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I just want my friend back

Especially in the early days. I know that feeling of being disappointed with yourself and frustration at seemingly being back at square one. And then, totally unexpectedly, the carb cravings would hit. What then would follow was a 3-day binge on pretty much any carb I could get my hands on. Followed by feeling pissed at myself and fed up at having to start back at the beginning. After the fourth or fifth time of this happening, I decided I had to really figure out what was going on here. I wanted just to be eating in a way that felt good and satisfying and which also led to weight loss and better health. Secondly, I wanted to be in a position where if I did eat fall off the wagon, that was ok, and I could just hop back onto the ketosis train immediately afterward. Because I need to keep things real. The truth is, sometimes at the cinema I will eat popcorn. I wanted a way to get back into my lovely ketosis state quickly, easily and without any negative feeling towards myself. Each day is a new day. A day in which you can fill up on all the good foods that you know will bring you closer to your goals. Last week was last week. Forget about them and just focus on today, tomorrow and getting your habits right now. With that being said, I do have some tips that will help make life easier when you are climbing back onto the wagon: The longer you extend this period, the longer it will take to get back into ketosis. For example, the first time I fell off the wagon ended up in a 3 day carb binge, and it took a full week to get back into ketosis after that. The next time I just had some spaghetti at dinner time, and that was it — and I was back into ketosis by the end of the next day. No snacking or picking at food even keto approved food. Wait until you have genuine hunger. When you do eat, make sure your next couple of meals are very high in fats and low in both carbs and protein. Ideally, your carbs should simply come from greens such as rocket or spinach. This will help you to get back in balance a lot quicker than fasting. Keep building towards a healthier you. If you are healthy and strong, a HIIT workout or heavy lifting is ideal. But even going for a long stroll will do the trick. Just get your body moving and using up those glycogen reserves. Be kind to yourself, take this opportunity to shower yourself in love. No punishments, just love. Just pick up where you left off and know that your body will get back into ketosis as and when it is ready. Remembering this will help you to keep on track if or when the carb cravings hit again. Learn from your mistakes and find a way to deal with the possibility of it happening again, before it actually happens. Following weekly meal plans like these that are laid out for you with recipes and grocery lists can help you to stay on track. And how do I manage this? Eating keto is a way of life, not a jail sentence. And my aim was and still is to be free from addictive eating, obsessive mindsets and that state of not loving my body. So, shoo away any feelings of disappointment with yourself, or feelings of negativity towards yourself, pick up your skirts and keto on! I just want my friend back

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  2. Learn from your mistakes and find a way to deal with the possibility of it happening again, before it actually happens. A day in which you can fill up on all the good foods that you know will bring you closer to your goals.

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