How to tell if my husband wants a divorce. Simple Prayers for the Spouse Who Wants a Divorce.

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How to tell if my husband wants a divorce

This means that there are more men than ever wondering whether their wives are planning on leaving, or if their marriage is standing on its last leg. Without further ado, here are 10 of the most common signs your wife wants a divorce. Is it a huge struggle to engage your wife in conversation? If your wife has become very emotionally distant over the past few weeks or months, there's a strong chance she's preparing herself to ask for a separation or divorce. Has your wife closed herself off from you or your family? Has it become very difficult to connect with your wife? Maybe she's no longer interested in intimacy? The reason it's so common for a drifting wife to take on a cold attitude right before asking for divorce is because it makes it EASIER for her to ask for a divorce if she's made herself care LESS about the marriage. But it's not impossible. Do you have a history of repeating the same problems over and over in your marriage? The good news is that if this is the ONLY sign in this article that you can see in your marriage, then have hope It may not be too late to turn things around and avoid a separation. In other words, if your wife has NOT asked for a separation or divorce yet, but you DO realize that you've been a bad husband for a long time, then the time to change is right now. Start stepping up as a husband NOW, before it's too late. It's the best crash course I've got for making changes today. Sign 3 She's Always Resentful or Critical of You Does it seem like your wife always has something bad to say about you? Is it clear that she views you as inferior to herself? Or that her time and happiness is more important than yours? Her frustration with the marriage has built up to a boiling point. She knows that it will be easier to confront you about the divorce if she distances herself from you by being mean to you first. In other words, attacking you is her way of taking control and coping with her decision to leave the marriage. Big projects with impending deadlines that never seem to finish? An especially big sign if this is new behavior for her. She suddenly wants to go on a trip or excursion by herself, just to "have fun" or to "get some space" Do any of these ring a bell? Many women sick of being married will deliberately do everything they can just to be out of the house. If not one of the above, are you seeing any similar signs your wife wants out of the marriage? Look to Wikipedia for a clear definition of what makes intimacy so special: Do you look at your wife and feel completely happy with who she is? Do you feel like your wife is proud of you? Is your wife satisfied with your love and your love alone? Does your wife ever share herself with you? Do you share yourself with her? Think about each of these questions… Would you describe your marriage as intimate? Does your marriage contain dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity? Or, do you think that your intimacy with your wife has started to break away? Problems In Your Sex Life? Bedroom problems alone will not cripple a marriage. But, they're a good indicator that other problems are having an effect on your marriage. The health of your marriage is NOT defined by how frequently you have sex. Click to Tweet Bedroom problems can be a symptom of other existing problems. I wouldn't say it's common, but it's also not at all uncommon for me to a wife want divorce from a sexless marriage. That being said, it's very rare for a wife to want out because the marriage is sexless; it's the other way around She wants out which makes the marriage sexless. FaceBook, Twitter, and even Craigslist have all helped make having an affair simple and discrete. Just because your wife is spending a lot of time engaged with her gadgets doesn't necessarily mean she's having an affair. If your wife has been spending a ton of time on the computer lately, it could be because of any of these reasons: Basically, it's what happens when your wife gives her heart to another man. Maybe your wife has reconnected with an old flame on Facebook Maybe she's constantly texting one of her coworkers Maybe she's developed an inappropriately close relationship with one of her "guy friends"? Either way, one of the most common sign of an emotional affair, by far, is when your wife starts spending an inappropriate amount of time attached to her phone, iPad or computer. Perhaps she is constantly texting or messaging someone, or maybe she's constantly talking on the phone. A perfect example is the reader question I published a couple weeks ago from a guy whose wife was spending 20 hours per month talking to another man on the phone. And that's in addition to the 1, texts she sent him every month. Read what I told him. An emotional affair is one of the most common and dangerous problems that men who come to Husband Help Haven are struggling with. You probably heard about the huge Ashley Madison hack that took place in mid There are, unfortunately, several other sites like it that make it very, VERY easy for people to organize an affair. Unfortunately, these types of affairs are difficult to catch too. She could be researching attorneys, or figuring out how much she can get from a divorce. If you think your wife wants divorce, then you might want to start looking for divorce advice for husbands. A meeting with an attorney may be your best move, even if you're still going to keep fighting for the marriage. As you can see, some of these reasons are worse than others, but no matter how you spin it, your wife spending tons of time on the computer can definitely be a sign that your wife wants a divorce. Sign 8 Fighting Just for the Sake of Fighting This divorce sign can usually be felt with your base intuition. It can be difficult to keep a clear head in the heat of an argument, so I want you to reflect on these questions: Can you identify a common theme in your fighting? Anything that seems like a common cause or trigger? Is your wife aggressive or passive aggressive when she fights with you? How do the fights usually end? Does one of you leave the house? Does it end with tears or reconciliation? Does it end in the bedroom? Perhaps the greatest indicator is: Do your fights with your wife ever go anywhere? What do you think? Does your gut tell you that your wife is fighting for the sake of fighting? Is this one of the signs that she wants a divorce? At least, you think so. Then your wife gives up. If not, you can at least tell how genuine her answer is. I guess my whole point here is — trust your gut. This is especially true if that change had a significant impact on her priorities, her daily life, or the people she's around. For whatever reason, this change could be making your wife think about life without you. Ask yourself, have any of these big changes happened in your marriage? Losing a job can lead to a loss of confidence for either spouse. A huge percentage of marriage problems are money-related. You Just Had a Baby Some of the most difficult times in my married life came in the months following the birth of our daughter, Eden. My own marriage didn't ever quite get THAT bad, but things were definitely much more difficult. But, even if you already have kids, this rule still applies. You Moved to a New Location Moving to a new place is hard for anyone, especially if your wife was happy in your previous home. Perhaps she feels like she left all her friends behind, or like the decision was not the right one for the family. Or, maybe one of your new neighbors caught her eye In a new place there are new people to meet, new things to do, new affairs to be had. New Job or Promotion If your wife has recently achieved new levels of career success, even though it's objectively a good change, it could still be having a negative effect on your marriage. When people experience success, an inflated ego is natural. Suddenly, all the grass seems greener. If your wife has recently done well for herself financially or career-wise, then she may suddenly be reevaluating her priorities. Or, maybe you're the one that got the new job Maybe you're working extra hours, or you're extra stressed. How to tell if my husband wants a divorce

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