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Glow in the dark stairs

In Oklahoma Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Ada - Kalihoma Indian Reservation - Around 1: Traveling west on this road heading towards highway 1, if you speed up, it will speed up, if you slow down, it will slow down. As you turn onto highway 1, the car will stop, and then turn back to Kalihoma Indian Reservation. Ada - Kullihoma - East of Ada, on the Chickasaw Nation land named Kullihoma, one can see bouncing balls of bright lights floating around. These balls of light are actually little people. These little people are helpers, about two or three feet tall and would usually be seen by young Indian children if they were called to help these little fellows. They never die even when the children grow oldthey simply seek out another person to train to doctor or just be obnoxious to anyone around! Alva - Cherokee Strip Museum - It was once a hospital. All of the rooms on the second and third floors have been bricked up, save for the surgery, on the second floor. Several people have seen something in that room from outside the museum at night, and there have been several accounts of people breaking in at night and seeing something. Ada - Petrified Tree - It is said that many years ago, a group of members of an occult would meet here and sacrifice animals and humans. Late at night, it is still said that you can hear odd sounds, and see abnormal lights and shadowy figures. Anadarko - Jeremiah's Bridge - Cars break down frequently on this bridge, even school buses, but only at night. People claim to have seen a Native American man jumping off the bridge, or have seen blood dripping on their windshield as they drive over the bridge, or dead animals hanging from trees overhanging the bridge that are not there when they stop to cut them down. A team of investigators began taking pictures over the bridge when suddenly, while they were reloading the film, a flash came out from under the bridge as if something was mimicking their camera flash. It came under both sides and it was gone as soon as it happened. Then they drove forward about 15 feet and got out to see a bright ball of white light floating towards us, almost like a flashlight going on and off zigzagging through the trees. It kept coming closer to them and they took pictures of it. They claim that came out quite nicely. Alderson - crybaby bridge- Formerly listed in Checotah - the sight of a single lane ironwork bridge now replaced by a new modern concrete and steel ,many locals have told the story of hearing a baby's cry from beneath the bridge late at night and even some sightings of what appears to be a faintly glowing image of a woman hovering just above the rocky floor of the creek. Legend Has it that if you go to this bridge and stand at the edge of it you can hear the babies crying. Anadarko - Riverside Indian School- This is a year-old Native American school; there have been reports from students and staff about hearing and seeing strange things within the school and dorms. Ardmore - Lake Murray - A lady walking on the side of the road wearing a yellow dress. After you pass her she disappears. Apples cemetery - it is said that if you go to the cemetery and find the headstone marked Mr. Apple and you walk around it 3 times saying Mr. Orbs are visible in pictures. Footsteps, voices, knocking on walls are an everyday occurrence. A headless woman appeared on Memorial Day, Thought to be that of young woman murdered and burned about 50yrs. Smell of burning hair on some days and other odors as well. Possible portal located in hall. Being touched is also happening. Bartlesville - Haunted Hill - When you have your car to where you are about to go up the hill and you turn your car off and, put your car in neutral. It is believed that there where some guys that were hung years ago will push your car up the hill. Follow that road for like thirty minutes and then you will se a tractor place on your left. Turn left after it. Go straight for like 3 miles or so. You will go over a bridge and then railroad tracks, keep going straight. Don't take the curve, turn around and go up a few feet. Bartlesville - Jessie Creek Cemetery - Outside of Bartlesville, near the infamous "haunted hill" and Circle Mountain there is an old abandon cemetery off County Road It's hard to spot the cemetery driving past because it sits off into the edge of the woods and is so overgrown that it takes a good eye to see it though the forest. Electrical problems have been reported with digital cameras Bartlesville - Labady Mansion - a 19th Century Victorian mansion, in the woods, far far outside of town, perched atop of a huge hill over looking the country side for miles. This house was the scene of 4 deaths in the early 20th century. Since then the house has burned 2 times, now only the rock walls and foundation remain to stand watch over the miles of lonely woods. If you make it through the mile of lush vegetation, to the top of the hill, you will generally be treated by your flashlights not working, strange, invisible people shouting your name, odd smells, strange animals running through the dark, only a few meters in front of you. But probably the most scary part of the whole ordeal, is when what's left of the fireplace starts to blaze on it's own as you leave. Bessie - Bessie Gym - Late at night you can hear footsteps on the stage that sounds like a four-legged animal and you can feel cold spots throughout. If you stay late enough you can see an apparition of a man dressed in a long black trench coat with a large black top hat and long brownish black beard. After investigating the old gym it was found to have been an old morgue back in the day when they had horse drawn carriages, it was a building in which had a basement and large pulling elevator large enough for the horses, later filled in and the gym was built on top of it. A picture of the old morgue proved to me that the apparition was that of the caretaker Binger - Binger School - In the old part of the school by the gym at night you can hear kids talking and laughing and in the basement you can hear footsteps and talking. Blackwell - Hollopeter - Rumor goes that an old farmhouse southeast of