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Girls room color ideas

Building your little girl a Princess Bedroom makes them feel loved and special, and it helps bring magic into their lives. Castle Style Princess Bedroom Every princess needs her castle, and this pastel rainbow creation is a perfect example of how to properly install one in the bedroom. There is everything here — towers with cones at the top, sentry stations, and even a balcony, all of which help bring the fantasy to life. This little pink kingdom was put together with a simple bed, plywood to add the castle wall furniture toppers and some creative wall painting. The detail on the metallic semi-open pumpkin carriage is gorgeous and it serves as a perfect center piece to this girly baby pink room. Tutu Chair If you can have a tutu bed, you can also easily make a tutu chair. These chairs were fitted with pastel colored pleated fabric glued to the underside of their seats in order to add color and an extra girly touch to their decoration. DIY Pink Rose Lamp This beautifully detailed light pink rose lamp was not bought at any high-end decoration shop but rather a DIY project made from a simple white lamp and several big fabric roses. The result is simply elegant and feminine. In fact, it is probably a lot of work to make and either glue or sew all these pink ruffles. It makes for a gorgeously detailed decorative throw pillow though. The fabric that hangs draped here is a great match for the decoration and an even better background for the beautiful chandelier that hangs in its center. A canopy is a classic that never goes out of style, and installing it in the ceiling adds that magical touch while also making optimal use of the space available. Butterfly Chandelier Mobile DIY Tutorial This chandelier mobile will look like something straight out of a movie, with all of the purple butterflies glowing and floating above the bed, turning the room into a truly magic scene when all the other lights are off. This one has the see through fabric, which is decorated with star fairy lights, hanging from a crown holder. Canopy Bed with String lights This canopy is more traditional with its lacy holder, but it also has string lights hanging down the fabric to subtly light up the room at night. This little pink door, which hides a beautiful sky with clouds, adds a fun, decorative element to the room while also letting some magic in. It is easy to make and small enough that it can bring magic dust into any nook and cranny of the room. You can use it to decorate the walls or set it on top of furniture. It is made from a metallic picture or mirror frame with a solid colored center and complete with a 3D rose monogram, much like the one from the previous idea. This pink chandelier is really beautiful and the princess of the realm will never really outgrow it. Glitter Light Switch Plates Every princess bedroom needs a touch of glitter, and since lights are a lot like glitter, it makes all good sense to make switches shine bright. These may not be easy to come by, but the good news is you can make them yourself. Using pretty gold necklaces as curtain ties will add a different touch, enhance the theme and obviously keep the mirror visible. Princess Wall Art This sparkly dress wall art is quite easy to make, as you only need is a dress — or different pieces of it, like in the example — and a matching canvas. All you do is assemble and hang up — it will always look super cute and original. Pearl Crown Art This art piece is very impressive, and with good reason. They are also easy to find and print yourself, which is always great. Fairy Dust In A Jar Fairy dust is nothing more than glitter in a jar, but with the right story and presentation it can be a great decorative piece that keeps anxiety and nightmares away. Lovely Light Switch Cover Most people have probably never thought of light switches as pretty, but this baby pink one certainly is. What a difference does a little lacy fabric make! This one is decorated with several colorful fake flowers. This table is really easy to make with some pleated fabric and ribbon. Everything inside is gold and pink, from the vanity, to the stools, the framed mirror and even the lights. The best part is that you can easily make one yourself. Elegant Tutu Chandelier This silver chandelier is really elegant and beautiful by itself, but the see through, angelical tutu skirt is really what makes it perfect for a princess bedroom. In this case, they also make a great frame for this otherwise simple oval mirror. The blue and baby pink look quite beautiful alongside each other in this dresser. It has lots of shiny stones and pearls to match her tiara, of course! This is easy to make, but you need to use strong glue or it will easily fall apart. The draped curtains, secured by a bow, make a little canopy above the sofa where the stuffed animals sit. Thrift Store Princess Mirror Makeover This old mirror got a full paint makeover, complete with bright pastel colors and swirly designs, which make it perfect for a princess to do her hair in front of. Girls room color ideas

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  2. By adding a splash of color overhead you can create a visually interesting contrast with your walls and make the space more dynamic. Create Contrast with the Ceiling Collect this idea The ceiling is a surface that is often overlooked. Gray Color To add a clean, understated, modern look in your kitchen, repainting your kitchen cabinets in grey will do the trick.

  3. If you are going for something simple that makes a bold statement, consider painting your cabinet in dusty blue. This tone of grey will match anything from brown and gold speckled granite to black quartz countertops. Turquoise Kitchen Cabinats To create a cheery and airy kitchen, consider adding turquoise kitchen cabinets and throwing in some warm wood pieces too.

  4. Kelly Green Kitchen Cabinets In this comfortable dining room, smattering Kelly green cabinets infuses the space with youthful energy. Sometimes, rectangular spaces are hard to decorate than squares, so, going minimalist is the way to go.

  5. I saw this adorable sign on Etsy not for sale anymore it looks like and quickly made my own.. The soft blue-green hue highlights the rich wood floors and sets off the white marble countertop and backsplash.

  6. Red Cabinets paired with Pale Yellow Walls and White Subway Tile Backspalsh The ornate red cabinets paired with black hardware blend well with the yellow wall paint and the white subway tile backsplash.

  7. I loove the mint color and it helps me keep the girls on track when getting ready for school.

  8. Maybe you should coat your cabinets in yellow paint. We love the color palette used in this living room and if you notice, like in some of the photos above, rectangular or slim item are ever present in the spaces. Benjamin Moore, Twisted Oak Path,

  9. In fact, you can easily give your bland kitchen cabinets a complete makeover by painting them.

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