Has chelsea handler ever been married. Chelsea Handler rescues two new dogs.

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Has chelsea handler ever been married

Who was Walt Disney? Who was Roy O. Who is Roy E. What do we know about the in general? A history of Disney h. Disney and its mob connections i. Disney and its government connections j. Disney and mind-control k. Detailed Script of how one Disney movie is used for programming. Partial List of Sources B. They are also extremely important programming centers for the Illuminati to create total mind-controlled slaves. Disneyland is also involved with providing a place for rituals, porn and other satanic activities. In terms of deception, Disney movies and Disney Amusement Parks rate as one of the best deceptions. Their goal was to have someplace that people from all over the world could come to without raising any suspicions, and a place which would be the perfect cover for many of their criminal activities. According to a witness, the Illuminati Programmers got a big laugh out of using Disneyland as a major Illuminati base for criminal activity. Under the disguise of entertaining the world, they carried out money laundering, child slavery laundering, and mind-control. They nick-named Disneyland "the little syndicate of mind-control. An abducted child while waiting to be picked up from one Illuminati non-parent caretaker by another, could be kept happy and distracted while waiting for the pickup. For years, Disneyland was an Illuminati center for many of their world-wide activities. Now Disney has created other sites around the world such as EuroDisneyland 20 miles east of Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland in had 16 million people attend. EuroDisney has been a money losing affair, but the Saudis who benefit from its mind-control, gave Disney the money to keep it financially in business. Disney through their movies, books, toys, records, etc. Their movie Return from Witches Mountain was one of the most powerful witchcraft promotions ever made. Ducktails, which has deliberate Monarch mind-control triggers written into the script, is also broadcast in Poland and the former USSR. Bread and Circus refers to the concept that IF the masses of people are given entertainment and food staples, THEN they are easy to control. Walt Disney movies have played a key role in providing entertainment for the masses to insure Illuminati control. Michael Marien, Bethesda, MD: It is visited by over 30 million people a year--not only the major middle-class pilgrimage center in the US, but by far the most important entertainment center in the world. It is clearly Oz, utopia as a marketing device. Disney have been at the center of the creation of amusement parks and popular Disney films. In more recent times, two other men, Eisner and Katzenberg have been notable at Disney. The impact of the Disney brothers is monumental. Mickey Mouse teeshirts can be seen being worn by natives all over the world. Disney World and Disneyland are the quest for a large segment of humanity, who often esteem these amusement parks as the highlight of their life. What is highly esteemed among men, is an abomination to God according to the Word of God. In other words, as readers of this article will find out, behind the appearance of wholesomeness of the Disney brothers and their creations lays abominations-- some of the most grotesque aspects of generational occultism the world has ever seen. Abrams, on page 11 an interesting and revealing statement is made: Always there was some aspect of his personality that was just out of reach. I share the general admiration of a man whose cinematic achievements were always so happily inspired and inspiriting. But--and this is where I differ from uncritical idolaters--I have to know all the facts, no matter how unpalatable, as well as the romantic myths about any great man or woman I admire. Many of the myths that have been created by his publicists about Walt Disney are unpalatable, unbelievable, and unsatisfactory because so much of the real Walt Disney has been deliberately concealed.. He liked specially rolled brown cigarettes which he smoked up to 70 a day. He picked up the smoking habit in the army. He loved expensive Scotch Whiskey, red sunsets, and horses. His main home was an estate in Holmby Hills. The Holmby Hills estate was located in a plush area where lots of rich show-business families lived. Walt spent many of his nights at the Disney Studios and later he had his own private quarters at the center of Disneyland. He had reoccurring bouts of insomnia. The value of his estate when he died was 35 million dollars of which Lillian his wife inherited half. In Rome, Walt visited privately with the Pope and the dictator Mussolini. In , Walt Disney died. Prior to his death he had investigated cryogenesis--being frozen, and it is believed by some that his body is frozen somewhere in California, while others claim he was cremated. There are quite a few stories in circulation as to where the