I really want to be with you. It's not just you: Everything really is getting more expensive.

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I really want to be with you

Both consumers and producers are feeling the squeeze from a healthy US economy. After years of low inflation, prices rose 1. Consumer prices were up 2. Auto loans are getting more expensive because the Federal Reserve is gradually raising interest rates. The year fixed-rate mortgage has moved to a seven-year high above 4. Dozens of companies in recent weeks have said they already hiked prices or plan to in the coming months to combat inflation. Coke and Hershey's costs are going up. Will you pay more? Deere DE said on Friday that it would raise prices for its equipment because of higher material and freight costs. What Trump's Iran decision means for oil and gas prices Higher oil prices will also eat into companies' margins, which could lead them to pass off the costs to consumers. Paint, chemical, consumer products and packaged food companies all depend on crude oil to produce and package their goods. Airlines, trucking, and railroad firms need fuel for transportation. That will trickle down to customers: American Airlines bans insects, hedgehogs and goats as emotional support animals Freight costs are climbing. There aren't enough truck drivers right now to haul all the products manufacturers are churning out around the country. That has sent shipping costs soaring. Raising Prime is a way of offsetting that. Trucker shortage could mean more expensive goods Related: Campbell Soup CEO abruptly steps down "A lot of that driven — or all of it driven by the impact of anticipated tariffs," Campbell's chief financial officer told analysts. In the past, Campbell could charge consumers more, but intense competition between Amazon, Walmart WMT , Kroger KR and other top grocers and retailers could soften the blow to Americans' wallets. Kroger said in March that it sacrificed lower margins to keep vegetable and meat price tags down, while Walmart reported Wednesday that cheaper prices dented profit. I really want to be with you

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  1. Consumer prices were up 2. Sara DiNatale is a Times staff writer who covers retail. The trick is to focus on the stuff you need to improve your life.

  2. Coke and Hershey's costs are going up. And now Amazon has extended Prime Day to be more than 24 hours because Jeff Bezos has harnessed the power to bring you cheap face scrubs AND redefine how long a day-long sale should be. My dog can get so expensive, so stocking up now is fiscally responsible.

  3. Get ready to save SO much money. Will you pay more? American Airlines bans insects, hedgehogs and goats as emotional support animals Freight costs are climbing.

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