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How to Tell if a Guy is Gay

How to attract a gay guy

If you haven't read that one first, this one won't make too much sense. This is another short one, because it details just one conversation. Yeah, with our names, Ringo's real name being Richard, we've been called the Beatles ever since we took up as friends. There's even more of a connection, as Paul's wife is named Linda, and George's last name is Harrison. We've been doing really well in our professional lives. George was already doing work for the horse farms around Lexington, and as we started talking about forming our own firm, he suggested that if we specialized in all of the things the multimillionaires in the racing industry needed, we could make up a dynamite company, raking in some big-time fees. So, we formed Equus Law nine years ago, and it didn't take long before our firm really took off. We took the decision to keep just us four as attorneys, though we've done well enough to have three paralegals and four secretaries working for the firm. We pay above average salaries to our staff, which has kept our people loyal, and has given us a high quality of applicants from which to choose when we did need to add staff. And by high quality, yeah, that means attractive staff, as well as smart and talented. Anyway, Saturday morning was our regular golf time, having a reserved tee time at the Country Club of One of the things we had to do was, beyond being Country Club members, commit to our time and give advance notice of at least Thursday afternoon if we couldn't make it. Sometimes our wives don't want to understand: Golf for us is great. We get to discuss our cases and what we need to do with the firm in a more relaxed setting, plus we're all competitive on the course. With the exception of Ringo, we're all pretty evenly matched, and he's only a shade worse than the rest of us; Ringo has won the day more than once, but he has to be on the absolute top of his game to do it. He wasn't at the top of his game today! At any rate, we were on the eleventh tee, having discussed pending legal work, the newest paralegal's work, and looks, and, of course, politics. George and I were Republicans, and voted for Trump, while Paul and Ringo, though they thought she was a poor choice, voted for Hillary. We ribbed each other about politics, but we are all still friends. Then, kind of out of the blue, Ringo asked, "Do you guys ever wonder if the girls are screwing around on us? That was one Hell of a question! Our wives were all friends as well, drawn together by our friendship, and the odds were pretty good that they were all at Paul's house, right now, lounging around the pool, drinking wine coolers and working on their tans. The pool was pretty private, and ever since Linda had egged them on last summer, the girls all tanned topless, which was a pleasant surprise for us! They certainly have the time to mess around, if they ever wanted to. Of course, Jane works, so that keeps her in an office from nine to five, and that restricts her time more than Linda's or Joan's, but it also means that she's going to meet more men. Every one of them is an 'eight,' and they've all kept decent figures despite popping out kids for us! She doesn't want to fall behind, you know. But Ringo, what brought this up? Something you need to tell us? My Linda's smoking hot, but let's face it, even if she was, I couldn't divorce her. None of us could afford a divorce. We'd lose our houses, lose custody of our kids, and the women would get half of whatever salaries we gave ourselves. Linda is outrageous in bed. Hell, it's a real job keeping up with her! I mean, I haven't noticed any signs, but it doesn't make much sense for me to look too hard, y'know? I'd get raped in a divorce. But still, yeah, if Jane was cheating on me, I'd still get screwed in any divorce. I don't think that she ever has, but Paul's right: I can tell you that I've never even been suspicious about her. I don't know, maybe? I mean, I don't think that she is now, but after law school, when I was starting out, and had to produce forty billable hours a week? I barely saw her, she was working, and anything could have happened. And, Hell, she was putting me through law school, so I couldn't have said anything if she had been getting some on the side, you know? Gail accused me of screwing this receptionist, but I didn't; I didn't have the time or energy. My guess is that she might have had a quick fling or two, but I don't know, don't want to know. What about Linda, Paul? Besides, that was right after I was screwing the redhead, so I couldn't say much. Don't know if Linda found out about her, but if she had, and then was having an affair of her own, the courts wouldn't have punished her for it in a divorce. If we'd gotten divorced, she'd own an eighth of Equus right now. He works at the pool for the Country Club, and when I saw that he was a flamer, I hired him to take care of our pool once a week. Hell, Linda likes to lay out topless, and it doesn't faze him at all. The thought that there might be such a thing, and that we'd want to hire them just so our wives weren't paying our regular guys in trade. It's be a lot worse if they were screwing our wives and we weren't getting a break on the price. We started talking about other stuff, and had made it all the way to the 17th tee, when I pulled Ringo off to the side, just to talk. Really, are you worried about Gail? She was all weird like yesterday, didn't want to talk about work, you know, like something weird was happening, but then she practically raped me last night. I sure wasn't complaining, but Gail never starts things, you know, at least not since college. And sometimes you hear it, a woman finds a boyfriend, and then she gets feeling sexier toward her husband as well. But it got me to thinking, wondering what's going on. I said that I don't want to know, you know, but maybe I do. That divorce lawyer is right next to our office; you could always find out who she uses as a P. How to attract a gay guy

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  1. That was one Hell of a question! I sure wasn't complaining, but Gail never starts things, you know, at least not since college.

  2. None of us could afford a divorce. I said that I don't want to know, you know, but maybe I do.

  3. You want her to want you, and want you badly. I don't think that she ever has, but Paul's right:

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