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How to become a youth football coach

Why become an AFL Coach? Coaching is for everyone! You do not need to know every rule of Australian Football, or know every player that runs out on the MCG each week, all you do need is a positive and energetic attitude. If you are involved in your child's footy team, you can become a coach and learn more about our great game. If you have been involved in footy as a player, official or volunteer and you are wanting to become a coach then great, you can become a coach! The role of the coach plays a significant part in our game and directly impacts 1. As a coach, you are able to teach, motivate and become a role model for those that look up to you. As a part of that, CoachAFL provides you with the support you need to not only make the experience enjoyable for our participants, but also as a coach! They replace the level 1 accreditation and cover junior, youth or senior coaching. Simply complete one of the minute courses to become an accredited member of coachAFL. Questions Who can I contact to find out more information? Once you complete the form, our Coaching Support Team will be in contact with you to ensure you are properly supported and get the help you need! Do I need to be accredited if I am involved in Auskick? All relevant information, content and resources for Auskick coaches is available at play. Do I need to be accredited if I am an assistant coach or I just help out from time to time? By completing one of our online Foundation courses you will have the knowledge and ability to have a greater influence on match day, and you will also be ready to coach in case you need to at any time! Will my accreditation be nationally recognised? CoachAFL accreditation is the National Accreditation standard and has been developed in conjunction with all state and territory affiliates. Does my Foundation Coach accreditation allow me to coach any age group? Your accreditation is based upon the age group you coach. How can I access my accreditation certificate? You can access your current accreditation certificate through your personalised profile page in the members area on the coachAFL. This can be found under the heading My Learning and by clicking on the link Record of Learning. From there, find and click on the relevant coaching accreditation and click on the Feedback and Certificate link to access a PDF of your accreditation. This pdf is downloadable to mobile and can be printed off at your convenience. How to become a youth football coach

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  2. Emotions are used every day and provide feelings as well as a form of communication. Being prideful in coaching is more about the team being successful opposed to the coach himself.

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