How to order a whiskey sour. The Temple Bar Signature Blend Irish Whiskey.

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Four Easy Whiskey Drinks

How to order a whiskey sour

This space is devoted to the art of cocktails, cocktail education, and the rebirth of classic cocktails. Unfortunately it is often taught as THE way to make a cocktail. It is very rare if ever that a bartender or an up-and-coming mixologist first learns about Simple Syrup mixed with fresh lemon or lime juice as the correct way to mix cocktails. That is a shame. Sometimes sweet and sour mix is packaged under a drink name like Collins Mix, Margarita Mix or Sour Mix, but they are all just a mix of sour and sweet ingredients. The problem with using these mixes is that you as a mixologist can not control this very important ratio. Different drinks call for different ratios of the mixture and using a pre-mix does not give you that option. It is understandable that these places are using the mix. However… in higher end establishments I would expect the bar keep to be mixing up a mix of lemon juice, simple syrup , and whiskey in my Whiskey Sour. Unfortunately, from my experience this is not the case. However the information in this post will change managements mind for those others. If you work in an establishment that has a chef who prepares epicurean delights and takes pride in the menu and ensuring the correct flavors go well together… this will be easy. The cocktail is the first course of the night for any dinning experience. Tell your chef this and you will have a strong ally instantly. Would chefs use gravy from a jar? You might be smacked down at the suggestion Hell no! They will make their own so that they can control the consistence of the gravy. So why is it that Ragu is not used in the kitchen but sweet and sour mix is used at the bar? Bartenders are cocktail chefs, pitch yourself as this. I would even suggest printing business cards with the title of Bar Chef. Cost is one reason that management will hit you with concerning fresh juices and simple syrup. Of the 32 oz, 18 oz is simple syrup and 14 oz is lemon or lime juice. How to order a whiskey sour

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  1. The term sour mash can also be used as the name of the type of mash used in that process, and a whiskey made using this process can be referred to as a sour mash whiskey.

  2. Part 3 Distillation Mash cleared of particulate solids is called the wash, wort, or sour mash. After the heads is collected and dumped, you're ready to collect the good stuff.

  3. Would chefs use gravy from a jar? Let the corn soak for 10 days, then remove any sprouted ends from the kernels and crush them with a rolling pin. Spent mash is also known as spent beer, distillers' spent grain, stillage, and slop or feed mash, so named because it is used as animal feed.

  4. You can only do this, however, when your corn is fully dried; wet corn won't go through the grist mill properly.

  5. Of the 32 oz, 18 oz is simple syrup and 14 oz is lemon or lime juice. Cost is one reason that management will hit you with concerning fresh juices and simple syrup. Bartenders are cocktail chefs, pitch yourself as this.

  6. The heads are a mixture of volatile compounds that evaporate from the wash and should not be consumed.

  7. The barrels can be carefully charred or toasted first, or can be sourced for another distiller that's kept another spirit in the barrel for added flavor. Air getting into mash would minimize the effect that yeast otherwise has.

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