Humorous books for adults. 75+ Best Coloring Books for Adults.

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Humorous books for adults

Books for Kids Aardema, Verna. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. The story of how Ki-pat brings rain to the dry Kapiti Plain. This cumulative rhyming tale stresses the importance of rain to plant life, animal life, and human life. Ages Asch, Frank. Deep in the earth and high in the sky, water is all around us. Young readers are encouraged to appreciate anew one of our most precious resources. Ages Branley, Franklyn M. Down Comes the Rain. Illustrated by James Graham Hale. Harper Collins Publishers, Read on to find out the ups and downpours of the water cycle. Ages Cherry, Lynne. A River Ran Wild. An environmental history of the Nashua River in Massachusetts, from its discovery by Native Americans through polluting years of the Industrial Revolution to the ambitious clean-up that revitalized it. Ages Cobb, Vicki. Science principles are made easy to understand. Simply follow this book with a child who loves to play, just add water and-presto! Ages Cole, Joanna. The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks: Special New York City Edition. Illustrated by Bruce Degan. A raindrop to faucet journey through the New York City water supply system. The Magic School Bus: A trip through the water cycle. Ages Craighead-George, Jean. My Side of the Mountain. A young boy runs away to the Catskill Mountains, where his only companions are a falcon and a weasel. He learns to live off the land and struggles to survive nature, hunters and loneliness. Ages Dorris, Arthur. Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean. Explains how water flows from brooks to rivers, over waterfalls, through dams and cities, to the ocean. Ages Farndon, John. How the Earth Works. One hundred experiments and projects for parents and children to explore the earth. Ages Glaser, Omri. Illustrated by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi. Two young gardeners witness the almost magical effect of a single drop of water on their entire garden. This is a charming introduction to the wonders of the water cycle. Ages Greenfield, Eloise. Illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist. Millbrook Press Trade, Describes the course of the day from dawn to night in a pond. Ages Hesse, Karen. Illustrated by John J. A young girl eagerly awaits a rainstorm to bring relief from the oppressive summer heat. Ages Hooper, Meredith. The Drop in My Drink. Illustrated by Chris Coady. Viking Penguin Group , The story of water on our planet. Illustrated by Bee Willey. Thousands of rivers help to shape the surface of our planet. Ages Jackobsen, Kathy. A young New Yorker invites a friend from the Midwest to join her on a tour of her favorite places. From the Museum of Natural History to underground water mains, enjoy this celebration of a fascinating city. Ages Lobb, Janice. Look at the science behind bath-time fun with Archie the elephant and Bob the Duck. As they splash and blow bubbles they wonder- Why do some things float and others sink? How does soap get us clean? Ages Locker, Thomas. In lyrical text and glorious paintings, take a journey through the world of clouds. Water speaks of its existence as storm clouds, mist, rainbows and rivers. Where The River Begins. A three day journey to find the source of a river amid changing landscapes. Ages Macaulay, David. The New Way Things Work. An introduction to the scientific principles and workings of hundreds of machines. Ages 10 and up MacDonald, Fiona. Explores all the uses of water on the planet, including sports, art, music, and travel. Ages Mackay, Donald A. The Building of Manhattan. An awe-inspiring panorama of architectural and engineering marvels. Ages 10 and up Marzollo, Jean. Illustrated by Judith Moffatt. A simple, easy reader about the importance of water. Ages Maze, Stephanie. I Want To Be Highlights ways students can learn about careers in the environment, including programs offered at the High School for Environmental Studies. Ages McKinney, Barbara Shaw. A Drop Around the World. Illustrated by Michael Maydak. A journey with a raindrop as it touches all lifeforms as a solid, liquid, and vapor from Maine to Mumbai. Ages Oatman, Linda High. Illustrated by Robert Rayevsky. What goes on right under your feet? Ages Schmid, Eleonore. Softly colored panoramic views and poetic language emphasize the wonder and beauty of the natural world. A great book for children to help them understand the water cycle and the important role it plays in supporting life on Earth. Ages Seattle, Chief Brother Eagle, Sister Sky. Illustrated by Susan Jaffers. Ages Seixas, Judith S. Illustrated by Tom Huffman. Green Willow Books, An introduction to water including scientific experiments. Ages Seuling, Barbara. How Water Gets to Your Tap. Illustrated by Nancy Tobin. Humorous books for adults

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  1. It's about the shock of diagnosis, the anguish when you can't make it go away, the pain in looking at the eyes of a three-year-old who is asking, "Why do I have to get stuck with pins and needles all the time? A great book for children to help them understand the water cycle and the important role it plays in supporting life on Earth. They attack another vessel and during this engagement, Mirabel is swept into the sea.

  2. Viking Penguin Group , Here are the 75 best coloring books for adults. As an inspirational romance, The Pirate Bride is a pleasing tale into which the religious aspect is subtly knitted.

  3. Born into one of the leading mob families, she has tried hard to distance herself from the unsavory ties that eventually killed her parents, but now they are after her beloved Uncle Louis, who raised her. They attack another vessel and during this engagement, Mirabel is swept into the sea. This book is one.

  4. Employing the slave trade and its ties to piracy as a means of bringing Jean and Maribel together again is historically accurate and a refreshing theme from usual romances of this type, but the subplots of the second half are told more than shown, which prevents readers from becoming fully involved. Ages Lobb, Janice. The book can be purchased directly from the publisher by calling or by writing to Diabetes Self-Management, P.

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