How to make your breats grow. How to make fenugreek paste for breast enlargement.

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How to make your breats grow

Hello Susan, I have just recently discovered your website and am sponging up all your wonderful, informative writing as fast as I can. I've already placed an order for your books and am waiting anxiously for them but meanwhile, I wonder if you can give me some direction is my ongoing battle with candida-albicans. In a nutshell, after 2 years of antibiotics, which only made my multitude of symptoms worse, and a highly stressful job and lifestyle, I discovered a naturopath who immediately told me I had candida. For the past year I've been on ALOT of naturopathic capsules very costly and have changed my eating habits and food choices to all organic, no sugar or caffeine, only whole grains, very fresh or freshly ground, etc I've even quit my very stressful job and am seeking freelance work and a more balanced lifestyle. I am married and have a 4 year daughter at home, am 40 years old and fairly fit and active working to improve my exercise patterns The capsules and supplements I take now are: Zypan - stomach acid Zymex - slow fix for candida Drenamin -? DHA - brain food Catalyn - vitamin supplement Garlic - standard capsule Teas - drink lots of Yerbamate and Paul D'arco loose teas daily with stevia - and have just started using Paul D'arco tea as a douche to try to put out the fires of my yeast infections. Anyway, I still struggle daily with yeast infections and the cough after eating from not digesting my food bad gut flora levels-I take Zypan for my digestive needs , and alot of sinus mucus along with various negative emotional effects do you know of other herbals that could help me recover from this faster and less expensively? Signed, Desperate for health Subject: Candida is a helper. It is keeping you healthy! From my point of view you are doing the worst things in the world to try to help yourself. Candida overgrowth results from lack of gut flora killed by antibiotics in your case, but also killed by chlorine in the water, preservatives in food, and essential oils in your environment. But not so much of it. What would convince it to ease off? You need to eat lots of moldy, yeasty, bacteria rich foods like yogurt and sour dough bread and homemade wines and unwashed fruit for the molds on the skins and miso and sauerkraut. This doctor told you to avoid all those foods. I can only tell you that I have helped people who have had candida for over a decade, people who have taken all the expensive pills, people who have eaten strict diets, people who have done everything they though was right but still weren't healthy and still had symptoms. After days on the fermented, moldy, yeasty, bacteria rich diet they are smiling and feeling great!! My friend Ryan Drum has also treated hundreds of candida cleanse failures. His remedy is the same, only more simple. He has you stir a big spoonful of organic garden soil into a glass of water and drink it daily for a month. Gets those molds, yeasts, bacteria, and fungi back in the gut where they belong. I also see that the stores are selling pills of soil micro organism, so if you are really into pills, you could choose that option. But it is ever so much more fum and less expensive to just eat blue cheese, etc. My suggestions to replace your drugs: Dandelion root tincture, 20 drops before meals instead of Zypan Yogurt, etc instead of Zymex Candida does not get into any organs, it stays in the intestines. So avoid Drenamin Nourish your brain with whole grains and cooked greens. Avoid soy, and stop taking DHA. Calcium makes brittle bones. Instead drink nourishing herbal infusions and eat yogurt. A cup of nettle infusion has mg calcium. A cup of yogurt has mg of calcium. There are no vitamins in pills. Vitamins are enzymes produced by living tissues. All pills contain laboratory make synthetics and cause disease. Those who take as little as mg of vitamin C a day for a year create blood vessels that look twice their age. Throw away your Catalyn. Consumer reports found that garlic powder, like you buy in the supermarket had more effect that any garlic capsule on the market. Costs a lot less too. Even fresh garlic works better. Eat it on toast. Make it into pesto. Be creative, but throw out the pills. Instead of Yerbamate which is full of caffeine, try nourishing herbal infusions if nettle or oatstraw or comfrey leaf or red clover. All of them will help your gut. Pau D'arco will kill gut flora. Please stop drinking it. Stevia could also make things worse as it is so sweet. Try to do without it for a while if you could. If you have a vaginal yeast infection, it is NOT related to candida. Same organism, almost, but with a different lifestyle. Then, put yogurt into your vagina. Do this for at least ten days. If symptoms do not go within a week, you have a bacterial infection, not a yeast infection. If so, you could put a peeled clove of garlic inside, near the cervix for days to challenge the bacteria. Be prepared to smell like garlic if you choose this option. But please don't use Pau D'arco or anything else as a douche. Douches cause vaginal infections!!! So these are my opinions. They are based on my extensive and ongoing research and my work with people over the past 35 years. We are all different and what has helped some others may not help you. Let me know how it goes for you. Helps me help others. Please, please advise me further. Hi Susan, Thank you so much for responded to my questions. As I read your answer, I find myself filling with a mix of anxiety and fear as well as excitement and hope. This has also brought on more questions, like: If I let go of the last year's worth of efforts, can I continue to get questions answered by you or should I ask for a professional referral to whom I can connect with? All I mean is I don't want to assume that your services are free even though I am very appreciative of your reply to my original query. I was very sick a year ago and although not cured I do feel some fear in letting go of this way of medication. I thought I was taking a positive step into the naturopath world and away from the traditional "scientific" medical world; but now I find that I should take an even bigger leap of faith into the wise woman world and frankly, I'm scared! One of my biggest fears is knowing what to eat now I mean like the naturopath gave me a list of what to eat and what not to eat and how to prepare tinctures, etc. I feel so unknowledgeable but wanting to learn about this way of healthy living. Is there a description of a wise woman's diet and recipes in your books that I have not gotten to yet? I'm still reading the first book Please, please advise me further. Trust the Wise Woman in You! I am sorry but Susun will not be able to answer, she is away for sometime and her inbox is glutted. I trust you, being a wise woman yourself, will find the answers to your questions. I am 35 years old and my husband and I would like to have another baby. My husband would like two more. We have two already. I have always had difficult pregnancies. Before my oldest was born, I had 4 miscarriages. The first one I didn't know what happened. The second was a blighted ovum, the doctor said. The third was much more tragic. I lost him at 20 weeks. I had problems with premature labor and severe leg and back pain. It's a long story. I was hospitalized and had a cerclage my cervix stitched. After I got home, my water broke and the baby died in my uterus sometime later at the hospital. The last miscarriage was at 22 weeks. I had another cerclage and was put on bed rest at 14 weeks. Again I had problems with premature labor and was prescribed medicine. Still having problems with premature labor, I was hospitalized. After some time, I start hemorraghing at the hospital. I lost that baby as well. How to make your breats grow

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  1. Did I buy the right pueraria mirifica? I am a "normal" body type - athletic but not super skinny or muscular.

  2. Your fenugreek paste for breast enlargement should have this consistency, of course, color can change if you use coconut oil instead of olive oil. Your embryo transfer went well. Then, put yogurt into your vagina.

  3. All of this made me very self-conscious! You are still nursing and considering getting pregnant again.

  4. You need to eat lots of moldy, yeasty, bacteria rich foods like yogurt and sour dough bread and homemade wines and unwashed fruit for the molds on the skins and miso and sauerkraut.

  5. Try to touch your elbows one to the other behind your back, do not do it in jerks, but rather do it slowly, stretching the muscles for seconds. As you can see one is larger than the other and these are my areola at their largest. Heard the one about embryo glue?

  6. One of my biggest fears is knowing what to eat now I mean like the naturopath gave me a list of what to eat and what not to eat and how to prepare tinctures, etc.

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