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Has hayden panettiere ever posed nude

Just imagine, exiting a stretch limo and stepping out wearing designer clothes and accessories, looking your best, with all attention and cameras on you. Of course, the excitement of red carpet events starts to wind down for most celebrities after so many years. But still, they are expected to look their absolute best at each awards show, film festival, movie premiere, or party. However, if this list will go on to prove anything, it should be that even the biggest and most beautiful movie stars, singers, and supermodels make wardrobe mistakes every now and then, especially by choosing to wear some incredibly uncomfortable outfits in the name of fashion. Unfortunately, taking fashion risks does not always end in favorable results, as you will soon see. True, being rich and famous does mean having a pretty lavish lifestyle including having big beautiful homes, driving expensive cars, and going on exotic vacations. However, being famous means that you have to live your life in front of the public eye. It also means that even if you make one slip-up in front of a camera, moments later you could see it flashed all over the media. This is why red carpet events like the Oscars, Met Gala, Grammys, Emmys, etc… can mean a whole lot of pressure. However, many celebrities are still willing to take the risk, and opt for a more revealing, unique, and often times uncomfortable outfit instead of something that is more practical. But is the risk really worth it in the end? Are dangerously high heels, dramatically low necklines, and super high-cut slits really worth the risk? Continue reading to make up your own mind…but we think it is safe to bet that the celebrities on this list really regretted their outfit choices by the end of the evening. This ageless and classic beauty is known as the queen of red carpets. Add some wind to the mix and that makes for a very awkward outfit choice. Still, the cheerful actress was all smiles next to her costar and director moments later. Lady Gaga Lady Gaga is known for lots of things, but her creativity on the red carpet is one of her trademarks. The queen of pop is often seen at award shows and Hollywood parties in some of the most unique and over the top outfits. She wore this embroidered royal blue satin blazer dress to the Grammy Awards in tribute to the late singer David Bowie. Unfortunately, she later on realized that perhaps her outfit choice of a satin pink low-cut, thigh-high slit gown was not the most practical. Nonetheless, she managed to keep a smile on her face as she posed with the rest of the group. Better luck next time Jade! Sarah Jessica Parker The Met Gala often gives celebrities a chance to get creative, and also sometimes slightly bizarre, in their clothing choices. Sarah Jessica Parker is no newbie on the red carpet, she has been doing this for years. So the Met Gala was the perfect opportunity to show off her famous style. She wore an off the shoulder black patterned gown with a long train and high slit. Emma Watson The striking Emma Watson is known for her timeless, classy, and sophisticated sense of style. Amal Clooney It goes without saying that Amal Clooney, aka Lebanese-British barrister and wife of movie star George Clooney, knows how to impress on a red carpet. Her classy and luxurious fashion sense has been imitated all over the world. No matter where she steps, she is always caught by cameras looking flawless. However, even fashion trend-setters have their mistakes, and this pale yellow chiffon dress that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival was perhaps not the best choice for a windy red carpet event. Sarah Hyland The Modern Family beauty tends to look fabulous no matter which red carpet she is standing on. When Sarah Hyland got ready to pose for cameras at one of the biggest television events of the year, the Emmy Awards, she looked absolutely beautiful in a flowing red patterned cut-out gown. That is, until things started to get a bit uncomfortable and the bottom half of her dress kept falling down… guess next time she will invest in a good seamstress. Solange Knowles Solange Knowles, just like her sister Queen B, definitely knows how to work a camera. She is known for her unique and modern sense of fashion, and is not one who is afraid to take some risks here and there. Which is why no one was too surprised when she showed up to the Met Gala wearing this metallic circle dress. She showed up to the BRIT Awards in a gold jacket, gold watch, gold skirt, and gold strappy heel sandals. The one thing she seemed to forget however, was a shirt, instead she wore some chains. Hayden Panettiere The Nashville star is no newbie on the red carpet. Unfortunately, the Met Gala was just not her night. She stepped out of a limo wearing a stunning pastel strapless gown fit for a princess. However, it was a bit too long for the 5ft 1in actress, so long in fact that she ended up taking a tumble down the red-carpeted stairs in front of hundreds of cameras. Girl Crush The Grammy Awards is generally filled with all sorts of creative outfits. Like, for example, how was she planning on sitting down for the evening? Pretty sure it was not a very comfortable night for this singer. Everything was going great for the dashing couple, who both came dressed in their best evening attire. Winnie chose a buttercup yellow chiffon gown equipped with a long train. Luckily, she removed the train moments later and was able to enjoy the rest of the night. Bella Thorne Bella Thorne is definitely not one known for shying away from the cameras. She looked like her flawless self in an all white halter jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and metallic heels at the movie premiere