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As an international organization to encourage the practice of plurationalism, The Circle of Reason and its local circles provide a unique charitable service -- organizing and conducting volunteer programs and community service projects to encourage those with diverse or disparate beliefs and backgrounds to engage in reasoning dialogue and fellowship across the gulf of human difference, helping us lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and combat community deterioration. Although our members and event attendees stay affiliated with their cherished groups that rely on religious, atheist, biological, ethnic, cultural, economic, political, tribal or ideological kinship, they also join the Circle as plurationalists, to examine their different perspectives and bring them to the round-table of rational discourse -- putting into practice the belief that our public commitment to everyday reasoning will help bring humankind's next major step in moral evolution. We're the place to find, recruit, converse with and encourage -- from all walks of life, all biologies, all beliefs, all societies -- those who are your own kinsmen and kinswomen: What is Pluralistic Rationalism? Rationalism is the use of reason to source, test, implement, and communicate knowledge. But historically Rationalism has been conflated with exclusionary worldviews like Objectivism, Atheism, or Secular Humanism. Pluralistic Rationalism "Plurationalism" , the new social philosophy of commitment to reason regardless of worldview, reasserts everyone's equal right and obligation to use reason -- as a method, not as a worldview, encouraging reasoning thinking and behavior in all people without regard to their disparate beliefs, backgrounds, and current ideological or tribal affiliations. The social philosophy asserting the value of communal commitment to more consistently practice the basic methodological tenets of a reasoning lifestyle reality's acceptance, assumption's denial, and emotion's mastery irrespective of our theological, ethical, cultural or political worldviews. In the sphere of religion, pluralistic rationalism contends that reasoning is not the sole purview of atheists, but is practicable for both atheists and theists; similarly, in the sphere of politics, it contends that reasoning is practicable for both conservatives and liberals. In contrast to self-proclaimed rationalist organizations that ban those who hold religious or liberal beliefs, pluralistic rationalists are inclusive, encouraging communal commitment to practice simple reasoning methods in one's worldly affairs irrespective of one's current religious or political creed. Finally, plurationalism is also our most basic moral axiom: Because as a sapient being one's best tool to survive is one's ability to reason, our basic universalized moral imperative must then be to consistently allow, and encourage, others to reason. To deprive others of the freedom or ability to reason -- whether by factual denial or deception, by teaching dogmatism, or by emotive or physical coercion -- is fundamentally immoral. Embracing the morality of our individual freedom to reason thus comes with accepting the morality of our social obligation to reason. Free speech, our moral right as beings capable of reasoning, can also be used immorally -- to deprive others of the ability to reason -- when we choose to use our free speech to emotively coerce or enrage others. Hence our moral right to reason imposes on each of us a moral choice: To reason or not to reason. What are plurationalist practices? Plurationalists are "methodologists" rather than "worldview proponents" in applying rationalism, so we simply espouse more consistently practicing the most basic tenets of reasoning thought and action: Reality's Acceptance practicing factualism instead of denialism in how we source knowledge , Assumption's Denial practicing skepticism instead of dogmatism in how we vet knowledge , and Emotion's Mastery practicing moderationism instead of emotionalism in how we act upon and communicate knowledge. Plurationalists believe simply that, "What is, is; what is not, is not; and what is or is not, is paramount. In the words of our first plurationalist, "Rationalism is not a worldview -- it is a practice. A second social practice espoused by plurationalists is discouraging willfully deceptive and emotive acts designed to subvert reason or incite irrationality in others -- particularly denials of facts, dogmatic assertions, and ad hominem insults in the public square. Such plurationalistic practices are in part exercised through convening reasoning dialogues between those of every and no religious and political belief, to encourage all participants to more consistently practice, and recognize the universalities of, reasoning lifestyles -- to see that "Reason is not a tribe. Plurationalism also acknowledges that our human diversity of theological, ethical, cultural, and political worldviews isn't intrinsically incompatible with a reasoning