idea came from. Walt once said, "There is a lot of the Mouse in me. All he needs now is your voice. A book put out by Walt Disney Co. His mother was chilly for years about the work Walt did. Around , after much pleading, he finally got her to watch Mickey Mouse. The "cold towel" she threw on Mickey Mouse helped convince Walt to quit making Mickey Mouse cartoons. Very few came out of Disney after that, and the very next Mickey Mouse full-length feature cartoon, Fantasia, had Mickey mostly silent. As a programming device, Mickey Mouse works well because it plays on the subconscious genetically transmitted fear of mice that women have. Walt never graduated from high school. He had a natural love and a flair for art work, although contrary to his public image he never became proficient at it. He joined the army in W. I as an ambulance driver by lying about his age. During the war, he also chauffeured dignitaries. He also did some other things that are very revealing. War relics were tampered with to get them in shape to get the most money from them possible. This shows that Walt was willing to build illusions if it paid. He could be deceptive if he saw an advantage to it. Bob Thomas writes, "Walt took a boyish delight in playing tricks on his parents. He was fascinated with magic tricks After the military, Walt hoped to have a career as an artist. He applied to the advertising agency of Pesman-Rubin. Robert Disney had retired in the L. Walt loved to study Charlie Chaplin a member of the Collins family. He scrawled notes about his body language, facial features, and his gag methods. He also read everything he could about animation and cartooning. They were finally able to make a good cartoon Steamboat Willie in , which became an instant hit. As with many things in life, the cartoon was not only good, but Walt finally had the right ,,connections. Was this an accident? Hollywood, even in its first two decades, was known as "Babylon" and "Sin City". The movie industry was well-known to be run by Jews, and many people blamed the Stock Market Crash on the moral degradation that Hollywood had introduced to this nation. There were calls for government regulatory groups to stop the smutty Hollywood films. In , the movie industry made a production code which stated that the industry must make a special effort to make movies appropriate for children. Hollywood directly praised Disney in that code as an exemplary model of what the movie industry wanted to do. Many of the regular movie makers were so corrupt they were out of touch with moral issues, but Walt Disney knew black from white. The Jewish movie makers "pushed the man [Walt] they considered their best hope to the front of the pack" who was billed as a fundamentalist Christian albeit a masonic "Christian" who rarely stepped foot in a church. Strangely, the biographies indicate that Walt quit doing the actual drawing in , and Walt devoted himself entirely to the development of the cartoon business, such as raising money. The Disney brothers actually hired many other artists to do the art work. If Walt quit drawing in , and their first marketable cartoon was in , that clearly shows that Walt did not do the actual cartooning. He continued to oversee the work, walking in and rigidly inspecting what was being done to suit his own intuitive tastes. Actually the genius cartoon artist animator who made Walt Disney a success was Ub Iwerks, about whom Walt on a number of occasions said was "the best animator in the world". Ub was an incredible genius who had a sense of line, a sense of humor, patience, organization and a great sense of what Walt wanted. Walt treated him cruelly at times, interrupting him, playing tricks on him, and not being totally honest with paying him, but he stayed with Walt over the years and made Walt the success Walt became. The Illusion of Life have information on the unheralded genius Ub Iwerks. Another unknown great artist was Floyd Gottfredson. Floyd Gottfredson was a Mormon born in a railway station in , and raised in a tiny Mormon town, Siggurd, miles so. Has chelsea handler ever been married

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  1. Allison Janney Allison Janney held nothing back when she spoke to E! If Walt quit drawing in , and their first marketable cartoon was in , that clearly shows that Walt did not do the actual cartooning.

  2. Joan has never been married and rarely opens up about her personal affairs. Their goal was to have someplace that people from all over the world could come to without raising any suspicions, and a place which would be the perfect cover for many of their criminal activities.

  3. While she does date, she has found it hard to maintain a stable, long lasting relationship. When Tammy died last August, Chelsea promised that she would adopt more pets to give animals loving homes Puppy love:

  4. When Tammy died last August, Chelsea promised that she would adopt more pets to give animals loving homes Puppy love:

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