How do i marry a rich man. How To Get A Rich Man To Be Your Boyfriend Or Husband.

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Dating Advice : Tips on How to Date a Rich Man

How do i marry a rich man

If your girlfriend is from a well-to-do family, you could be looking at a fair lump. However, in this situation, the money will most likely be for show and returned to you after the wedding. This is a low-moderate amount by modern-day Thai standards. His salary is approximately 25, per month. If your girlfriend has been married before, then you should pay less. However, as a respectful gesture, and to show your respect, you should offer something. Superstar second and third marriages are the exception. If your girlfriend has kids, tradition dictates that you should pay less. This stems from the age-old thinking that she is tainted in some way, already given to another man, so to speak. Not my words, I might add 5. In terms of a woman's employment, it's hierarchical and usually correlates with education and earnings. Face is everything in Thai society. To marry a foreigner with a Sin Sod of less than , Baht, would be quite a loss of face, not just for her but also for you. Yes, unfortunately most Thais believe, as many westerners do, that Thai women only marry foreigners for financial security, unless of course the Thai woman is richer or as wealthy as the foreigner. It is not for the woman to tell the man what she wants. They will probably say one of two things: They are being polite. So basically you need to make out you really want to pay. As you can see, this all falls in nicely with the non-confrontational Thai style. Sin Sod is largely about face. And depending on the circumstances, that could be the case. Because Sin Sod is a reflection of her, you, her family and your family. A Thai woman lives to make her family proud, to show the other villagers that they are a good family, that they are to be respected, and that they are on the up, as it were. But think about it like this: Your girlfriend has probably already sacrificed many of her cultural traditions to accommodate you in her life. Living with you and sleeping with you before marriage are two of those sacrifices. Without you knowing it, she will have been the talk of her village for living with you without being married — this reflects badly on her family. On an emotional level, you need to consider that just like every Western girl dreams of a white wedding to make her Daddy proud, the majority of Thai women grow up dreaming of marrying in their home town and making their parents proud with a respectable Sin Sod, and in turn elevating the family face. The way I see it is this: An average wedding in the UK costs 20k, so if you pay k to marry your Thai girlfriend in a village ceremony that costs no more than k, you still save a whopping 12k! Feel free to pitch in with your experience. I would like to say a big thanks to Marisa, Noynar and Noi for contributing their cultural knowledge and helping me write this piece. How do i marry a rich man

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