How to beat sexual performance anxiety. Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias.

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6 Ways To Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

How to beat sexual performance anxiety

Medications for Anxiety Medication can be very helpful for sufferers of anxiety as its decreases anxiety symptoms whilst you are taking it. Some people may choose not to use medications for anxiety, others will choose to combine cognitive behavioural therapy or some other type of therapy with medication, and some people may only utilise medication. Medication can decrease the distressing physical symptoms of anxiety. Medication can reduce the negative thoughts experienced by anxiety sufferers. SSRI drugs can interact with other drugs so before taking any medication in addition to your SSRI you should check with your doctor that is safe to do so. Side effects may include poor sleep, fatigue and increased sweating. Side effects may include nausea, sexual dysfunction, sweating, sleep disturbance and tremors, as well as an increase in blood pressure. They must not eat certain foods which contain tyramine e. A severe high blood pressure reaction, in response to inappropriate food, beverages or medication, left untreated can lead to stroke or death. Common side effects of MAOIS include insomnia, fatigue or drowsiness, sexual dysfunction, and weight gain. Benzodiazepines work very quickly to calm you but their effects do not last long. Single doses can cause fatigue and drowsiness and therefore reduce your ability to think on your feet e. Benzodiazepines have some significant drawbacks. Firstly, people who take benzodiazepines on a daily basis for more than a few weeks may become physically dependent upon them. Therefore, these drugs should not be ceased abruptly as there is the risk of rebound anxiety and withdrawal effects. Anyone planning to reduce and or cease their intake of benzodiazepines should do so in consultation with their doctor. Secondly, these drugs may be abused; therefore people who have a history of substance abuse may be advised to avoid benzodiazepines. Thirdly, alcohol should not be consumed when you are taking benzodiazepines as it increases the sedative effect of the medication. Furthermore, people taking benzodiazpines need to exercise caution when driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery until they work out how they respond to the medication. Side effects may include poor memory, fatigue, sleeping longer, impaired coordination, and loss of interest in sex. Beta Blockers Beta blockers, such as Inderal, are used to treat anxiety. They may also be helpful for blushing and sweating. These drugs are taken about an hour before a feared event and their effects last a couple of hours. Beta blockers appear to be best used for performance anxiety. Beta blockers may be less effective at reducing negative anxiety provoking thoughts than they are at reducing physical anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations and tremor. Call our team of Melbourne psychologists at 03 and see how anxiety therapy can help. The Feeling Good Handbook. New York, New York. The information provided here is only a summary and is NOT intended as a substitute for a medical consultation. No assurance can be given that the information contained on this site will always include the most recent findings or developments with respect to a particular topic. Should you be interested in taking medication for your anxiety, you should discuss the pros and cons of treatment, side effects and so forth with a doctor. A number of factors need to be taken into account when prescribing medication, including the nature of your anxiety, your medical history and the other drugs you are taking. How to beat sexual performance anxiety

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  3. How can I get rid of performance anxiety? SSRI drugs can interact with other drugs so before taking any medication in addition to your SSRI you should check with your doctor that is safe to do so.

  4. Could you walk me home? Which means that not only is it great for you, but it helps strengthen your willpower to make other positive changes in your life. Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist at the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, says that mindfulness meditation makes perfect sense for treating anxiety.

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