I want to start my life over. Russia, China ‘Don’t Want US to Take Over North Korea’.

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Tony Robbins: HOW TO START OVER ( Tony Robbins Motivation )

I want to start my life over

Lupron Depot46 Viadur50 They were all approved on January 20, They are all made out of leuprolide acetate the same drug Lupron Depot that shut my body down in , now they are bringing it out under different names. I was looking through some old paperwork and came across a letter I had written about my experience with the prescription drug Lupron, leuprolide acetate. Here is my story I wrote just after taking Lupron in , thank god we forget pain: On January , I went to my gynecologist. He diagnosed me with a cyst on my ovary. He said that the drug Lupron would shrink the cyst and I could avoid surgery. I asked about the side effects, he said it was only hot flashes and temporary menopause, but all goes away after the drug is done. He made it sound like a picnic. I thought that the drug was the way to go, sounded like no big deal and to avoid an operation again, why not? I had my ovary removed surgically when I was 18 due to a cyst. He gave me a 3 month dose Jan 13, or Approximately 4 or 5 days later my skin started to crawl throughout my whole body, permanently day after day, creeping through my skin like waves of bugs crawling. I began to have trouble breathing, and was unable to get moving. I did both but neither seemed to help. My chest was crushing with chest pain, and I was having trouble breathing. I felt drained and sick all over and very pale. I laid on the couch for days, not being able to do anything and the pain was only getting worse. I finally went to the hospital because I knew it was serious and out of my hands. They put me on a heart monitor and admitted me right away. My heart was either beating at 41 bpm. All they could do was fill me with pain medications and anti-inflammatories. The hot sweats were starting; actually it was more total body sweats yet I was freezing cold. My kidneys were working overtime. Upon the first discharge from the hospital I got dizzy and fell onto the floor so they kept me another night. They diagnosed muscle-skeletal pain and heart problems due to the Lupron. Day by day different symptoms arrived, that was only the beginning of months of hell that followed for me. When I stood up my skin felt so heavy it felt like it was falling off my body. I had muscle-skeletal pain throughout my whole body, esp. Body sweats and chills, ghostly-white complexion. Shrieking skull pain, migraine on right side of head. I had huge cramps throughout my legs, pain in lower, outside, right leg. Breast pain, loss of sexual desire well who could think about sex with all this going on??? Cold body, temperature Stomach swelled up, dehydrated, excessive thirst. Throat swelled, feeling of choking. Bowels quit working, kidneys working overtime. Numb cheeks and limbs. Visual disturbances, right eye teared constantly. Sore teeth, left jaw pain. Intensified rash and swollen lymph nodes. Every evening at 8 pm my throat would swell and I could actually feel the serum pump out of my throat down into my chest, then throughout my body. The chest and breast pain would increase, my heart would start pumping wildly, my stomach would ache, cramping would increase, body sweats, cold body, and total exhaustion would set in. The horror went on day after day after week after week which turned into months. My Lupus and Fibromyalgia were flaring big time by now. I was gray in color and totally lifeless and I felt like I was going to die. It was the darkest time of my life. After calling the Doctor who prescribed the Lupron to me, he sent me away saying, go see a cardiologist, there is no way Lupron would do that. I think it is still in my ribs as I have severe rib pain to this day , many natural remedies and 6 months for menstruation to return. Now all that was left was the damage. I also broke two teeth on Lupron. No one had an antidote to stop this drug from terrorizing my body, so I took my dying body to a Naturopathic Doctor. She put me on some homeopathic medicines and herbals right away and miraculously she took that overwhelming feeling of death away. She said I was grey in color when I came in and that was almost 2 months after the shock set in. I got my internal orans tested from electro dermal screening and they showed severe stress on all my internal organs, especially the heart, gallbladder, lymphatics, kidneys, bladder, thyroid, liver, adrenals and central nervous system. This was a direct result from the Lupron. It totally devastated me and my family. I am going to continue to see a Naturopathic Doctor. She took away the numbness in my cheeks, the swelling in my hands, the shrieking skull pain, the dizziness, the total exhaustion, the rash is clearing up, I have some colour back and some energy. I still have a long way to go but she helped me out of the severe stress that Lupron put me in. I have seen enough improvement to convince me, Naturopathic medicine is the only way out of a major adverse drug reaction or perhaps any major health crisis. God, I forgot how ill it made me. I am not a doctor, or a lawyer and this drug is approved by the FDA but not in my lifetime would I recommend it to any human. I actually would warn anyone not to use Lupron, but that is just my opinion through a very bad experience! This was approved years ago by TAP, they had multi million dollar fines from it, so I suspect these are new companies that want to get in on the sales with this drug too. I think we will be hearing more people being prescribed this drug again. How can the FDA approve I also would like to note that the cyst was still there after all was said and done. It was the herbals that took the cysts away. Now I believe that I could have avoided surgery when I was 18 as well. I get the willies through my body when I see or hear the name Lupron. It is a drug given to men for prostrate cancer as well so you might want to check it out too guys. I want to start my life over

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  1. Stomach swelled up, dehydrated, excessive thirst. After calling the Doctor who prescribed the Lupron to me, he sent me away saying, go see a cardiologist, there is no way Lupron would do that.

  2. This guide is our guarantee But Daniel still was able to find a big one, and I cleaned up on the small game. Ok enough of my ice cream obsession and back to the trip.

  3. Of course my brother and I had to stop into the Hat Shop in Leavenworth. The above agates are from our walk on Langley Beach. See photos and stories from our trip below.

  4. My grandparents, above, were such a blast to spend time with on this trip. Yes, they're known for their chowder and fish n' chips, but I personally can't get onto the Mukilteo Ferry without stopping at Ivar's first.

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