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Ideas for charades list

A classic big group game, easily suited for lots of different occasions and age levels. Players act out clues for their teammates to guess. A group of about 8 to 10 people though you can play with many more. Words to act out check out my word generator for an electronic list, or the end of this post for word lists you can print out. A timer or stopwatch and paper to keep score on. The object of the game is simple: Other players try to guess the word, and the team or player who guesses the most wins. Team 1 sends up their first player, Tucker, to act out a word. Say Tucker draws a slip of paper with the word astronaut written on it. Tucker would then have to act out the word as fast as possible in a way that his teammates could guess. He might take slow, exaggerated steps, as if he were walking on the moon, then pretend to put up a flag and salute to it. Anything to get his teammates to shout out the word astronaut. As Tucker is acting, his teammates start shouting out guesses. After Tucker finishes acting out his word, he sits down and a player from Team 2 gets a turn. You could have two teams or more, or no teams at all. You could keep score or just play for fun. You can also easily make this a themed game. There are lots of other variations on this simple acting and guessing game. You can try telephone charades , celebrities , in the manner of the adverb , and even Star Wars pictionades a game of my own invention. Need a printable charades word list ready to go? Click the links below to open the word lists, then just print them and cut along the lines for paper strips of words ready for acting. Ideas for charades list

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  1. The first to complete each of the six categories wins the game! A set of 4 horseshoes, stake. Scramble up the names you used in the word search, or use words that pertain to your family.

  2. First team done wins! The object of the game is simple: Whoever is in that corner is now out.

  3. Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest: A timer or stopwatch and paper to keep score on. Points are only awarded the the player who earned the most during that round.

  4. Separate the group into teams of 2. Communication fun with the original hilarious team game of Charades. A fun game for all ages!

  5. Just how do you know which games are right for your family reunion? Divide the group into 2 teams, each is given one of the flags.

  6. Lots of jump ropes. A mixed bag of activities, things, events and trends: Funnest cupcake wins, but honestly, everyone wins with this delicious game!

  7. Time it and award a prize for the fastest time! The player with the most matched pairs at the end of the game wins. At the end of the game, the player with the most points for his or her routes wins!

  8. First person to figure out the mystery word wins! Kiddie pool filled with sand, 2 sets of these mini dinosaurs. Your team must guess the word or phrase correctly by means of the signals or clues that you provide, before time runs out!

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