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How to keep longer hard on

BG 44K While you might not come face to face with them often, your fuel injectors are some of the most important parts on your car! Giving your system a thorough cleanse can make all sorts of improvements! So many unexplained motor issues end up being down to clogged up innards that are actually super easy to fix. While having so many options on the market leaves a lot of room for crappy products to emerge, the wealth of variety has the upside of providing you with lots of choices! There are options for every lifestyle! So, do yourself a favor and read through our reviews to find the ideal detergent for your vehicle! Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews 1. Longtime users swear by this stuff. It comes in a gallon jug, with enough liquid to treat over gallons of gas. Plus, it does lots of jobs in the fuel line, in addition to cleaning your injectors. Overall, this one helps your vehicle run smoother, more reliably, and with better efficiency. While our other recommendations are a bit cheaper to buy, they also come in much smaller quantities. The Lucas treatment is also efficient, since you only have to use 2 oz for every 10 gallons. Many injector cleaners only work on your injectors, but the Lucas fluid takes care of a few different things. First, it includes lubricants to help unleaded gas burn as smoothly as leaded gas, without the lead. Second, it includes a few different detergents which help break up any impurities in it. The Lucas solution breaks down all that corn-based crud, so you can burn through it. The detergents also keep the injectors and carburetor clean. They clean off buildup, and keep future buildup from sticking to your engine. That makes this one one of the best preventive products out there. Third, this stuff does wonders with smog. Diesel, ethanol, hybrid, you name it! No need to worry about compatibility, which can be hard to establish with old cars that have been repaired many times. Lucas users swear by this treatment, and report a few noticeable improvements. Overall, they found that their engines were running more smoothly, and with lower temperatures. They said the difference was especially apparent in idle. The Lucas treatment will take them back to the factory ratings, or even better it slightly. This product is meant to be used more regularly, and as a preventive measure. This supplement uses a specially-formulated polyetheramine compound to dissolve deposits and other crud from your injectors. The Lucas is better suited to preventive treatments and ongoing maintenance, while the Chevron can cut through lots of built-up gunk. According to the manufacturer, some of the product will stay in the system to keep things working better between doses. We like it for a quick, thorough cleaning solution. This one is also formulated to help specifically with newer direct-injection systems which are extremely sensitive to carbon buildups. In addition to cleaning off your injectors, the Techron is also designed to clean your carburetor, intake valves and combustion chambers. The overall effect is fairly similar to the Lucas. The Techron improves the smoothness of your engine, and restores compromised efficiency and performance due to buildup of deposits on key engine parts. One advantage over the Lucas: It can mess things up if you use too much. This is concentrated stuff, and the manufacturer recommends using it just before driving through most of a tank. The Lucas is a better bet for constant improvement on the economy front. Techron is really designed to be used with Chevron gas, which has more detergents already in it. It combines the versatility of the Lucas fluid with the concentrated cleaning power of the Techron in one substance. According to an industry survey, BG 44K is used 5 times more often than any other aftermarket cleaner by official dealerships. One can will treat 20 gallons of gasoline in your tank, and keep things running smoothly for even longer than the Techron. It uses polyetheramine, just like the Techron solution. Previous buyers said that concentrated performance made it well worth the extra cost. In addition to your injectors, this stuff will blast out deposits in your combustion chambers, intake valves, couplings, ports, and filters. We like the BG because it cleans around the whole fuel sending unit. It takes care of coke deposits, as well as corrosive crud that can wear away at the inner workings. This one works with all alcohol fuels, including E85 and others. We also found that it works very well on smaller engines, like on motorbikes and lawnmowers. We love the BG 44K solution because of its ability to blast through even the toughest deposits. This one comes in a 20oz bottle, but to buy the same amount as the Lucas would cost about 5X as much. The Lucas is the best choice for people who are looking for the most cost-effective solution. It comes in big bottles, at a lower unit price than the other supplements. Many users find that it pays for itself in fuel savings. Plus, if you use Chevron fuel or other fuels with detergents already integrated, it might not make a difference in preventing buildup. The Techron treatment is a good solution for people who want to clean all the corrosion at once. You can also get away with adding it at every oil change, rather than each time you fill up your tank. For the dirtiest engines, or for the most intense cleaning solution, we recommend the BG 44K. You only have to use this one every 15, miles or so, as opposed to 3, miles for the Techron and every fill-up with the Lucas. Well, consider us corrected! This stuff is seriously great. This is a mighty powerful mix of detergents. For instance, it dissolves styrene on contact, and they use that in the product video. Using this gives you all the same benefits you get from the other solutions we recommend, but basically on steroids. The Berryman gives a big boost to performance, efficiency, and starting reliability, as well as improving engine smoothness. You can use cans of this, and be purring like new. If your engine has older hoses or o-ring seals, you may want to upgrade those before using this. We expect it to catch on more widely in future. Most of the solutions we recommend are safe for practically every make and model on the market. Newer cars will be better off with gentler solutions, or cleaners which also lubricate the system as they work. Figure out what detergents are in the gas you use, as well as any other lubricating compounds. This can also be something you do if you prefer to do a little bit of maintenance every fill-up rather than having to use a full can of treatment at each oil change. Nearly every fuel on the market these days has some amount of alcohol mixed in, usually from ethanol. However, they might not be as effective on cars that already have built-up debris in the fuel system. For instance, you could do your first ever injector cleaning with something industrial like BG 44K, but then use Lucas regularly to keep any buildups from coming back. And remember, even the most costly fuel injector cleaner is pretty darn cheap compared to having to replace your injectors completely, or suffer serious motor damage due to clogs! Think about your own preferences: This is pretty simple to figure out, and mainly depends on the sort of car person you are. There are two basic types of fuel injector cleaner: If you prefer to stay on top of things and keep some cleaner in the car for every fill-up, you might want to go for the second type. You can simply run a can of cleaning solution through at each oil change, or even every second oil change. Premium fuel options usually have enough detergent included to make these products unnecessary. So, knock out any old gunk with a can of cleaner, and then stick to good fuel sources! How to keep longer hard on

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