How many awards did adele win. List of awards and nominations received by Adele.

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2009 GRAMMY Awards - Adele Wins Best New Artist

How many awards did adele win

There are only two actors Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks who have received two consecutive Best Actor awards, as there are only two actresses who have received two consecutive Best Actress statuette wins: With Kate Winslet's sixth career nomination for The Reader , she became the youngest individual at age 33 to have six Oscar nominations. She was one year younger than Bette Davis who at age 34 received her sixth for Now, Voyager She had previously been nominated for the first time for Winter's Bone With her first nomination at the age of 20 years and days, she became the third-youngest actress ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She broke a record previously held by Teresa Wright who was 24 when she received her third nomination in In , Lawrence at age 25 received her third Best Actress nomination for Joy , and became the youngest actor OR actress to receive 4 Oscar nominations. She bested Jennifer Jones, who received her third Best Actress nomination for Duel in the Sun and fourth Oscar nomination at the age of In comparison, Meryl Streep was 34 when she was nominated for her fourth Oscar for Sophie's Choice Kate Winslet had also received two nominations by age 22, but one was for Best Supporting Actress. Four actresses have won the Best Actress Oscar for their first substantial screen roles or during the first year of their film careers in a feature film , while others a sampling have received a nomination for their first screen role: Only actress Jeanne Eagels was nominated post-humously for her role in The Letter She was the first and only female to ever be nominated post-humously for any acting Oscar. Oscar-Winning Actress Roles and Trends: Biographies of remarkable, real-life individuals showbiz figures and entertainers and portrayals of the mentally ill are heavily represented among Oscar winners and nominees , particularly in the acting awards. It helps an actress's chances of winning or being nominated for an Oscar if the character dies during the movie, or is alcoholic or drug-addicted , or is a murderess. Also, first-time Oscar nominations are more often given to actresses below or around the age of thirty. Against Type It also helps to play a role against type Julia Roberts as a crusading single mother in Erin Brockovich or Helen Hunt for a sex surrogate in The Sessions , or Susan Sarandon as a death-row nun in Dead Man Walking , or for showing acting diversity Kathy Bates as the horror villainess in Misery , or singer Cher in Moonstruck Prostitutes A large number of actresses have also won or been nominated for the top acting awards for portraying hookers girls of the night, party girls, whores, call girls, madams, etc. Samantha Morton as shy, waifish, mute laundress Hattie in Sweet and Lowdown and Rinko Kikuchi as isolated, depressed and troubled 16 year-old deaf-mute Tokyo teenaged girl Chieko in Babel Disabled Another group of actresses have won awards or were nominated for portraying characters that were performers, or handicapped with disabilities or other physical afflictions, including serious alcoholism and drug use , for example: Bette Davis won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Joyce Heath - a self-centered, willful, alcoholic, neurotic, self-destructive ex-Broadway actress, in Dangerous Susan Hayward nominated as Best Actress for three films with alcoholic roles: Country Singers The only two actresses to win Best Actress Oscars their sole wins for playing real-life country singers: Oscar victories for Best Actress haven't always been for the stars' best work, either, but retroactively for an entire body of work - or for sympathy: The only instance of a Best Actress nomination for a science-fiction film role was Sigourney Weaver for Aliens Best Actresses with New Screen Names: Two actresses won the Best Actress Oscar with new screen names: Four Best Actress winners won the Oscar for an acclaimed stage role that they reprised on the screen: He topped that with another six year wait for another Best Supporting Actor nomination for Argo Luise Rainer 2 career nominations and wins: How many awards did adele win

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  1. And I'm sorry it took so long but, you know, life happened. Two actresses won the Best Actress Oscar with new screen names: She released a statement saying she needed an extended period of rest to avoid permanent damage to her voice.

  2. Oscar victories for Best Actress haven't always been for the stars' best work, either, but retroactively for an entire body of work - or for sympathy:

  3. While on stage at London's O2 Arena on 17 March, Adele announced that she would be headlining on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival , which was later confirmed by the festival's organisers.

  4. Luise Rainer 2 career nominations and wins: The wedding, held in January , took place in the garden of her house in Los Angeles. In , Lawrence at age 25 received her third Best Actress nomination for Joy , and became the youngest actor OR actress to receive 4 Oscar nominations.

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