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Guys fighting over a girl

Edit In volume one, Ken tracks down Gill and challenges him to a fight. Gill is unimpressed by Ken's ambition for using him as a stepping stone towards surpassing Ryu , but nevertheless obliges. Revving up his power, Gill announces to Ken that he will soon taste the power of a god and both fighters clash. Gill wins the match very easily, telling his brother that ruling over the Illuminati is not about being served by the world, but by guiding people from the old world to the new one. However, the main display of Gill's immense influence and power is his fight at the end of "Hyper Fighting". In the previous chapter, Urien, assisted by Twelve who was disguised as M. Bison, not knowing that it was actually Twelve in disguise are watching Illuminati henchmen transporting a frozen Ryu in order for him to be taken back to the Illuminati's hidden base. Then suddenly from out of nowhere, Dan Hibiki arrives and fights a few Illuminati common guards before being taken down by Juri herself. As Juri is fighting Guile , who arrived with Alex, Dan tries to stop Sakura from continuing her relentless assault, but Sakura refuses to listen and throws Dan against Ryu, breaking and freeing him from his ice-prison. At the same time, Juri attacks Bison, telling him that she wanted revenge for her parents' death and leaving her for dead with the lost of her left eye, but before she can deliver the final blow, Bison starts speaking in binary and reveals that he's only Twelve in disguise. Twelve starts attacking Guile and Juri then quickly flees from the scene. Urien and Alex are also fighting and Urien says that mankind will soon be used to Twelve's own kin. All the fights soon stop unexpectedly as Akuma emerges and throws a Hadoken at Ryu. An infuriated Evil Ryu also emerges while Akuma unleashes his all power to become Oni. Guile, Alex, Dan, and Sakura are impressed by the power, while Urien belittles them, stating that they don't know what power really is, and that with all that ki acting as a beacon, "he Gill will soon arrive, he's already here". Gill lands on the ground and demands calmly that both Oni and Evil Ryu calm down. Oni throws a powerful projectile at Gill, but Gill counters calmly with an even more powerful icy sphere that freezes him. Then Gill parries every attack from Evil Ryu, single-handedly, smiling and benevolently saying that destruction is a means of transition, and not an end, that violence is a false idol. Gill almost knocks Evil Ryu down with several attacks while Evil Ryu can't parry any of them. Oni emerges from his ice-prison and attacks Gill again. Gill demands once again that both Evil Ryu and Oni remain silent, and states that there will be a place for them in the new world order that Gill is planning to build and establish. Gill then throws one fireball at Oni and one icy-sphere at Evil Ryu and knocks the two of them down upon sight, with Oni transforming back into becoming Akuma while Evil Ryu reverts back to Ryu once again. Gill then flies away from the scene, asking his brother Urien to come with him, saying that these mortals need time to think about what they saw. Urien's helicopter and Gill fly away, while Akuma is swearing to Gill that he will pay dearly for the loss of his own demonic body. He had then told the world about his fighting tournament as a way to celebrate the new age of saving the world with the Illuminati through advanced technology made and created by them. Guy , Cody , Chun-Li , and Guile who had personally believed that he wasn't a real hero and that he had something deviously planned had also came to the fighting tournament as well in order to find out on what Gill was really planning and up to. Ryu and Alex were also able to make their own way to him as well. When Rufus was badly wounded against Adon from within their match, Gill had used his power to heal him. Gill then had Twelve take the appearance of Akuma the same trick that he had used to lure Juri over to his side by having Twelve take the appearance of Bison as a way to lure out the Satsui no Hado in Ryu. From there, Gill, who is now in total and absolute control of Alex, knocks out Urien with much ease. Edit Gill makes an appearance in the comic book crossover Street Fighter vs. Guys fighting over a girl

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  1. Sadly, women tend to pick the features about themselves that they dislike the most and focus on those.

  2. This is a pathway to intimacy with guys and while it looks innocent and maybe even a little silly, it is extremely powerful with men. Oni emerges from his ice-prison and attacks Gill again. Then suddenly from out of nowhere, Dan Hibiki arrives and fights a few Illuminati common guards before being taken down by Juri herself.

  3. Revving up his power, Gill announces to Ken that he will soon taste the power of a god and both fighters clash. When it comes to what men want from a relationship: Some men love fitness, some love leisure, some love humor.

  4. In the previous chapter, Urien, assisted by Twelve who was disguised as M. Well, my girlfriend was awake and horny, so she got on her knees and started giving me head, while my stepsister crawled behind the couch and checked us out! Some men love science, others are uninterested.

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