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Girls stripped while asleep

This story was inspired by the fine graphic artistry of Jenny North. Her grasp of the conflicts and impossible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, are without a doubt some of the best I have seen, as she brings a refreshing and sometimes funny peek into our secret lives. Jenny North's site is worth a serious look. Laugh, cry, or snicker all you want, but please, hope you don't end up on one of her magazine covers. This story was inspired by her cover entitled "Boys Will Be Girls. I had spent the better part of two hours getting ready, and I took one last look in the mirror. The blue and white sweater hugged my body, accenting the perky boobs I had created with birdseed, the short royal blue skirt barely hiding the white Lycra panties. The pantyhose had turned my legs a tan color, then white gym shoes sparkled. My hair was pulled back with a headband, the blue and white earrings dangled from my earlobes while the bright red lipstick outlined my smile. I grabbed the black purse, made sure I had everything, then walked out of the house and straight to my car. It wasn't a very long drive, and I was soon at the school. I was dressed exactly like a cheerleader for a reason. There were tryouts today, and I trying out for the squad to be close to my girlfriend Valerie. I didn't plan on being accepted, I just wanted to try out to impress Valerie, which is why I am dressed this way. I parked the car and made my way to the gym, then stood in line to add my name to the list. Almost every girl was dressed like I was, meaning a short skirt and sweater. I wore my sister's old outfit. When it was my turn, I gave my name as Rachel and was assigned a number. Since I'm only 5'6" tall and not that husky, I fit into my sisters outfit pretty good, and my long hair fell into a flip without a lot of struggle. I heard my name called along with several others, and went through a series of moves that I thought were quite easy, including doing a cartwheel. Smile a lot and do what they wanted, that was my motto, then, when it was over, I sat in the stands with the girls to hear the names of those chosen. There would be 12 in all. Since I did not want to be picked, I really didn't care about that, all I wanted to do was impress my girlfriend Valerie with my devotion to her. This was all a charade for me. Then I heard my name being called! The girls on each side of me hugged me, and I had to walk down the aisle and stand there with the other girls that had been picked. I was now a cheerleader, and unless I did something, I would be committed! I didn't know what to do, because I had no plan for this happening, so I stood there as a pin was attached to my sweater by the coach. I did see her wink at me. When all of the others had left, the twelve of us sat on the lowest bench while the coach handed out papers that detailed our schedule for the next year. It included all games for Basketball and Football, then, as I read through it, I saw that I would be required to attend three Balls, with escort, hosted by the school just for the cheerleaders! This was going from bad to worse, and I was desperate to get out of it. I almost jumped up and quit right on the spot, then the coach dismissed everyone except me! You're a boy, aren't you? But I only did it to be with Valerie when she goes to the cheerleading camp. But I don't like quitters, and I'm sure that you don't either, so where does that leave us? I should have kept my mouth shut. You tried out as a cheerleader and were good enough to make the squad, so I think I'll just keep you. How can I attend school and be a cheerleader? There won't be enough time for me to change, and then you have those Balls scheduled, and they require an escort! I can't do that! I'll make the arrangements with the office. The cheerleading camp, which starts a month before school starts, is two weeks away, so you have that long to tell your parents, make whatever other arrangements you need, then report to the office for enrollment as Rachel. I'm going to tell her that this stunt of yours has deprived a girl of a chance to become a cheerleader, and it's only fair that since you won the spot, that you fulfill your obligation. I'm sure she'll understand, don't you? The guys will not understand this at all, and I'll be lucky if I don't get my butt pounded into the sidewalk a few times. About the only thing I have going for me is that I don't look very much like a boy right now, and it's the middle of the summer. Maybe, everyone will forget about me if I simply appeared as Rachel. If I'm real lucky, I might be able to make it for a few days before everyone figures out that I'm not a girl. I can hardly wait to see what my parents will do. Mom will agree with the coach, while Dad will tell me that I'm the one that stuck my neck out and I have to live with the consequences. Dad's real big on right and wrong, honoring your word and commitments. Since this took longer than I planned, I did not make it home before my folks, which means that they'll see me this way. All I wanted to do was be with Valerie! I opened the back door and walked in, but there was no way past the family room. All I could do was face them, and with the threat from the coach, I might as well tell them myself. I drew myself up straight, and walked right in on them, only to see our neighbors sitting there with them! Mom didn't miss a beat. I did it so that I could be with Valerie while she was at the camp this summer. I thought that she would be happy that I would go so far to be with her! I never planned on being accepted, but I was. The coach told me she knew I wasn't a girl, but she insisted that I won the spot fairly, and I now have to be there for the camp, then, when school starts, all the games and so on. Ball gowns and so on. Do they still do that? All that travel, the games, this camp you mentioned and so on, and with the number of games you'll have to be at, that can only mean that you'll have to attend both the camp and attend school as a girl! You agreed to try out, even though it was some kind of infatuation for Valerie, without one thought that some girl might not make it because of you. Myself, I don't particularly like the thought of my son dressing as a girl, but I like it less that you would do something like this without the slightest thought of the impact it might have on someone else. By the time this is over you will have learned a valuable lesson. By the way, did Valerie make it? If we let you duck out on this, what else would you try and duck out on? How many times have I told you to keep your word? And how many times have I told you that we always have to face the result of our actions? What name did you use tonight? I signed the sheet Rachel Lynn. It looks like you have a lot to talk about. My Father was adamant about this, again telling me what I had done was wrong, and almost quoted the coach when he told me I would learn a valuable lesson from this. I'm a Junior this year, which means that if I do become a girl this year, what about the next? How could I just drop out of sight now, then reappear as a girl, and reverse it next year? I went up to my room to change, but when I was down to the bra and panties Mom came in and shut the door. She didn't say much, but she told me that in the morning she and I would have an intensive talk, then she would turn me into a girl. She also mentioned that we still have all of Carol's clothes, which I could use if they fit me. Carol ran off right after she graduated, and we have not heard from her in almost two years. Using her clothes might be different if she had died, but since she didn't, Mom thought it would be okay. She left the nightgown on the bed when she left, and I just knew that I had screwed up big time. Right after breakfast, true to her word, Mom and I were in Carol's room, the door shut. If you act like a boy in a dress, everyone will know the truth, then what? You might be beaten up, or worse. But if you put everything into becoming a girl, acting like one, talking and walking like one, then nobody will know, and you'll just be another girl. It's up to you. I'll show you how to dress, teach you how to do makeup and hair, but the rest is up to you. Where is this camp by the way? All schools participate in one huge training session. The coach told me we would stay in the dorms. He and I talked last night, and we want you to understand that this is not a punishment. This is a way for you to learn what the term commitment means. You committed yourself when you won the spot on the squad, and all we are doing is helping you honor that commitment. If you decide to be just a boy in a dress, well, that's your decision. If you decide to make the best of it and act like the girl you are supposed to be, we are certain you will learn a lot from the experience, but you have a bigger problem, don't you? You'll be staying in a dorm with what? Girls stripped while asleep

