How to help your pregnant partner. 10 Loving Ways to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife or Partner.

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How to help your pregnant partner

Identify safe areas of the house where there are no weapons and there are ways to escape. If arguments occur, try to move to those areas. If violence is unavoidable, make yourself a small target. Dive into a corner and curl up into a ball with your face protected and arms around each side of your head, fingers entwined. If possible, have a phone accessible at all times and know what numbers to call for help. Know where the nearest public phone is located. Know the phone number to your local shelter. If your life is in danger, call the police. Let trusted friends and neighbors know of your situation and develop a plan and visual signal for when you need help. Teach your children how to get help. Instruct them not to get involved in the violence between you and your partner. Plan a code word to signal to them that they should get help or leave the house. Tell your children that violence is never right, even when someone they love is being violent. Tell them that neither you, nor they, are at fault or are the cause of the violence, and that when anyone is being violent, it is important to stay safe. Practice how to get out safely. Practice with your children. Plan for what you will do if your children tells your partner of your plan or if your partner otherwise finds out about your plan. Keep weapons like guns and knives locked away and as inaccessible as possible. Make a habit of backing the car into the driveway and keeping it fueled. Try not to wear scarves or long jewelry that could be used to strangle you. Create several plausible reasons for leaving the house at different times of the day or night. Safety Planning With Children If you are in an abusive relationship, a safety plan should include ways that your children can stay safe when violence is happening in your home. Planning for Violence in the Home Teach your children when and how to call Instruct them to leave the home if possible when things begin to escalate, and where they can go. Instruct them to stay out of the kitchen, bathroom and other areas where there are items that could be used as weapons. Teach them that although they want to protect their parent, they should never intervene. Help them make a list of people that they are comfortable talking with and expressing themselves to. Enroll them in a counseling program. Brainstorm with your children if they are old enough to come up with ways that they can stay safe using the same model as you would for your own home. Have them identify where they can get to a phone, how they can leave the house, and who they can go to. Bring a friend or relative with you to the exchanges, or have them make the exchange. Perhaps plan to have your partner pick the children up from school at the end of the day after you drop them off in the morning — this eliminates the chances of seeing each other. Let them know how much you love them and that you support them no matter what. Tell them that you want to protect them and that you want everyone to be safe, so you have to come up with a plan to use in case of emergencies. Fortunately, there are more and more resources in place to assist with this difficult situation. Bring extra provisions for them, copies of their medical records and important phone numbers. If you are planning to leave, talk to friends, family or your veterinarian about temporary care for your pet. If that is not an option, search by state or zip code for services that assist domestic violence survivors with safekeeping for their pets. Try zip code first, and if there are no results, try a search by state. If the none of the results are feasible for your situation, try contacting your local domestic violence or animal shelter directly. For help finding an animal shelter, visit the Humane Society website. Take steps to prove ownership of your pet: The Animal Welfare Institute offers additional tips for safety planning with pets. Organizations like Georgia-based Ahimsa House and Littlegrass Ranch in Texas offer advice for safety planning with animals, especially with non-traditional animals like horses that are more difficult to transport. Red Rover offers different grant programs to enable victims to leave their abusive partners without having to leave their pets behind. The grants must be submitted by a shelter worker. Safety Planning During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a time of change. Pregnancy can be full of excitement but also comes with an added need for support. If your partner is emotionally or physically abusive toward you, it can make these months of transition especially difficult. Thankfully, there are resources available to help expecting women get the support needed for a safe, healthy pregnancy. According to the CDC , intimate partner violence affects approximately 1. Pregnancy can be an especially dangerous time for women in abusive relationships, and abuse can often begin or escalate during the pregnancy. How can you get help? If possible, see if you can take a women-only prenatal class. This could be a comfortable atmosphere for discussing pregnancy concerns or could allow you to speak to the class instructor one-on-one. Below are some ideas for how to create and maintain an emotional safety plan that works for you. Seek Out Supportive People: A caring presence such as a trusted friend or family member can help create a calm atmosphere to think through difficult situations and allow for you to discuss potential options. Identify and Work Towards Achievable Goals: An achievable goal might be calling a local resource and seeing what services are available in your area, or talking to one of our advocates at The Hotline. Create a Peaceful Space for Yourself: Designating a physical place where your mind can relax and feel safe can be good option when working through difficult emotions that can arise when dealing with abuse. This can be a room in your house, a spot under your favorite tree, a comfy chair by a window or in a room with low lights. Remind Yourself of Your Great Value: You are important and special, and recognizing and reminding yourself of this reality is so beneficial for your emotional health. It is never your fault when someone chooses to be abusive to you, and it has no reflection on the great value you have as person. Taking time to practice self-care every day, even if it is only for a few minutes, really creates space for peace and emotional safety. In the end, this can help you make the decisions that are best for you. Leaving a Relationship Because violence could escalate when someone tries to leave, here are some things to keep in mind before you leave: Keep any evidence of physical abuse, such as pictures of injuries. Keep a journal of all violent incidences, noting dates, events and threats made, if possible. Keep your journal in a safe place. Know where you can go to get help. Tell someone what is happening to you. If you are injured, go to a doctor or an emergency room and report what happened to you. Ask that they document your visit. Reassure them that their job is to stay safe, not to protect you. Contact your local shelter and find out about laws and other resources available to you before you have to use them during a crisis. Acquire job skills or take courses at a community college as you can. Try to set money aside or ask friends or family members to hold money for you. When You Leave Make a plan for how and where you will escape quickly. You may request a police escort or stand-by when you leave. If you have to leave in a hurry, use the following list of items as a guide to what you need to bring with you. Our advocates can help you come up with a personalized safety plan for leaving. How to help your pregnant partner

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  1. But whatever the craving, one of the unmentioned side effects of pregnancy is YOUR weight gain.

  2. Teach them that although they want to protect their parent, they should never intervene.

  3. Baby Hopes recommends a dosage of 1, to 3,mg on a daily basis, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine says that it produces few side effects, although gastrointestinal issues and headaches may occur. How can you get help?

  4. If arguments occur, try to move to those areas. Identify and Work Towards Achievable Goals: Have them identify where they can get to a phone, how they can leave the house, and who they can go to.

  5. Take steps to prove ownership of your pet: But after the first times I said it, she snapped on me. If possible, have a phone accessible at all times and know what numbers to call for help.

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