages that are to be alerted will have their color changed to what is specified in the color selector.

  3. If enabled, the last few lines of the last conversation will be shown in IM windows. Will show IMs in the chat console; this is on the lower left of the screen, not in the communication window. Lastly, since GTK themes only allow acceptable modifications, we do not have to worry that a user isn't seeing part of the UI because it is either showing or not showing because of our code.

  4. While this will be sufficient for most people most of the time, we recognize that a small minority of users may need to control things more precisely. That mail is then processed in a predetermined manner. For example, engaging in personal attacks, vulgarity, and off color jokes may be seen as discouraging to the purpose of the room.

  5. Will show in nearby chat when an avatar enters or leaves your draw distance. It does not require a server to run and is very easy to install.

  6. Virtually all modern monitors are noninterlaced. The IM window must be docked to the conversations window, and this must be closed for the button to flash. Group Chat Snooze Duration:

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