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Crime Patrol Dial 100 - क्राइम पेट्रोल - Bardaasht - Episode 218 - 9th August, 2016

Hot episodes of crime patrol

History[ edit ] This article is incomplete. Please help to improve it, or discuss the issue on the talk page. September As mentioned above, Victor and Hugo were based on the two five-time villains of Gaston and Pierre from Count Duckula; while Gaston was a tall, thin black stork , and Pierre a stubby, short parakeet , both Victor and Hugo were humans, but they lived in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals possibly to allow for guest appearances from other, non-human Cosgrove Hall characters. Many of the actions and phrases first used for Gaston and Pierre were reused for Victor and Hugo, such as Gaston shoving Pierre's beret in his mouth to keep him quiet, "Why is it that it is? Premises[ edit ] The series centred on the exploits of two bumbling French criminal brothers, who were the eponymous Victor and Hugo; despite referencing the French author Victor Hugo in their names, both brothers were not particularly intelligent but Victor was the more intelligent. The plot of every episode focused on Victor, Hugo, Interpol their parrot , and their English-based business "Naughtiness International" getting hired by criminal figures to steal something - and Victor would come up with a "meticulous plan" to achieve this goal, which was routinely botched by Hugo. Most episodes usually ended with the brothers imprisoned but others, including the first and last, did not. Victor KPV [ edit ] The taller of the brothers, Victor was also clearly the leader for Naughtiness International; his two most striking characteristics were his fedora hat and his manicured moustache the latter enabling him to appear suave, and also making him resemble a spiv. He also wore a pair of white gloves , which had been given to him for his birthday by Interpol as referenced in the tenth episode "Scout's Dishonour", which was also the fourth episode he was seen without them - and his English was significantly better than Hugo's, although he was continuously at risk of making spoonerisms. Despite his constant raging at Hugo, Victor did show on multiple occasions that he secretly cared deeply about his brother like in the ninth episode, "Dummy Run", in which he was worried that Hugo had been frozen to death when he opened his suitcase and found Gary Gaingridge's dummy, Gaston, inside ; he was voiced by Jimmy Hibbert. Hugo RNT [ edit ] Victor's younger brother, Hugo always wore a beret and actually looked like a burglar , right down to his ever-present eye-mask; he was always subservient to "My Victor" and was often the butt of slapstick comedy he also had a pet earwig named Penelope who he kept in a matchbox but Interpol did not like her and she felt the same way about him. While his intelligence and English skills were notably inferior to those of Victor, Hugo was often able to make sense of his brother's spoonerisms - and he would often describe their chosen profession as "criminiminals". Despite the notable handicap of a lack of ability, he also always had the job of driving the van; Hugo's voice, like that of Pierre from Count Duckula, bore a striking resemblance to that used by Peter Sellers for the Goon Show character Bluebottle, and the two characters often made similar exclamations. He was voiced by David Jason. Interpol the Parrot[ edit ] A cynical East End Multicolour which is a very rare breed of parrot , Interpol lived in Victor and Hugo's van, and provided a voice of reason in rapid-fire Cockney English; it is not saying very much to comment that Interpol was by far the most intelligent member of the group. Aside from residing in the van constantly, Interpol was also able to function as a telephone - he would ring when sat on his perch, and his beak was put to the person's ear. Victor also used him to dial out by pressing his talons like a keypad; in one episode, Hugo used him as a makeshift pair of scissors. He was also voiced by David Jason, but had no dialogue for the episode "Treasure Haunt". The Wretched Dog[ edit ] A small dog played a very important role in most episodes; at various points, often when the plot appeared to be flagging, the dog would run up one of Victor's trouser legs, remove his boxer shorts and run off with them down his other leg. This running gag also appeared at the end of most episodes prefaced by the statement by a glum Victor that "At least in here, nothing else can possibly go wrong! In production material from the now-demolished Cosgrove Hall studio, the dog's name is given as Baskerville as in the Sherlock Holmes tale The Hound of the Baskervilles , although, he was never referred to as such on screen; one episode that he is known never to appear in is the eighth one, "The Case of the Vose Vase", but he also does not appear in the eleventh episode, "Escort Red-Handed" which was the first to feature Hawkeye Soames and Dr. Monsieur Meccaneaux[ edit ] Despite his French name, M. Meccaneaux was a working-class accented English rat who was frequently called by the brothers to repair the van generally after Hugo's bad driving had caused an accident , and on occasion, to provide other forms of technical expertise such as the construction of the Concrete Destruction Ray known by Victor as the "Discreet Correction Ray" ; he was also voiced by David Jason. Catchphrases[ edit ] Much of the humour for the series derived from catchphrases some of which were previously used by Gaston and Pierre ; among these were: Hot episodes of crime patrol

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  1. NBC aired reruns of this series on its daytime schedule from April to September. The Wretched Dog[ edit ] A small dog played a very important role in most episodes; at various points, often when the plot appeared to be flagging, the dog would run up one of Victor's trouser legs, remove his boxer shorts and run off with them down his other leg. The season 6 episode "Speedway Fever" aired November 7, centered on Penhall's character Nelson winning the Speedway World Final at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum , with scenes filmed in the pits during the meeting.

  2. Despite the Ford Motor Company 's credit as a vehicle provider for 4 of the series' 6 seasons, cars and trucks were supplied by several manufacturers; many of the police cars seen were Dodge models.

  3. He is the partner of Jon. In order to become a full-time member of the CHiPs cast, Penhall had officially announced his retirement from speedway racing on the podium of the World Final.

  4. However, he is a shaman with a special ability to communicate with all the souls and spirits and possess them into his body!

  5. Stolen Plane Copter Writer: Bruce Penhall , a native of Balboa Island, Newport Beach and a Motorcycle speedway rider who had won the and Speedway World Championships , was also introduced as cadet—probationary officer Bruce Nelson, Bobby's younger brother in —

  6. Hidden by clouds, he follows them. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. But Niles leaps out, aiming his gun at Dan, and Betty steps on the gas in a frenzied attempt to save Dan's life.

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