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The Haves and the Have Nots S05E21 Moles

Have and have nots show tonight

The work has an index. He wanted to marry her, but she wouldn't have him. Have a good time. He had a heart attack last year. Have him come here at five. She has three cousins. He has a kind boss. She had the crust to refuse my invitation. He has a mole on his left cheek. This wood has a silky texture. He had cake and coffee for dessert. I will not have any talking during the concert. Rumor has it that she's going to be married. He has you there. We realized we'd been had by an expert con artist. There is none to be had at that price. The problem had me stumped. They had him where they wanted him. Have pity on him. We had Evelyn and Everett over for dinner. He has his bodyguard with him at all times. There are some who have and some who have not. It would have been an enjoyable party if he hadn't felt downcast. I have to leave now. I didn't want to study, but I had to. You'd better go now, it's late. First he decided to have at his correspondence. It seemed that they would never have done with their struggle. I've been working like a fool, but now I've had it. He was a great pitcher, but after this season he'll have had it. He refused to take any more excuses and told them all that they'd had it. Quiz shows have had it. When they lost their fortune, everyone said that they had it coming. She has it in for intelligent students who fail to use their abilities. We've been in disagreement about this for a long time, and I think we should have it out, once and for all. She had on a new dress. What do you have on for Christmas? Idiomshave to do with: Your lack of confidence probably had a lot to do with your not getting the job. I will have nothing to do with their personal squabbles. The house, with the mortgage finally paid, was at last their own to have and to hold. See corresponding entry in Unabridged Have, hold, occupy, own, possess mean to be, in varying degrees, in possession of something. Have, being the most general word, admits of the widest range of application: To hold is to have in one's grasp or one's control, but not necessarily as one's own: To occupy is to hold and use, but not necessarily by any right of ownership: To own is to have the full rights of property in a thing, which, however, another may be holding or enjoying: Possess is a more formal equivalent for own and suggests control, and often occupation, of large holdings: See corresponding entry in Unabridged obtain, gain, secure, procure. See corresponding entry in Unabridged lack. The buzz of the machinery stopped suddenly. I'll give you a buzz tonight. Slang Termsa feeling of happiness caused by slight drinking; pleasant intoxication: The town is buzzing about the scandal. She buzzed her secretary. Is it OK if I buzz you tonight? Informal Termsa phone call: When I find out, I'll give you a buzz. Slang Terms a feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement, or exhilaration: I got a terrific buzz from those Pacific sunsets. After a few beers they all had a buzz on. Everyone is buzzing about the scandal. Slang Termsto go; leave usually fol. I'll buzz along now. Tell him to buzz off and leave me alone. The fly buzzed its wings. He buzzed his secretary. Informal Termsto make a phone call to. I have no German to experience or undergo: I had to run quickly to escape him to eat, drink, or partake of slang to have sexual intercourse with used with a negative to tolerate or allow: I won't have all this noise to declare, state, or assert: I'll have the sofa in this room to receive as a guest: Have and have nots show tonight

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  1. She has it in for intelligent students who fail to use their abilities. He wanted to marry her, but she wouldn't have him. She had on a new dress.

  2. New Faces In New Places: Plus, veteran C Chris Gimenez on the award we've named for him To hold is to have in one's grasp or one's control, but not necessarily as one's own:

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