of Horrible Bosses 2. She has shown up to red carpet events in everything from a dress that resembles a giant squid to an outfit made entirely from metallic plastic. However, this unusual gown that she wore to the Billboard Music Awards has to take the cake for one of her most impractical, and uncomfortable outfit choices. We are left wondering how she managed to walk down the carpet, let alone sit down to enjoy the show. Michelle Rodriguez showed up in a radiant all red lace strapless gown. However, the actress had to learn the hard way the challenge of strapless dresses, that they tend to annoyingly fall down. Poor Michelle was forced to spend the entire evening holding up her dress in order to avoid a mishap. She did, however, still manage to get a few quick snaps in with her costars. This skin-tight mermaid dress that Beyonce wore to the Met Gala was truly one fit for royalty, but was so hard to walk in, that she had to have her husband and another gentleman help her get across the carpet in order to avoid falling. Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence has had her fair share of embarrassing moments on the red carpet. How could we ever forget the time she tripped at both the and Oscars? Of course, the charming movie star knows how to make the best of every awkward and uncomfortable situation, like when her hot pink gown at the SAG Awards got stuck to her heel. Yup, she definitely should have altered that. But Jennifer being Jennifer, she laughed it off like a pro and was back looking fierce only minutes later. Katy Perry Another celebrity on this list who knows how to stun a crowd is pop sensation Katy Perry. All attention was definitely on her when she stepped out of her limo and onto the carpet at the Met Gala. She wore a red gown and veil made completely of tulle. While the outfit definitely looked interesting, we are safe to bet that having hundreds of layers of itchy fabric surrounding you must not be the most comfortable way to spend an evening. Her dashing nude-colored halter gown seemed like a safe choice for the Vanity Fair Oscar party, but she was in for a surprise when she noticed her top was falling down and about to make for an extremely humiliating situation. Luckily, her handsome hubby, singer Adam Levine, was by her side in order to keep an extra eye on her dress. She ended up immediately regretting her super mini strapless party dress that just would not stay put. Safe to say the embarrassed celebrity did not enjoy the rest of her uncomfortable night. While she does have a reputation for wearing daring and revealing outfits, the dress she wore to the Cannes Film Festival showed off a lot more than she had planned. Ashley Graham Ashley Graham is recognized for her undeniable beauty, confidence, and impeccable fashion sense. But if we have learned anything from this list, it is that even the red carpet experts can make major fashion mistakes. The supermodel took a stumble after her dramatically high-heeled stilettos got stuck on her long black gown and jacket. However, like a pro, she stood back up with a smile on her face and cameras were able to catch some sweet pics of her and film director husband Justin Ervin. Although the pop star looks pretty confident in her beef attire, we are guessing that hanging out in layers of smelly raw meat is not the most comfortable or practical way to spend an evening. Bella Hadid Along with her sister Gigi, Bella Hadid is currently one of the biggest supermodels out there. The fashionista is known for dressing to impress no matter if she is strutting the runway, sidewalk, or red carpet. So, when the Cannes Film Festival came along, all eyes were on Bella. The brunette beauty decided to wear a red, thin-strapped, high-slit silk gown. True, she looked like a goddess, but did she look comfortable? Margot Robbie It goes without saying that Margot Robbie is one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood. She just starred in I, Tonya, where she played the lead role of former ice skating champion Tonya Harding. She looked radiant in a dashing ballerina pink silk gown with a plunging neckline. Unfortunately, the neckline was a little too low, causing the star to keep pulling up her gown to prevent what could have been a tragic fashion malfunction. In real-life, Ariel is known for taking fashion risks, so when the actress stepped onto the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, each camera pointed towards her. She chose to wear a sparkling halter gown with not one, but two dangerously high slits. Luckily she avoided malfunction, but she did look uncomfortable most of the night. Sofia Vergara It is hard to believe, but the Modern Family star is even more gorgeous and delightful off-screen than she is on. However, even the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood make fashion mistakes sometimes. However, Sofia made the best of it and was her cheerful smiling self moments later next to actress Kerry Washington. Emily Ratajkowski The supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski chose a satin golden yellow gown for the night of the Golden Globes. The natural beauty ended up fidgeting with her dress during most of evening. Luckily, after several awkward pictures, she was able to get it together and slay the look in the end. Chrissy Teigen We adore the delightful and gorgeous supermodel mom Chrissy Teigen just as much as the next person, but there is no denying that her outfit choice at the American Music Awards was probably not the best idea. With slits as high as those, is it even a dress anymore? By the look of her face, she was quickly regretting her outfit choice as soon as she made it to the red carpet. Has hayden panettiere ever posed nude

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