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Debt Collector Tricks You Need To Know

How to be a good collections agent

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  1. Since then, I have set up and run my own debt collection agency and I have trained many people over the years in the fine art of debt collection. View more presentations from Margot Bloomstein Robin Good: Pagination Some resources represent collections of objects and may be paginated.

  2. Make sure you know what the client wants out of this deal. He was all smiles when he walked in the door, and immediately I could tell I turned him on. Speak in a calm, even, well-paced voice.

  3. The role of a collection agent is working file after file, but understand the big picture. Do they want payment in full or would they be happy with reduced lump sums? No harm in having a bit of fun while you do your work.

  4. The best use of your time is arranging payments. They always have a story to tell and they need to tell it, so listen to them.

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