I want to taste my own cum. Shoesession.

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Have You Ever Tasted Your Own Cum? Ft. Gina Darling

I want to taste my own cum

Nobody would turn down and offer like that, and we spent three glorious days enjoying each other. Despite her initial shock Bec decided to join us, and she enjoyed her very first cum as I gave her sweet little cunt a thorough tongue-fuck. This chapter starts the day after Mom and I introduced Bec to a world of raw, uninhibited fucking! I got out of bed and headed into the kitchen, expecting mom to be making breakfast, but there was no sign of her or my hot little sister Bec anywhere. I poured a glass of juice and noticed a sheet of paper on the kitchen table. It was a note from Mom and Bec. Bec and I have decided you deserve a special day today, and are shopping for you. We should be home around lunch time, so please rest up and enjoy your morning. Signed, Your Loving Cunts. I made a light breakfast, enjoyed a coffee, threw on a pair of shorts and went for a run. But at the same time she managed to exude an aura of pure, sexy class. I was coming to realize that, at only 15 I had what every man dreamt about, a woman who would hold her own in any company, but behave like a drooling, wanton fuck-slut in the bedroom. However it was my 13 year old sister Bec that occupied the majority of my thoughts as I pounded the pavement. Bec was very similar to mom, in that they were both tall and slim, had great figures and were very easy on the eye. Mom had the advantage above the waist, as she had to be a generous C cup while Bec was probably a B, but at 13 she had time on her side. The both had long, auburn hair, and mom had ensured Bec inherited her classy dress sense. After getting over the initial shock of seeing her Mom and brother fucking she seemed to come to terms with our new arrangement, and so far had wanted to be included. I was really curious about how far she wanted to go, and was keen to see what happened with her when my sluts arrived home. When I arrived home I had a long, hot shower and a shave, and with my cock swinging freely I went outside naked to soak up some sun. I must have drifted off to sleep, as I woke to the strangest sensations. I looked down and saw my sluts, one on each side of my sun-lounge, and both licking my shaft like an ice cream cone. They both giggled like a couple of school girls when they realized I was awake. They looked so hot they were smoking! Stand up and let me look at you! The theme color was a bright, sky blue, and they were wearing identical stretch mini dresses that had a strap on one shoulder, cut outs just below their tits, and just came down far enough to provide a teasing peep of fresh cunt at the hem-line. Matching stay-up stockings and ultra-high heels completed the ensemble, and even their nails and eye shadow was a matching shade. They had been to the hairdresser and had their hair up so I could see their new spiral silver earrings. Just standing there they looked amazing, and incredible mix of classy sexiness. Mom gave me one of her sultry smiles. I took Bec to the doctor today and she is now on the pill, so you will be able to fuck her soon. Mom asked me to do the honors and I popped the champagne cork and poured three glasses. We sat at the table and I offered a toast. I mean, you looked a little horrified when you came home and found mom and I fucking, which is totally understandable. Then last night when you kissed and sucked my cunt, and then you stuck your tongue deep inside my fuck-gash, well that was so much better again. I talked to Mom this morning, and she tells me it can be even better so I just want to try everything. I may not like everything you guys do, so Mom suggest we come up with some kind of safe word I can use if I really want to stop? My sluts insisted I stay at the table while they cleaned up the dishes, and Mom came back and gave a loving tongue kiss. Your cock would rip her open if you fucked her little cunt now, so we need to go slowly as we get her used to fucking. Can you just go with me for today and then we can talk about what you want later? I knew I could depend on my man. They had taken off their dresses and stood before me with their tits and cunts on open display. Bec started rubbing her gash and looked at me in wanton desire. Do you want me nice and smooth for you? Then they turned their backs to me and bent over so I could see they both had butt plugs jammed into their shit holes. She got me some toys and I promise I will wear them all the time so I can take your big, hard cock. She had had her flaps pierced and had a small silver ring through each one! It will be sore for a few days and I have to be careful of infection so you may have to find other holes to slip your fuck-stick in, is that ok with you? This way Bec would have a heightened sense of feel as she was unable to see. Bec did as Mom instructed and spread