I want my girlfriends mom. My Shattered Mom.

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I want my girlfriends mom

My parents were both only 17, when Mom gave birth to me. After graduating High School my parents got married and got a place together in Reseda. Then my sister Hanna was born, I was just a 1 year old and my parents were My Dad began working as a truck driver and my Mom became a hair dresser. A few years later, my Dad's parents helped us purchase a small home in Canoga Park. Life was going along fine and we were all happy together. Things changed for the worse, several years later. My Dad was killed by a hit and run driver, while riding his motorcycle to work in Los Angeles. It was such a tragedy for all of us, I was 15, Hanna was only 14 and Mom was It changed our lives forever, my entire family was devastated. Mom was quite a wreck for a few years and missed my Dad a lot. Hanna and I were never the same again. As time went by, Hanna and I encouraged Mom to start dating again. Mom tried but it wasn't easy on her, or us kids. We all loved our Dad very much, he was a good guy. My Mom is very attractive woman and keeps herself in good shape by doing aerobics and eating well. She never smoked and only drinks once in a while. She has beautiful long blonde hair and adorable blue eyes, she always looks great. She also has a nice big rack and cute little ass. She gets lot attention from men where ever she goes but is blind to their attraction. Last year Mom began dating a slightly younger guy named Mark, she met at work. He was a construction worker and pretty good guy at first. She cut his hair and got to know him fairly well, he asked her out several times and she finally gave in. They dated for quite a while and then he moved in with us, the summer after my freshman year of college. I loved junior college and worked part time as a waiter at night. I was in a semi serious relationship with my girlfriend Chris. We met at Malibu beach a couple years ago and really hit it off. My house wasn't like home anymore with Mark around. He started getting on my nerves and drinking a lot. My girlfriends parents were well off, they owned a beautiful home in Calabasas. Her Dad was cool and her Mom loved me. They built a 1 bedroom guest house out back for her grandma about 5 years ago. Her grandma passed away that summer and the guest house was cleaned out and vacant. Nobody used it and they didn't need to rent it out. Chris asked her Dad if we could move into grandmas old place. He let us have it for free, as long as we stayed in college and kept the place clean. We moved into the guest house and were happy most of the time. I was able to save money and pay for all my college tuition by myself. My Mom was starting to have big problems with her new guy Mark after I moved out. He got laid off work and began drinking more and more. Mom would come home from work and find him hammered by 6: Hanna became scared of him, she said he was always checking her out and made her feel very uncomfortable. Hanna recently turned 18 at the time and was becoming quite a beautiful girl. Her breasts were now big like Mom's and she had a perfect round ass to die for. She had developed into a very sexy young woman. Then one day after school, Hanna came home to find Mark in her room sniffing her used panties. She freaked out and called me all shook up. I was on my way home from college so I swung by and picked her up around the corner of the house. I pulled up and she jumped in, she was real upset and freaked out. I drove us to Mom's work and got her outside to explain the situation. Mom was shocked and mad as I've ever seen her. She took the afternoon off to take care of the situation. Next door to my Mom's work is a glass shop and she's good friends with the owner. He came out to see what was wrong. They have a big strong ex football player named Larry working there. The owner suggested we take big Larry to the house to kick him out. We all agreed that would be the best plan. We all met out front of Mom's house and barged in together. Mark was drunk and surprised when we walked in and confronted him about the panty sniffing incident. He was speechless, as Larry towered over him with hate in his eyes. Mom went to the kitchen and grabbed a roll of trash bags. She handed out bags to us and threw the rest at Mark. Mark got up and went to the bedroom and started packing his stuff in bags as fast as he could. Mom asked me to go to the garage and toss his junk in his truck. He drove off drunk and scared, we never saw him again. I drove Larry back to his job at the glass shop and offered him some cash which he declined. My Mom and Hanna spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house and I head home after I dropped off Larry at his work. I called my Mom that night and she seemed relieved and glad it was over with Mark. She also sounded like she had been drinking, who could blame her. What a terrible situation to be in. Then things started to go very bad for Mom. She went out with friends for drinks that Friday night to blow off some steam. She's not a big drinker and got pretty wasted. Since she was close to home she stupidly decided to drive home drunk. Mom smashed a parked car a few blocks from home and was arrested for DUI. I got the call at 4: I got there as fast as I could and bailed her out. She looked terrible, make up running down her face and her eyes were very red. I've never seen her look so bad before. She came up to me with tears in her eyes and I hugged her long and strong. I got her home and put her to bed. I decided to stay over and slept on the couch for a few hours. Hanna was at a friends house for the night and when I woke up, it was very quiet. I started to clean up the living room and kitchen. Since it was Saturday morning I had no school to deal with. I decided to call in sick to work and also called my Mom's boss to let her know she wasn't feeling well. I called my girl Chris next to let her know I was going to stay here for the rest of the weekend. She was busy with family stuff so it was fine with her. I wanted to take care of Mom and help her through this rough patch. Mom came out of her bedroom around She looked upset and worried. I was so scared. Thanks for bailing me out, what a mess I got myself into. She came up to me and gave me a nice warm hug. I squeezed her tight and kissed her softly on the cheek. We embraced for almost a minute before we broke apart. I want to spend some quality time with you. She said no problem, just to take good care of you. That's all I want to do this weekend Mom, just be with you and help you feel better. I want my girlfriends mom

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