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How to build a frog launcher game

Create New Sometimes a game designer wants to have the player's choice of gender be more than purely aesthetic. So, the designer adds things that makes males play different from females, such as adding gender-specific armor , gender-specific character classes , and so on. Sometimes intentional, sometimes not, some games just seem to love one gender over the other. Perhaps women get all sorts of cool and powerful armor that the men do not, or men have naturally better stats while women get bonuses to the Dump Stat. One way or another, one gender ends up completely winning over the other, making it so that there's no reason to ever roll a man because a woman is always better, or vice versa. While men still tend to get better stats for straight-up melee that has a tendency of becoming less effective compared to alternative methods as demonstrated by pretty much everything in Females Favoured section. Thus it's not exactly surprising that most video game RPGs tend to favor women. Contrast with Purely Aesthetic Gender. Sometimes one is better early and the other better late, in Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards fashion. There is basically no reason to play as a woman unless you do as the game suggests and roll for your gender - women have worse stats, cannot access several classes, are discriminated against socially, and multiple spells including Mind Rape ones are explicitly meant to work on women. According to a review, Spawn of Fashan has the same kind of problem: In this one, a woman's physical traits are halved. Oddly, the WWE licenced game only did this with weight. And as weight can be assigned and substitutes for "race" in other RPGs , there really isn't anything aside from snarky GMs stopping you from building a heavyweight title contender who somehow has Testicular Fortitude without any testicles. The low number of female characters on the board makes them much easier to guess. The book's suggested fix for this discrepancy is playing a Harpy. Warhammer Online There are three specifically male-only classes and only one female-only class. Then there's the entire greenskin race, which is technically genderless, being fungoid in origin, but the orcs and goblins are always referred to with male pronouns. Even more so with the Chosen, who of course are the chosen warriors of their god, in this case Tzeentch. So why the hell would a genderless ever-changing cloud of color not color gas or something, just color care about gender? The official reason why this was the case was that they couldn't get female Chosen looking scary enough. The Chosen are chosen from the warrior tribes of Norsca, the run-of-the-mill warriors of which make up the also male-only Marauder class. These tribes are heavily male-dominated societies. The "favoured gender" does change along racial lines, though - if you choose to play as a Dark Elf then a female will have more classes to choose from, while a Chaos character will have more male-only classes. In A Tale in the Desert, there was an announcement that an NPC would show up on a certain day with rare goods, including some unique goods. Players lined up to trade with him, but when a female character tried to trade with him, he told her that he does not trade with "property" and inquired if she herself is for sale. Since there is no combat in A Tale in the Desert, some players just started dropping piles of sand to lag out the NPC. The whole thing calmed down when the developers apologised. In the original PlayStation game Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, you can play as Rikimaru male or Ayame female. There's one mission where you have to reach a corrupt magistrate. If you play as Rikimaru, when you reach him there's a cut scene where he ruefully confesses to his crimes, and asks to be at least granted an honorable death. Still in cutscene, you assist him while he commits seppuku by cutting off his head after he cuts open his stomach. If you play as Ayame, however, he's enraged that a woman has had the gall to attack him, and the cutscene ends and goes into a boss fight — you actually have to fight and kill him. This was one of the main criticisms of Left Behind: Eternal Forces, although it's very much in keeping with the values of the books and their writers. In the game, you can "convert" members of either sex to your cause and give them an occupation. While male characters can become Builders, Soldiers, Medics, Disciples, and Musicians, women characters can only become Medics though not as effectively as males and Musicians more effectively than males, but not a particularly useful class. This means the best strategy is to convert as many males as soon as possible, and only convert females when there is no other option. Later patches would grant female characters more abilities, but still not at all comparable to males. Farming sim Shepherd's Crossing 2 gives the male character up to 9 chances to run out of food and firewood and be redeemed. If he fails completely, he's "rewarded" with marriage to a character that can't be married any other way. The female character, on the other hand, will be kicked out immediately she first runs out of food. Marriage requirements are easier for male characters as well. This is only because this class is only available by importing from the previous game Hordes of the Underdark, the male player character has two love interests available to him. The female character only has one. This is actually quite important, as persuading your companions to fight with you against the final boss is much easier if you've romanced them. The original Baldurs Gate 2 had three love interests available for a male PC, and only one for a female - and he's The Scrappy , to boot. User mods have since adjusted the balance. Age of Conan has female characters doing less damage because of slower attack animations, although the bug was eventually fixed. Harvest Moon 3 GBC has different perks for both genders. The boy would get better at farming and using tools, but couldn't take care of some of the animals on his own, while the girl got better products from the animals and didn't technically need help with them or the fields, though she'd never get better with the fields. The girl was also the only one who could get sick, and while you could always get a game over from being a bad farmer, only those who play as the girl get a game over if they marry someone. As characters eligible for marriage were the only ones who could go past a plateau on the Relationship Values system, this meant that choosing the male meant for literally more than twice as many story options as the female. Although this was not the case of developers deliberately favoring one gender over the other so much as the decision to give a gender option coming later in development, after a fair amount of plot and character building had already been worked out. This is also why you will always starts as the male PC, and only have the option to change to the female once the plot is cleared, as the circumstances revolving around the girl's inaccessibility are highly plot relevant. The WWE Day Of Reckoning series has a mix of how you can and cannot customize personal appearance with males coming out with much more options in