Hot romantic movies 2014. Top 50 Most Romantic Movies to Watch as a Couple.

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Hot romantic movies 2014

But in his travels he meets and marries his wife, who has to live with never knowing when her husband will be there. Not one of my favorites, though. I think I analyze time travel movies too much. Sense and Sensibility I love Austen! This movie is as close to perfect as any movie I have ever seen. And I totally agree with the main message of this movie: Titanic Two Kate Winslet movies in a row! And no one has to wonder what the ending will be. Everything in this movie is big—the love, the emotion, the tragedy. And the sex scenes are graphic, too. Sleepless in Seattle The quintessential romantic movie. In fact, Nora Ephron made this movie to celebrate romance in movies. You really root for them by the end. A fun chick flick. The true story is better than the fictional one presented here. Her personality has changed. We have to push through because we had the real thing. I agree to an extent, but I just wanted it to be about commitment, not feelings. Letters to Juliet A young, idealistic girl discovers a letter left 50 years ago, and decides to answer it, putting in motion two lovers, long separated, finding each other again. In the meantime, she discovers things about herself, and explores what love really means. Not profound, but very, very nice. When Peter awakes with amnesia, he starts to believe it, too. I liked this one a lot. Set in the s in the sweeping Australian outback, the movie follows a young man with a way with horses trying to keep his family farm together. Apparently the romance in this is lovely, the acting perfect, and the cinematography gorgeous. Starring Christopher Reeve, it tells the story of a man in present day who falls in love with the picture of an actress from He figures out a way to transport himself back in time to meet her, where the attraction is mutual. But the slightest reminder of the modern world can send him back to the s, so their relationship is always in jeopardy. North and South British version Okay, this one I can endorse wholeheartedly. So they leave their idyllic home in the south to go to the industrial north, where she is thrown into the path of rich factory owners. Torn between her sympathy for the plight of the workers and the growth of her feelings for one particular rich dude, she has to make a choice. A very romantic ending, and an interesting look at social justice issues from the early days of the industrial revolution. But their marriage is destined to be short lived when illness strikes. For two decades this was THE romantic movie of all time, until people started to forget it. A commenter said that it has the F word throughout, so you may want that warning! A man in a great marriage loses his wife to an accident. At the same time, another woman played by Minnie Driver is about to die unless she gets a heart transplant. She received the heart, and then a year later the two meet without knowing their connection. It was cute, not profound. His pursuit of her is lovely, and the ending is satisfying. Hot romantic movies 2014

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  1. It is quite the romantic little life, to be a homemaker, to have a husband you love, and to be his soulmate, called "wife". Sleepless in Seattle The quintessential romantic movie.

  2. Letters to Juliet A young, idealistic girl discovers a letter left 50 years ago, and decides to answer it, putting in motion two lovers, long separated, finding each other again.

  3. Another favorite is the Masterpiece edition of Pollyanna just who was Auntie's mystery beau?

  4. Shraddha Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra looked real romantic couple and same song in female version is also sung by Shraddha Kapoor. Not one of my favorites, though.

  5. Her personality has changed. These last three are all family friendly movies that everyone would enjoy. Being full time farmers the last four years, the Sarah, Plain and Tall Trilogy has a close place in my heart as well!

  6. And finally, I will include these romantic-era period movies that would be suitable for family viewing. And the sex scenes are graphic, too. That is Hollywood for you!

  7. I am looking forward to the second season now. Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, Galliyan… What beautiful romantic lyrics. And finally, there is Miss Potter which has a bit of everything.

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