her legs far apart. When she had finished she wiped Bec clean with a hot towel, and kissed her bald cunt. Bec moaned in approval and I could see her juices oozing from her fuck hole. If my cum-buckets have to be hair free I think I should be too! Mom sprayed shaving foam all over my cock and balls and started shaving me very carefully. Thankfully my cock was rock hard which made shaving the shaft easier, and Mom was good to her word, removing all my pubic hair without a nick. I felt her apply shaving foam around my shit-hole and toward my sac, and then she went to work with razor again. Soon I felt her wiping away the foam with the hot towel, and her face was pressed against my ass cheeks and her tongue was probing my shitter. Now it was my turn to moan, and I could see Bec was watching closely. Tongue my ass and taste my shit, you deviate cunt! Bec was now on her knees in front of me, and I felt her tentative licks and kisses on my dribbling cock head. She must have decided the taste was ok, as her lips enclosed the head and she started gently sucking. I was amazed she could even fit the head in her tiny mouth, and looked down to see her jaw was stretched to the limit. She has understandably tentative, and had her palms on my thighs to ensure I did not thrust in too hard. I stroked her hair. Bec stayed where she was and Mom came round to watch. Mom and I knelt beside her and kissed her gently, and then started to lick her clean. We both savored the taste of my fuck cream, and soon had her looking reasonably presentable. She opened her eyes and licked her lips slowly. Would you like to pour more champagne? We were happily sipping champagne, when Mom arrived back, wearing a thin, six inch strap-on dildo! She gave me a huge smile and stroked her synthetic cock. So today we went to the adult store and bought three butt plugs and three strap-ons. We got small, medium and large for each and Bec is wearing the small butt plug now. We are going to use these, and move up to the next size when she is comfortable. Lay back up on the table Bec, and open your slutty little fuck hole wide for Mom! I will stop when I break through and give you time to get used to it. I stood beside Bec and started pinching and stretching her nipples to help take her mind off what was coming. Take it out please, take it out!!! Bec had tears in eyes but she tried her best to breathe through the pain. A trickle or blood ran down her thighs, and her eyes were tightly closed. Finally I could see her start to relax and her breathing slowed. Keep going Mom, but just slow, ok? After a few minutes Bec started to groan. I feel like my cunt is on fire! Is this how real fucking feels? Like Mom and me! Bec seemed to really get off on nipple play, I guess it runs in the family! Bec was moaning and writhing across the table, making it hard for Mom to keep an even fucking motion, but somehow she managed. Fuck my cunt and rip me open! I wanna be fucked and fucked and fucked!!! Fuck juice sprayed out or her stuffed hole and all over Mom, running down her legs. Her eyes rolled back. What are you doing to my cunt now you fuckers? Feel it with your cunt! Concentrate on holding it! How good does it feel? I love this, I love fucking! How long before you think I can take all of it? That was unbelievable, I thought I was going to blow my wad just watching you! We rested, enjoying the sun and cool breeze playing across our bodies. I want to taste my own cum

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  1. I use it and can deep throat 7 inches without any problem. In most cases, these supplements are harmless, and may even have nutritional benefits, but they may not be worth the price if you can get the same results on your own. I stood beside Bec and started pinching and stretching her nipples to help take her mind off what was coming.

  2. All I know is I'm getting a lot more head than I normally would and I couldn't be happier!! Satisfied that I had evened the score, I collapsed into a chair before my legs gave out altogether.

  3. I am a girl who love, love, loves the taste of my boyfriend's cum! I didn't even taste it, due to the aftertaste of the coke! It helps a lot.

  4. She'll feel a little silly for wondering why she never did it. The three best tips I can offer:

  5. Just put your tongue above the penis, and let it flow! I try and work up a nice wet mouth with plenty of saliva saved up. I mean, you should not have to suffer.

  6. Reply I could give you a thicker creampie with my thick younger cock. However, it's not as hard to take as you think and if you really have a problem with the taste there's always mouthwash.

  7. This also seems to help generate more saliva, which helps thin out the jizz. I love this, I love fucking!

  8. We are going to use these, and move up to the next size when she is comfortable. The cum will be sweet and not bitter.

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