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  1. Then, when it was my turn, I returned the favor. When I sheepishly said no, she told me to quit walking like one. It never felt like that when I touched myself!

  2. All I know is that I love everything about being a girl, and cannot imagine my life any other way now. Neither Mom nor Dad asked me how I liked having a boy pay attention to me, but I had to admit that I kind of liked it. It wasn't a very long drive, and I was soon at the school.

  3. She also mentioned that we still have all of Carol's clothes, which I could use if they fit me.

  4. Mom and I left the salon, and as we walked along and I saw my reflection in the various windows and mirrors, I was constantly amazed at the way I looked. I met this sexy brunette short haired cum loving slut online and invited her to my place so I could fulfill my fantasy of cumming inside her cunt! I started to be able to do my own makeup without help, and I hate to say this, but I got used to sitting down to use the bathroom.

  5. He kissed me again, then again and again. She probably thought I might try and fake it and end up getting caught, but that never happened. I need to tell him something.

  6. Enforcing our morals is our job, and we are simply making you honor your word. The shoes were dyed to match, and the outfit also included earrings and a necklace of small pearls. Myself, I don't particularly like the thought of my son dressing as a girl, but I like it less that you would do something like this without the slightest thought of the impact it might have on someone else.

  7. Then, after that embarrassment, she wrapped a robe around me and walked me to the kitchen and I had a light dinner. If I wasn't around as Adam, there wasn't any reason for her to stay true to me, and it didn't sound like she had planned to be true anyway.

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