the end. Game play wise, stats and weight have the same effect no matter the gender but only males can get the points necessary to surpass the base stat cap in a mode exclusive to them. You can train up a male created wrestler's stats as high as you want them to be then reset the body type to female to get women around the cap though , so long as you take them out of story mode. This means men are not quite as favored in exhibitions as they are in aesthetics and playable modes. Paradox Interactive 's examples are typically Truth in Television , since most of the company's games are historical scenarios. Depending on the starting state of your realm it can also be difficult to even get a woman to inherit in the first place unless you meddle with your inheritance laws: Female characters also cannot take advantage of polygamy mechanics, and merchant republics and Islamic nations do not and cannot allow female characters to inherit. Averted in some of the expansions, however: Followers of the Indian religions introduced in the Rajas of India expansion have no opinion penalty for serving a female ruler. The Conclave expansion allows you to pass laws expanding the rights of women. In Europa Universalis , set in the Age of Exploration, female heirs in the nations that allow them usually have weaker claim strengths than males. Also, you cannot have an empress of the Holy Roman Empire without passing the 'pragmatic sanction' decision, which weakens imperial authority. In The Lord of the Rings Online , you can play male or female versions of any race except dwarves. Only male dwarves are allowed. This isn't so much because of gender favoritism, though, as it is because Tolkien never said whether female dwarves have beards. Final Fantasy VII has both male-specific Escort Guard and female-specific Minerva Band armors, each conferring different immunities, some of which are only available on these particular items. However, all female party members join at a noticeably lower level than their male counterparts, for no adequately explored reason. Unless the player takes special pains to select female party members over male ones whenever the opportunity is presented, they will stay this way throughout the game. However, given the novelty at the time and popularity of the romantic subplots for both primary female characters, this may well have been introduced in order to give players some reason to put the male characters in their party. Lates RPG Knights Of Legend features four female-only classes, six gender-neutral classes, and twenty-three male-only classes. This seems fair, since the bonus is small and they have the same amount of overall stat points. However, the game is massively skewed toward strength; almost all of the most powerful abilities in the game are keyed to strength, including the ability to stunlock your opponents. Wisdom adds to your magic resistance, but it takes something like 10 points of wisdom to grant any benefit, whereas it only takes 4 points of strength to make a difference. This means that there are many race-class combinations that gain benefits from being male, and virtually none that will benefit at all from being female. In a cutthroat player-versus-player game designed around killing people and taking everything they've worked hard to obtain, that's a really serious risk. Star Trek Online sometimes takes flak on its forums for having no female versions of several Klingon Defense Force species, namely Nausicaans, Letheans, and Gorn. The typical argument that these never had females shown in canon is immediately countered with the fact that Cryptic did make female versions of several Federation species, as well as completely making up the Ferasans KDF-side. Though at least with the Gorn, some licensed fiction indicates that, being lizards, their females are simply bigger than males, so some people just make three-meter Lizard Folk and RP them as female. Ape Escape 3 has two playable protagonists, a male and a female. The male protagonist can run faster and jump higher than the female, allowing him to chase after monkeys more easily. As a trade off for her lower stats, the female is an Idol Singer , which causes some monkeys fans of hers to be overwhelmed by her presence, rendering them helpless. While this allows you to capture some monkeys without a problem, and at one point allows you to skip an entire mini boss, only a very small handful of the game's hundreds of monkeys are affected by this ability, making the male character have an easier time overall capturing monkeys than his counterpart. This was dropped the next generation, and hasn't returned since. For some species like the starters, it is impossible to have a Shiny female due to the values required for both conflicting with each other. In contrast to its precursor , where the female protagonist Jill was the "easy mode" character, Resident Evil 2 makes male protagonist Leon the easier character to play. Leon can take damage better than Claire can, has exclusive access to the Shotgun and the Magnum, and can access the Custom Gun Parts, which allow him to buff up his pistol, shotgun and magnum; the pistol becomes a burst-fire weapon, the shotgun gains increased ammo and damage output, and the magnum's already-devastating damage value increases, turning it into a boss-mincing machine. In comparison, Claire's a much harder character to play as; whilst her Depleted Phlebotinum Shells make the grenade launcher powerful and more useful than Leon's flamethrower , they're also scarcer than anything other than magnum ammo. Her Bowgun is weaker than Leon's shotgun, and whilst its silent status makes it good for killing Lickers, those don't show up that often, making this trait almost unnoticeable. X, but absolutely pitiful damage to anything else, and it doesn't even have the ability to reload. Females Favored Card Games Several Munchkin games give more benefits to women than men in terms of female-exclusive items. Your sex is whatever sex you actually are unless you explicitly say otherwise , but there are cards that Gender Bend players. Official T-shirts, when worn by a player, can cause the player to be considered a specific sex while worn, overriding the primary effect of such cards. How to build a frog launcher game

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  1. All of these converted rifles were proof-fired for service. The second game, despite the "canonical" gender being female, was the opposite. They were used by military and para-military forces such as the East German Combat Groups of the Working Class , and were replaced by Soviet weapons in the s.

  2. Amusingly, Dragon Quest IX seems to have hung a lampshade on this practice The Israeli bayonets were a mix of converted German production and domestically produced examples.

  3. Even more so with the Chosen, who of course are the chosen warriors of their god, in this case Tzeentch. Numbers of East German and Czech refurbished Karabiner 98ks were exported to the West in the late s and early s and are now in the hands of collectors. More of a metagaming point, but due to the fact that most of the upper-tier Mons with gender overwhelmingly favor being male, competitive battlers that use seduction abilities get more use out of females when using them.

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