I think my husband wants to cheat. “My Father is Homeless, But My Husband Won’t Let Him Move in With Us”.

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How To Tell If Your Husband Or Wife Is Cheating-4 Warning Signs To Look For

I think my husband wants to cheat

It was all Philipe's fault. Her husband changed completely after he spent a night in his friend's place for work reasons. Before that, their sex life was almost dead. She even thought that the friend in question was going to be the one to help her with that, although, lately, he was playing hard to get. He walked to the bathroom. As he got away, he screamed so Sam would hear him. Sam was on the couch, with the laptop on his lap. Jessica envied the laptop. Apparently, they had fucked up somehow. She wasn't interested in that at the moment and finished making some juice. Philipe was small, he wore glasses since ten years old, white as snow and timid. His timidity had seemed very cute at first, but with the years its charm had worn out. Until very recently, she was ready to sleep with Sam. If he had said no, she would find someone else. The sex was better than never, he asserted himself and didn't seem timid anymore. I wasn't sure what had happened, but I most certainly approved. But no matter how perfect Philipe had gotten, curiosity was getting the best of her. The thoughts of infidelity kept coming. Every time Sam showed up in her home, a warmth washed her whole body. Just looking at him made her wet. She planned in her head the day she would create the courage to tell him how wet he made her. Sam looked like he was very good in bed. Sam was a tall blond, he looked good in every way that her husband didn't. And if Philipe changed suddenly, Sam had always been a god. And Jessica knew he wanted her. Every now and then he gave her these looks. Unfortunately, these looks have not been very common lately. But she kept her hopes up. She went to the living room, her movements very suggestive, but only because her husband was still in the bathroom. Jessica gave Sam his cup of juice. She didn't like that he didn't even raised his head. Then, he gulped half of the juice and put the cup on the sofa. He smiled, raised his head and apologized. He put the cup on the table next to the sofa. His smile was oh so pretty. But he again wasn't paying attention to her, so she sighed soundly and sit cross legged on the opposite side. Jessica startled, looking at him. She hoped she didn't look half as guilty as she felt. He saw Sam's half empty cup. She left them working. Sam was paying her no mind, but with Philipe his eyes even gleamed. She remembered when they played a forbidden game, giving naughty glances at each other, even when Philipe was in the same room. Jessica was jealous of her husband's friendship. A few minutes later, they left. Alone in her house, all her thoughts belonged to her dark side. How good would it be to feel another man inside of her? To suck a cock, different cocks. There are so many out there. She was so beautiful still. So much prettier than her husband. That was one of the reasons she loved marrying Philipe. People sometimes couldn't believe they were together. But now Philipe only stopped her from knowing the world. Trying to get her mind off those things, she begun cleaning the house, starting on the living room. At the center table, she saw Philipe's cellphone and that he had forgotten it again. She rolled her eyes. As she took the dust off the TV, she paused. Jessica had never, never looked into her husband's phone. Not because she respected him, but because the interest never arose in her. He was kind of boring. What do I think I will find? She thought jokingly to herself. She came back to the cleaning, but only for five seconds. Then, she was on the sofa, with her husbands' phone on hand. The PIN was his birthday. He didn't know that she knew. She looked at the mainscreen for a moment not knowing what to look for. Then, just for starters, she looked into his gallery. Jessica stayed paralyzed, her eyes locked and almost not blinking, as if her brain didn't quite understand what she was looking at, but it was trying very hard, very hard to find a reasonable excuse to why his husband had so many cock pictures. Or rather, her brain told her, because she was in that state of shock. But then her brain corrected himself. A smile grew on her face. What is wrong with me? She wanted to laugh at her incredible stupidity. But now she was afraid to roll down the pictures. Maybe I should just let it go Her fingers shook slightly as she rolled up the pictures. Or, the same cock. Then, she saw Philipe's face, smiling like an angel, he seemed so happy, with a chunk of cum in his face and a cock very closer to his rosy cheek, the same cock of the other pictures. She put a hand to her mouth. Closed the gallery and put the phone back. She let out a sound of disgust and hate, then cried, still with her hand in her mouth. She went to her room and kept crying. She didn't know still what to think, she only knew that she felt betrayed. She also fate hate and anger. I know that man, he doesn't He is not gay. He doesn't like men. Those pictures told differently. But what about all of those nights, recently even, when he made her orgasm. Why did it hurt so much? He is boring, and I want to leave him anyway. No, a part of her said. He is security, and stability, and you can't leave him. After she stopped crying, which took half an hour, she came running back to the living room and opened the gallery of his phone again. The man who was sending dick pictures to her husband was Sam. Her mouth hung open. She wanted for so long to see him naked, but not in her husband's phone! Definitely not this way. I think my husband wants to cheat

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  1. He had used Philipe in every way. Unbelievably, I have just heard from him and he wants to talk about us putting the pieces of our marriage back together again. I guess you can call me sadly conflicted.

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