How do i get instagram filters. How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 10k Instagram Followers in 2 Weeks.

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10 NEW Instagram Life Hacks 2018! Secret Filters + How To GET FOLLOWERS On Instagram 2018

How do i get instagram filters

However, as Instagram and its audience have continued to evolve, so have we. Without further ado, here are our detailed results and findings so you too can cultivate a massive following and start taking advantage of the power of this exciting and ever-flourishing social network. Want Even More Instagram Followers? Generally speaking, there are types of images that work well with a lot of industries; posters with inspirational or humorous quotes, quality food photography, or scenic images are safe starting points. How are people going to find your content? What hashtags are you going to use? What is it about the images you produce that will make people do more than just scroll on by? According to Zabisco , humans process visuals 60, times faster than plain text. That means you need to stand out. The reason Foundr has so many real Instagram followers is because people can expect a consistently high level of quality from us. They know that on Instagram, we produce a certain kind of post, and that trust is what keeps them coming back for more. To be really successful on Instagram, you need to be a little unique. Find competitors who use the same hashtags as you do, or even find users who follow these hashtags and see what other kind of content they like. Find out what works best, and really get to know your audience. To get you started, be sure to check out apps like WordSwag and Typorama for text-focused Instagram posts. We use these very same apps for our own Instagram account! This might seem obvious, but we always see the content creation itself getting neglected. Find out what your customers enjoy seeing on Instagram or what themes resonate with them, and populate your account with relevant images. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One good way to find out what your customers like is by checking out what your competition is posting, or what kind of imagery is used on the websites or blogs that are popular in your industry. However, keep such images in the minority; posting a lot about yourself on social media is just like being the person at BBQ who only talks about themselves. Fans are genuinely curious as to what Beyonce is having for dinner or what exactly it is the Rock is cooking. Oversharing means that you lose out on engagement because your content is just too off topic and confusing to build a consistent audience. On Instagram, engagement is king. For best results, we found images that trigger an emotion or questions that elicit some thought work really well. People Like People Include faces in your photos. Images with faces have been known to increase engagement , because our brains naturally want to interact with other people. Calls to Action Every post should have a strong call to action or CTA marketing speak for an instruction for your viewer to do something encouraging people to follow you or like the post in the caption. This CTA should be relevant to the photo, and not the same as the one you used in your bio more on your bio later. Think of a CTA as a way to remind people that there is an action they could take. Ask questions in your captions to encourage people to respond. This is a very simple tactic to make sure that your Instagram followers are interacting with your account. Gently encouraging them to invest less than a second into each post does wonders for cultivating that engagement. This helps your account spread like wildfire. Develop a story with your posts. Get people invested and show off how much value you can provide in one go. One of my favorite accounts to follow is cereal. Each Instagram post is accompanied by either a small bio, or interview with the featured entrepreneur so you get a chance to know a bit more about them and what they do. Developing a story also ties into emotion. Always look to elicit an emotion with your posts. User-Generated Content Post user-generated content whenever possible. Frank Body have almost built their entire Instagram strategy by curating user-generated content. This has helped them build a community of engaged Instagram followers, as well as create hundreds of loyal brand ambassadors. To find out more about their social media strategy, do make sure to check out our interview with the founders of Frank Body. Make sure to give them an incentive for doing this, though, like running an Instagram competition or giveaway. You can easily curate their posts by asking them to use your branded hashtag. Your Instagram Theme Getting more people to interact with you also involves maintaining a consistent aesthetic theme so that your Instagram feed reaffirms your brand identity. A simple way to do that is to use the same filter. It makes your images more recognizable and your overall feed look more professional. Notice how Herschel Supply maintains their aesthetic theme by constantly making sure their posts have similar tones and colors. Not only do these posts look great, but because of the consistency you can see how their feed has a natural flow to it that builds familiarity and affinity. Remember that quality always beats quantity when it comes to Instagram posts. Always make sure your content is providing value to your audience in some way. Treat Your Community On Instagram Like Gold One of the biggest mistakes people make when building their Instagram account is that they only ever see their followers as numbers. You must always respect your audience. While your follower count may be the most important metric, our journey to 1 million followers taught us that you must also pay attention to your engagement levels. A true follower is someone who absolutely loves your content and what you do. If you ever want to develop any sort of influence or exposure, this should be your primary goal in growing a huge follower count. For example, we are very strict on making sure we reply to every comment possible. Be as conversational as possible when engaging with other users, and be true to how you speak in real life. If someone takes the time to actually write a comment on your post, the very least you can do is reply. Something as simple as that goes a long way toward turning someone into a true fan. The key here is to make your Instagram followers feel welcomed and happy to be a part of your community. It might even yield unexpected results, as we often find real gems within our comments for ideas on articles and different people to interview. Post Regularly Aim to post on a regular basis, about once every three to four hours. Think of it like sowing seeds. Fortunately, you can schedule your content if you use a tool like Later. You cannot post via the Later website when you are logged in. Use Iconosquare to work out the best times to post to your account and maximize exposure. One other posting tip is to always post on Sundays. Sunday is usually a pretty quiet day on Instagram, making it the perfect opportunity for you to get ahead of the pack and get your posts in front of even more people. You can best make use of this section by having a strong call to action. You can use up to characters, so a short snappy CTA works best. A strong CTA should be an absolute no-brainer for your audience. To create a strong CTA, you want to be as simple and no-nonsense as possible. Because you only get one live link when it comes to Instagram, which is in your bio, you want to be able to get as much value as possible out of that link. Your bio should also be compelling. Your potential followers have a few seconds to decide whether or not they want to follow you. Your bio should capture their attention and make them want to follow you, or at the very least, scroll down further to check out your content. We want to establish a point of connection and evoke some kind of emotional response so Instagrammers follow us and continue the relationship. Your bio should also be searchable. First, research the most popular hashtags in your niche, and then compile them. For us, this involved building a huge list of keywords that we found were relevant to what we do and what our images generally are about entrepreneur, business, startup, for example. Use Hashtags , TagFire , and Grama to find hashtags relevant to your niche. Copy the hashtags that the top influencers in your niche are using. Use this as a way to not only generate more exposure and gain more followers, but as a way to get on the radars of other influencers. If these trending tags are relevant to your brand, include them in timely posts to aid discovery. On the topic of search, Instagram also introduced the ability to search by emoji. Round up about 30 that include a mix of high-performing and low-performing hashtags. Use around 10 hashtags that have over a million posts, then another 10 hashtags that only have 10k to 50k posts, with another 10 anywhere in between. This way you make sure your posts get as much exposure as possible. Find out what the hashtag of the day is and use it. Create multiple sets of hashtags to maximize exposure. Regularly rotate them so that your posts reach a variety of people relevant to your niche. Save them in a notes file so all you need to do is copy and paste them, and not have to worry about writing each one out every single time Hashtag Use Once you compile your hashtags, add them to a comment below your post. Putting them in the comment section instead will hide your list of keywords after others have added comments. Reference each post with a full 30 hashtags. Branded Hashtags Create a branded hashtag to make it easier for others to find you. Use your custom hashtag to build a community around your brand, and to regularly engage with your Instagram followers. How do i get instagram filters

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