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Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

Ideas for cartoon characters

Funny business marks work especially well for company brands that deal with humor, fun entertainment, youth services or family oriented projects. Cartoon illustrations draw attention and get noticed much faster than traditional, boring images. Mascots and characters are customer favorites and help sell products. Just ask any one of these companies using funny characters to promote their brand: Why not add your company to this list of quality businesses using humor to increase awareness? What design factors make a great cartoon logo? Here they are listed in no particular order: Must have a cartoon character! Person, animal or thing. The emblem should have a fun, corresponding font. Lettering should not be straight and stiff. Bright, whimsical colors are most effective. Great facial expressions are important. Limit gradients and fades due to printing concerns. The character and business name should be prominent. Character should be able to stand alone without logo. A good tagline or service description. Use of outlines on lettering. This is a flat three color design and can be economically printed on any promotional materials. We specialize in creating funny cartoon animals and zany characters. We were trying for more of an icon look to this design rather than a flat out cartoon character. We were asked to create an adventurous duck character and relate it to biking. We designed an Indiana Jones character holding a mangled bike tire to show the ruggedness of Mad Duck. The lines in the background and the curved nature of the name present a very eye appealing design. Let us create a unique graphic logo design for you. Candy Cartoon Design A sample of a candy logo design featuring a sinister villain character. A great combination of a recognizable mascot and fun lettering font. We used gold colors to support the fact the the candy is gold coins. The label shape in the background lends itself to easily fit on packages and signs. We took the Dirty Hairy Mobile Grooming name and created a dog on skates mobile propelling himself along with a large hair dryer Dirty Harry gun. We also incorporated a beach scene and the act of cutting to enhance the fun feeling of the business. One of our funnest cartoon logo designs. Why not add your logo to our ever growing gallery of designs? We added some zany lettering with a bouncing line on top. This funny brand screams that it is fun! We can create an entertaining logo for you as quick as you let us know what you need. The crazy polar bear is cool wearing his shades and holding his electric guitar. The surfboard and sand help add to the feeling of eating a fun food. If your company could use a custom cartoon graphic to help boost sales please contact us today. Curtoons was the official Punkin Chunkin t-shirt designer for several years. This far out design includes an imaginary pumpkin canon firing a funny cartoon pumpkin into the air. The great thing about any type of cartoon image is that it can be used for multiple purposes that will all help advertise your business. We love creating fun, whimsical characters and making them human like by adding sunglasses, sneakers, clothes or other items a person might use. These added elements help your customers associate with the characters better. We used an image of a wooden sign to help convey the shack theme of the business. Let us create a fantastic character for your company! This image has a friendly character and very whimsical lettering. We used a warm beach theme for the background and dressed the character in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. The fruit not only stresses the jungle theme but also indicates the different flavors of the frozen drinks. The project included the complete logo design along with the stand alone mascot. A very cheerful graphic image. You may have seen the Boogie Wipes logo on national television or in several of your local stores. This simple design shows that we do not have to go all out to create a fun, humorous design. Julie and Mindee wanted a couple of cute but simple characters and a fun lettering style. We combined the two into a great design that fits well on almost any packaging that they have. Let us know give you a quote for your next whimsical design. But good luck finding that gem. We actually have the fairest logo design prices online. For the same cost many companies are charging for swooshes, text only designs and boring block lettering, we are creating fun images that not only have your custom cartoon character but also have wacky lettering and inviting colors. Please feel free to link to this page as a resource for cartoon logos. Related Articles and Advice: Ideas for cartoon characters

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  1. Great facial expressions are important. Has a tendency to act first and ask questions later.

  2. Great facial expressions are important. We also incorporated a beach scene and the act of cutting to enhance the fun feeling of the business. Fields, the nearsighted Mr.

  3. We also incorporated a beach scene and the act of cutting to enhance the fun feeling of the business. He tends to follow rules too closely. This image has a friendly character and very whimsical lettering.

  4. Related Articles and Advice: They are virtually devoid of flaws, [16] and are therefore considered flat characters. In high school, her studio was a converted chicken coop in which she drew cartoons that she sold to the Philadelphia Ledger.

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