lifestyle; to ensure their compatibility, we encourage reason to be the interface between our many different philosophical, economic, cultural, and religious worldviews and the real world. As the world's first society for pluralistic rationalism, The Circle of Reason invites you to join other plurationalists in encouraging reasoning thinking, behavior and communication in all people irrespective of their disparate beliefs, backgrounds, and current ideological or tribal affiliations; and in discouraging denials of reality, unquestioned assumptions potentially false realities , and emotive actions or arguments dissociation from reality -- including discouraging "ad hominem" insults in the public square an immoral form of argumentation for seeking to irrationally persuade by evoking emotionality. Here's what plurationalism is like in action: While some atheists wear T-shirts saying, "Religion: Together We Can Find The Cure" as an insult to emotively irrationally persuade others, an atheist plurationalist will likelier refrain from such insulting tactics and instead seek to persuade others through reasoning dialogue. Similarly, while some theists force their religious behavior upon others, a theist plurationalist will likelier refrain from such force irrationalism and again seek to persuade others through reasoning dialogue or personal witness. If as an atheist or theist you feel such reasoning practices are more moral than irrational ones, you may already be like our esteemed former "First Vulcan" President, Barack Obama a "closet plurationalist! It's safe to come out of that closet! Reason is not a speech; it must be the air that carries all speech. Reason is not for an elite; it must be for all. On January 1, , in response to worldwide millennial introspection, the world's first plurationalist society was founded, as The Circle of Reason COR -- its mission to help advance humankind's moral evolution by encouraging pluralistic commitment to reason irrespective of different worldviews, and by sponsoring reasoning dialogues between those of disparate or no beliefs. As of October , COR has over members located across the globe, and our international and local circles' websites have been viewed over one quarter-million times from nearly every country on Earth. Our plurationalists' long-range goal is to help society mature over generations like Archimedes, a small force needs a long lever to move the world. COR's founder began that effort by writing The Parables of Reason, to show in secular parables and fables the value of practicing simple, methodological reasoning. COR has since encouraged local "transbelief" and transcultural reasoning dialogue and fellowship groups, or local circles. We also encourage you to declare yourself a plurationalist you can be one while remaining a theist, atheist, conservative, liberal, or proponent of any other worldview , then work to more reasoningly live your life, communicate with others, and guide your local and global communities. We are Homo sapiens -- and it's past time we lived up to our name. Why is the symbol for Plurationalism a circle? The plurationalist symbol is a circle, because in geometry the circle encompasses the greatest number within the smallest form: By minimizing what we must believe, plurationalism welcomes more of us into its embrace. Plurationalists encourage us to more consistently practice merely the few methodological tenets of reason that everyone already practices in daily aspects of their lives -- accepting reality, questioning assumptions, and mastering emotions. When was the last time you stepped in front of a moving bus? Or waited for it away from a bus stop? Or tried to board it without paying? Everyone is already a methodological rationalist, if inconstantly. What is not, is not. And what is or is not, is paramount. We call our species Homo sapiens, the "Knowing Human. We pride ourselves as rational, but usually behave so only when confronting reality face-to-face, not reality at a distance. Unless we commit to consistently and communally use reason, reality conceptualized is too often reality ignored -- and ignored at our ultimate peril. None of our species are naturally or philosophically immune to the irrational: We are Objectivists that die from denying tobacco addiction and epidemiology; we are scientists that push dogma; we are believers that force our leap of faith on others; we are shepherds that prey on innocents; we are environmentalists that despoil; we are advertisers that divert attention from our product; we are voters that bribe; we are representatives that do not represent; we are debaters that hurl insults; we are seekers of freedom that enslave; we are brothers that kill each other -- over differences of opinion. Similarly, none of our species are naturally or philosophically immune to the rational: In the words of our first declared plurationalist and COR's founder, "We are rationalists who thunder; we are irrationalists who come in out of the rain. Hence plurationalists refuse to rubber-stamp humanity's