How to be a better problem solver. Handling Difficult Situations.

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How to Teach Kids Better Problem Solving

How to be a better problem solver

Suicide Threats Elementary school children sometimes make comments or behave in a way that suggests they feel like killing themselves. If you have a student who is exhibiting such signs, you need to take action. Eight tips for dealing with a student who threatens suicide. The Tattler Elementary students are quick to tattle. Dealing with every report would seriously interfere with your teaching, and yet you do want to make sure you're told if a student is in physical or emotional danger. The following strategies will help you spend your time teaching while still safeguarding your students. Seven tips for stopping tattling. The Tardy Student Some students are late for school for reasons beyond their control. Some students arrive late because of choices they've made. And some students are late because they like the attention. Ken Shore offers seven tips for dealing with the habitually tardy student. The Tease Students need to know that teachers will protect them from teasing. You need to send a strong message that ridicule will not be tolerated in your classroom, and then be alert for signs of ridicule. Ken Shore offers eight tips for dealing with teasing. The Unmotivated Student The unmotivated student is the one whose attitude toward schoolwork screams, "I don't care! He is content with just getting by. When working with an unmotivated student, you first have to convince him that he can be successful, and then you must figure out how to capture his interest. Few behaviors are more annoying to teachers than whining. The student who constantly responds in a shrill, high-pitched voice can annoy even the most tolerant teacher. Seven tips for dealing with students who whine. How to be a better problem solver

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