Blackwell was where the family Hollopeter used to live. There used to be an old iron bridge there with the wooden floor that Mr. Hollopeter's daughter hung herself on. It is said that you can sometimes see the rope from which she hung herself still hanging on the bridge. Apparently, they left the rope hanging there for a long time after the suicide. Hollopeter is said to have appeared on his white horse down in the bottom of the river, which is very shallow, when you honk your horn and flash your lights while sitting on the bridge. This area floods very badly, so the old bridge is no longer there, it was finally washed away about 3 yrs or so ago. Blanchard - Blanchard Cemetery - You walk in and you come to the second section of the cemetery and there will be three trees int he middle of the second section go to the left side of the section and you are more than likely to see a tall figure of a man with black pants and mostly what you can see is his hands and his pants, there is no logical explanation for this figure no shadows etc. Also there was a light that got bright and then slowly dimmed. You walk through the front door and right away you get a weird feeling throughout your body, you look at the wall in front of you and you see burn marks in the wall that spell out "WERE WATCHING YOU", you walk through the main hall and you can here a noise like a chalkboard being written on, thats about the time our two flashlights went out almost simoltaniosly, as you aproach the main staircase you here two women talking of a sick child, one sounds like a worried mother and the other a nurse, you can also here creaking noises from the stairs. The hospital is mainly haunted by the worried mother and her dieing child. Broken Arrow - The Devil House - About three miles down a gravel road about 10 from civilization there once stood a concrete house supposedly once owned by KKK members which has just recently been torn to the ground. Several reports have been made about bonfires seen one minute and then disappear the next. Freezing cold temps inside the house even in the middle of summer. A sharp turn is located 15 feet from the rubble and at night there is a car that drives insanely fast around this turn and then will disappear into a nearby barbed wire fence out into a cornfield. No tire marks have ever been found. Broken Arrow - Floral Haven Graveyard - Many old people that are buried here, seem to disappear soon after. If one goes there late at night you get a bad feeling from the place, and sometimes you can hear things from behind the locked gate. Broken Arrow - North Intermediate High School - The Theatre next to the school is haunted, when you are by yourself walking down the hallway outside the dressing rooms you can hear footsteps following you, when you turn around you can actually hear them run off and disapear! Also backstage their are random spots that are ice cold and 2 feet away it can be very warm. These sounds have been described as teenage or adult voices in heated arguments. Also heard were small children laughing and playing. During the time of hearing the voices there has been a cold chill in the air in that particular area of the building. Buck Thomas Baseball and Softball Field - reports of strange flashing lights in the woods at night. Buffalo - Duckwalls - The employees have fondly named the "spirit" Bob. Bob loves leaving all kinds of merchandise on the floor, has a fondness for making noises with a variety of things. Must have liked the other kind of "spirits" as a few of us have gotten whiffs of him when there has been no one around. He keeps things interesting! Buffalo Valley - Buffalo Valley School - haunted by ghost. A little girl who fell off the back of the 1st module at Stage left. This ghost has been encountered by many late night drama students during long hours of rehearsal. An older drama graduate who went off to become a model in There has been 2 witnesses of "Sally", but she is always seen backstage and only her profile is seen. Doors have locked, and on one account, a student was actually trapped within the room by this unknown force. Things have been known to move and scratches and whispers have been heard. Many of the Drama students believe that it's "Sally" trying to make herself known once and for all. Byng - Byng High School Auditorium - There are actually two ghost stories that have made their way into the Byng auditorium. One is of the little girl that fell off the back of one of the modules. The little girl is said to sing, "I dropped my dolly in the dirt" near the back of the auditorium. The other is of Sally Engels who was a senior at Byng. She was a drama queen and when she graduated, she when to be an actress. She committed suicide because she was a perfectionist and could never get her body to look like she wanted it to. Lights have been known to flash, things have been known to drop out of the ceiling, and a certain doll has been known to move throughout the auditorium. Module doors that are locked have been opened and "Sally" has made several appearances. One night there was a girl there just practicing basketball by herself. Some how it was said that she was shooting around and she slipped and fell, dying instantly. Glow in the dark stairs

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  1. If you go down to Kulli, mostly at night, and ring the bell; you can hear doors open, people talking and some have heard singing from inside the church. Female guests have reported being unable to sleep due to the consistent cries of an infant. There is also a man that walks the house.

  2. During the time of hearing the voices there has been a cold chill in the air in that particular area of the building. Tahlequah - Cherokee Nation Complex - Late night workers and some day employees have seen a little girl with long black hair wandering the halls of this Native American governmental building.

  3. Various employees have heard strange voices while working late at night, particularly up in the old bordello section, which is now used as attic storage space. Must have liked the other kind of "spirits" as a few of us have gotten whiffs of him when there has been no one around.

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