assumptions that human rationality is either a given, or a goner; we assert that rationality is a goal: A moral goal, a public goal, and a goal for which we all must strive continually. Communal commitment to consistent reasoning in our daily lives and our worldly affairs is the social change plurationalists seek and, through our existing, hope to help achieve. Easy -- you don't even have to stop being whatever else you are! As a plurationalist I'm committed to reasoning regardless of my worldviews. Or head 'em off at the pass by starting with, "I'm a [fill in the blank] and a plurationalist. Now go change the world! Should I declare as a plurationalist? The need for plurationalists to reasoningly guide and bridge our diverse communities was described by Dr. Fietzer, The Minneapolis Examiner, The Circle of Reason is religious and atheist; liberal and conservative; men and women; straight and gay; black and white; rich and poor; First and Third World; but we have sought and found our own kind - the reasoning kind. Welcome to the club! You know that if Doonesbury parodies something, it's serious: The counter is "Reasonists" -- who, the expert says, "believe in an evidence-based world, something called Rationalism; but are a tiny group, not so influential. Pundits laud our laying down our primitive clubs, yet wield truthiness like a light saber -- to the point that the sanest take on the news of the day comes from two Comedy Central shows. Yeats wrote about the demise of human civility and reason: The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Thomas Jefferson suggested, "Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it. Words reflect emotion as well as meaning. They clarify - or cloud - thought and energize action, sometimes bringing out the better angels in our nature, sometimes lesser instincts. But when, and why, was irresponsible speech given admission to the parlor rooms of polite, civil society? Humanity's ethical DNA was first diluted by the Sophists, two and a half thousand years ago. Today we teach, in philosophy and rhetoric, "argumentum ad hominem," the gambit of insulting the person, not arguing the facts. More importantly, we do not teach that to undercut others' discernment of the real and true by evoking their emotionality is not just "sophistry," but is immoral. Tom Erlich, referencing Yeats, said: The only answer is to destroy, even if the destruction of one means the destruction of many, and the obliteration of sanity and hope. It is time for the center to Abrams said to those who dream of this bright future, "People need to be reminded that working together -- disregarding social, religious, political, racial boundaries -- is the only way we're going to survive. The People are struggling, to a new enlightenment. And it may take decades or even centuries for them to reach it. But they will reach it. And we must help. There is a new paradigm for improving our world as well as our individual lives. It is communal commitment to reason in worldly affairs, regardless of one's present beliefs or creeds. By assembling across the gulf of human differences, we evince our communal belief in the power of logical and reasoning thought to help humankind attain its next major step toward moral and philosophical maturity. As an international organization for Pluralistic Rationalism, The Circle of Reason sponsors or endorses such local reasoning gatherings and dialogues between those with disparate beliefs and backgrounds -- like this Rally! Although we remain affiliated with our various like-minded groups, we also join each other to bring our different perspectives to this common ground of rational discourse, to make the world we've all inherited a saner place. We say, in the immortal words of Pogo, "We have met the enemy, and 'they' are us! We Minnesotans rally here today to send this message to our fellow citizens: So today we say to our political gamesmen, "Your lies and half-truths are immoral. How to maintain jerry curl weave

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  1. By assembling across the gulf of human differences, we evince our communal belief in the power of logical and reasoning thought to help humankind attain its next major step toward moral and philosophical maturity.

  2. I recommend Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum for frizz control and your favorite heat protectant for thermal defense while heat styling.

  3. We also encourage you to declare yourself a plurationalist you can be one while remaining a theist, atheist, conservative, liberal, or proponent of any other worldview , then work to more reasoningly live your life, communicate with others, and guide your local and global communities.

  4. The end result is a young, edgy style that goes with everyday outfits or chic evening style.

  5. Get creative with ways to lay the french braid on top. Be sure to use a dime size amount. This fluffy two-toned style is perfect for winter when big hair equals added warmth.

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