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I fucked my sister while she slept

She'd just been through a rather nasty divorce. They had to sell the house as part of the settlement. She loved the house and wanted to buy her ex out, but for numerous reasons it didn't work out. Now it was sold. She cried over the phone. Shed saved like crazy when she was younger to afford a down payment. She knew she wanted a house as soon as possible. She was determined and put a lot of effort into saving. She'd put a lot of sweat equity into the house. She'd redone the kitchen and bathroom almost all by herself. My husband had helped with some of the heavier lifting. She had stripped the carpet and brought the hardwood floors back to life. Her husband had been absent for most of the process. He'd work late hours and weekends. She had ninety days left in the house. I don't think I can afford a new house by myself," she said in a sad voice. I told her to call at anytime, and we hung up. My husband knew that something was wrong from the look on my face when I came back in. He already knew all the backstory. Dave and I are very close and I share everything with him. He turned off the TV. He knew I wanted to talk. He knew how much she wanted to be in a house. We chatted about it for a while. Then he said, "She'll never be able to afford a new house if she's paying rent. I think that's why it's so hard. Every reason I loved him came to mind. That happened a lot, he was very good to me. He worked very hard to give me the life I wanted. He was good to my family, he always did housework without being asked, when I had a bad day at work he was always there. Our marriage was wonderful. She and I get along great. We did have plenty of room. We were planning on starting a family soon and had bought a house to contain us. It was our little joke. It was something I said whenever he did something nice. I said it a lot Actually it was true. He was a great husband, plus, I found him sexy as hell. If he wanted a blow job I couldn't get to my knees fast enough. I loved having his cock in my mouth. Plus he was an amazing lover. I'd do anything he asked sexually. My sister was younger than me. She was enough younger that we were never in school together or competing for friends. We always got along great. As we got older she was my best friend. We were the maids of honor at each other's weddings. We shared friends and just about everything else. At 32 I kept myself in shape. I was 5' 6" with blonde hair down past my shoulder blades. My sister was just a younger version of me. We swapped clothes easily and were often mistaken for each other by people who didn't know us well. Then I kissed him. It was late evening so we had both changed into our sleepwear. He was wearing a pair of workout shorts and a T shirt. I tugged his shorts down to expose his cock. It was already semi erect. I admired it for a moment. He had a great cock. At about 8" he was just this side of too big. It was thick, thick as a tube from a roll of paper towels. The head was just a bit thicker. I loved his cock. I took it in my mouth. God it felt good. I loved how it got harder as I sucked it. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I licked it off. My mouth bobbed up and down on his cock. I couldn't get it all in my mouth so my hands were wrapped around it and I jerked him off as I sucked him. I stopped for a moment. I was in a tshirt and panties. I reached down and pulled my T off over my head and tossed it aside. He loved my tits. I wanted him to see them. Then I lowered my mouth back to his cock. He pushed my hair back over my shoulders. He loved to watch me. I met his eyes and pulled my mouth off his cock. I went back to sucking his cock. He reached for me. Since a blow job is often a prelude to sex I'm sure he thought that's where this was going. My hand continued to stroke his cock. I went back to sucking. Anywhere you want," I said. I pulled my hair forward and wrapped it around his cock. I stroked it with my hair. I loved being dirty and talking dirty and though most times we have sex it is loving and slow, sometimes I just wanted to fuck. I could feel his cock start to swell. I'll choose," I said. I pulled my hair back, sat up straight, and thrust my tits out. He started to cum. I aimed his cock at my open mouth. The first blast of cum hit me on my chin and in my mouth. The next on my face. As he continued to cum he got it all over my face neck and tits. I again took his cock in my mouth so I could taste him. I swallowed the last drops. I sat back on on my heels. I fucked my sister while she slept

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  1. She went to the doctor and he said her birth control pill may be decreasing her desire to have sex. Dave loved me in sexy panties, why wasn't I wearing them more often. As he continued to cum he got it all over my face neck and tits.

  2. It was thick, thick as a tube from a roll of paper towels. It was something I said whenever he did something nice.

  3. I then start to push inside, It was so tight. Dancing with two hot blondes make you horny?

  4. He was furiously fucking me. My nipples were hard. However, if you love your girlfriend, consider that the past, present, and future of her vagina comprise the majority of your thoughts about her.

  5. We put what she couldn't take in storage, sold some, and moved the rest to our place. I loved being dirty and talking dirty and though most times we have sex it is loving and slow, sometimes I just wanted to fuck.

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