How to wear a sleeveless top. Sewing Pattern - Sleeveless Top 532.

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I Don't Wear Sleeveless!

How to wear a sleeveless top

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  1. You can measure the width across the bust to under each arm and work the pattern in this way. With this top, there are just enough airy openings to make it summery, but also enough coverage to make it a piece that you can wear to work or the park.

  2. It looks wonderful with jeans, sophisticated with a pencil skirt and very chic under the Roll Collar Coat. The Pattern can easily be used to make a lovely Sleeveless Shift.

  3. The simple design of the shirt is created by an equally simple pattern which will be enjoyed by beginners and intermediate crochet artists alike. To be precise, measure the width across the front bust for the front panel and the back for the back panel.

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