How much water to rehydrate after alcohol. dehydration and alcohol.

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How much water to rehydrate after alcohol

Why does drinking alcohol cause dehydration? ABC Science We humans have been making and drinking alcohol for thousands of years. It's a strange liquid. We can use it as a fuel or germ-killer, use it to preserve human heads or other body parts in jars for years on end, or to strip oil stains from the garage floor. And yet, in small quantities we use alcohol as a social lubricant. But over time, too much alcohol can set off diabetes and malnutrition, and diseases of the central nervous system and the liver. A short-term side-effect is excessive urination. But even today we still don't fully understand how alcohol causes this excessive urination. And the liver converts that five per cent of alcohol into roughly the same mass of water and some carbon dioxide. To understand what's going on, you need a bit of background knowledge. First, the body pays special attention to alcohol. It's a small molecule and gets very quickly through the walls of the gut into the bloodstream and then to the brain. Third, we humans seem to prefer to drink our alcohol in 10 gram lumps. Ten grams of alcohol is about Fourth, alcohol interferes with the mechanism that regulates the water levels in our body. So now, a little anatomy and physiology. In your brain is a small gland called the pituitary gland. It is divided into two sections: The back section is called the posterior pituitary. One of the hormones made by the posterior pituitary gland is called vasopressin, or anti-diuretic hormone ADH. Diuresis is a fancy word meaning urination. Now suppose that you are really dehydrated. So the volume of water in your body is low. But you still have just as many salts floating in this reduced volume of water. So these salts are now more concentrated in the reduced volume of water that you have when you are dehydrated. Your body has detectors that can sense both the saltiness of your water, and the volume of the water. If these detectors reckon that you are dehydrated, they send a signal to the posterior pituitary gland, which starts pumping out ADH. The job of ADH is to stop you urinating, so you hang on to your precious water. You reduce your normal rate of making urine. Alcohol does the opposite. It reduces how much ADH you make, so it increases how much urine you produce. You'll hang on to only about half or a third of the extra water you drink. Most of it will go out in your urine, and you'll still end up dehydrated at the end of a night of drinking. Mind you, you'll be a bit better off than if you didn't drink any extra water at all, but you'll still be dehydrated. Could this extra urination caused by alcohol consumption be the origin of that old Aussie expression, 'a night on the piss'? How much water to rehydrate after alcohol

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  1. Some people believe that thirst is not a reliable indicator of how much water you need, since many people suffer with symptoms related to dehydration and don't seem to feel a need to drink water on a regular basis.

  2. Health education about how infections spread. Others find throat sprays helpful to sooth sore or dry throats — although be careful to not use anything with alcohol drying effect or numbing agents in it. Take 5 minutes to do a few easy warm-up exercises.

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