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Hurry dating san francisco

His health will remain constant, without him needing to eat. You can leave the PlayStation 2 idling in this state to accumulate money easily. Walk into a bar and beat up all the customers with a bat, nightstick, or pool cue. More customers spawn and your wanted level will not rise. No one pulls out a gun, and your maximum health will increase after a number of fights. Beating up the person next to the pool tables gets you a pool cue, and every once in awhile a customer will spill a few hundred dollars. Find a save point that is close to a betting shop. The one in the Montgomery are is ideal because it is near to the save point where you have to do the four missions for Catalina. Save your game, then go to the betting shop and bet all your money on a horse. You will not win every time. When you lose, reload your last saved game. Enable the "Deadly vehicle" and "Flying cars" codes. When you are up in the air, fly down to the ground and hit it to get money for a unique trick. The higher you go and hit the ground, the more money you can make. You can also deactivate the code while in the air and hit the ground to make a lot of money. Enable the "Flying cars" code. Fly around for a few seconds, then touch the ground. You will get money for insane stunts. While on a BMX bike, enable the "Massive bunny hops" code. Then, hold L1 and jump. While in the air, hold L1 and as soon as you hit the ground release the button. Do this continuously to get big combos. Easy Hitman rating Shoot at the black part of a wheel. If you shoot at the rim it will not work. Keep on shooting until the skill bar is all the way up for the desired weapon. Easy dual sawn-off shotgun ability It is recommended that you spray all tags, as it is easier for ammunition and early on missions. Get a cop car preferably a car, OT truck, rancher, etc. Save it in the Johnson family garage; save the game if desired. Get a large amount of sawn-off shotgun ammunition. If all tags were sprayed, it is available in Johnson kitchen. Go to the garage. Get as far away from the car as possible without letting the garage door close. Then crouch, aim for the grill of the police car, and shoot. Every few shots or every time the car catches fire , you should have more weapon skill. It will eventually upgrade about every minute. When it catches on fire, let the garage repair the car and come back. This does not work as well at getting Hitman on the other weapons. Easy money in Los Santos From the Johnson house in the Ganton area, go straight until you are in the front yard of the house opposite of yours. Turn right, and go behind it by going between that house and the one next to it. Go in the backyard until you are in the corner. You should see a pistol. Take it, then get back to Grove Street. If you see man, usually in black, that is standing there with his arms crossed, shoot him. Repeat this to get easy money. Kill him quickly before he shoots you. Upon exiting the Johnson house in Grove Street, walk straight toward the house opposite of yours, which is the one that sometimes has the BMX bike in the front yard, until you are in the grass. Go to your right between that house and the one next to it. Walk toward the corner and get the pistol. Go back to Grove Street and find a drug dealer. He is dressed in black with his hands crossed down at his hips. You will know he is a drug dealer because if you face him, he will try to do business. You will get a pop-up display in the top-right part of your screen on how to respond to him, even though you cannot actually buy anything. He will shoot back -- try to get a headshot. There is another drug dealer that is wearing a white hooded sweatshirt that does the same thing. He can usually be found up in the northeast part of Los Santos. You can find these dealers all over Los Santos in the areas littered with gangs. Go to the building with the parachute. When you get to the top, spawn a Caddy. Get in and drive slowly towards the edge of the building, then just fall off. You will begin to flip slowly. However, if you nudge the edge of the building, the Caddy will spin and flip like crazy. When you hit the ground, you will get a very large insane stunt bonus. Find the Inside Track Betting building in the Downtown area. Bet the maximum amount on the horse with the worst odds. If you lose, reload the game and try again. When you win, it will be a substantial amount. Go to the Pig Pen Strip Club. You can jump on the big stage with the srtipper. Be very careful not to touch her, or the guards will start shooting at you. This cheat takes awhile -- eat before you go. Get a weapon, then stand outside the your house in the Ganton area. Shoot your homies wearing green. Some of them will drop a lot of money. Pick it up, and if you have a wanted level go inside and save the game. Repeat this to get a large amount of money. This trick requires maximum bike skill for both motorcycles and a regular bike. Go to the highest building in Los Santos, the circular one, and jump off using either the motorcycle or bike. While you are in mid-air, you can spin for a little bit or try to do a back flip. Enable the "Kinky theme" code and enter the Ganton area with a nice car. Drive up the alley were the burglar truck is located. Park there and within seconds prostitutes will approach. Press Left to accept their offer, then get out of your car and kill them when they are done. You will get more money than paid. Go to the bicycle and start at level 1. Work your way up to level After awhile it will say that you have worked to your limit and to return. Keep pedaling and your stamina will start to increase. Use the following trick to get a lot of weapons, increase your muscle, increase your stamina, and get a "Hitman" rating with any weapon. After the initial mission, go to the Verona beach area on the south part of the map near the ocean. There is a free open gym here. Use it to increase your muscle and stamina. To get "Hitman" status with any gun, find the weapon of your choice and shoot people or cars. Try going to any parking lot and shooting cars. It is easier and they respawn if you ride a short distance away and return. If you lose too much money, reload your game and return. Repeat this process until you have a good amount of money. Easy weapons in Los Santos Drive around and hit Ballas. When they are dead, pick up their guns then get back in your car and find more. This will get you a lot of weapons very fast. Hurry dating san francisco

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  1. You can pick this up as your melee weapon and begin dildo-bashing people. Stop climbing fence or ledge To stop climbing a fence or ledge, tap Triangle while CJ is trying to get over. Enable the "Flying cars" code.

  2. Easy weapons in Los Santos Drive around and hit Ballas. And there had been no way she could prove she had no idea how the money got there.

  3. Lose weight quickly If you want to lose weight quickly, enable the "Speed up time" code. Look for railroad tracks and follow them south until they lead to a building with boxcars. After the initial mission, go to the Verona beach area on the south part of the map near the ocean.

  4. The police will morph into the building but they will be in the same position as the customers. When time runs out, CJ will automatically resume playing basketball. Then, leave and immediately go back in.

  5. During the countdown, start entering the "Pedestrians riot" code, but do not press the final button until they take off. Ride into the walls and you will fall through one of them. To increase your weapon skill, practice at the shooting range or use that weapon frequently.

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