Getting over losing the love of your life. Losing Teeth Dream.

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How to Get Over Losing the Love of Your Life

Getting over losing the love of your life

Okay, that may be overstating things a bit. I love to be organized. I think all of us love to be organized, whether we admit it or not. Sometimes I really have my act together on that front, and other times—not so much. This has brought on simple changes in the past, like moving things around in closets and labeling bins; but it also led to a renovation project one year where we actually widened our hallway and added cubbies to create a mudroom of sorts. Ahhhhh… so much less stress in the mornings now! With four kids, I always seem to have a hard time getting out the door. Being somewhat organized is practically a law for moms. Along with the help of some friends with super-smart ideas, I have detailed every possible way I could think of to help you tame the chaos in your home, and most importantly, get time back in your day! These are simply ideas! This post is massive—there are over ideas here—and it took me almost two months to write it. I have made it as visually appealing as possible so you can skim it and stop to read certain sections that catch your eye. Not everything may work for you, your family, or your home, but if even a few ideas help to make your life a little less hectic, then all the time I spent on this post will be worth it! May be your best—and most organized—year yet! Please click here for further explanation. Using a three-bin laundry sorter saves us so much time!!! We have one in our master bedroom and one in our laundry room. When one slot is full, we simply throw that load in. It makes it easy to stay on top of the laundry and wash clothes throughout the week. If you do just one thing on this list to help organize your life, this is it!! I did that, and then when I would push it down our hallway, the thing would bend at a degree angle! I literally had to hold it together with my hands while I pushed it. The wheels also fell off constantly. Otherwise yours might end up in the garage like my crappy sorter did! In the past, I never knew what to do with all the poor socks I came across that had no friend. Seriously, what happens to all the matches?! And I mean absurd. Each clip can easily hold 4 socks or more. I really love it! Just grab a board and glue on some clothespins… voila! Fold Sheets and Towels in Thirds: Saves Space and Neater Try folding your sheets and towels in thirds. See the difference below: I first folded the towels in half; then I folded the same number of towels in thirds. Fold Sheets in Bundles: I also really like when they are neat because I think they lay better on the bed if they had been folded well. I have always folded my sheets in thirds because they stack better illustrated by the towels above , but I have also started to wrap my sheets in a bundle thanks to a tip from my friend. The sheets below are all queen-sized, except for the cream sheets—those are king-sized! Look how tight the bundles are for sheets that big! Folding this way really helps make more room in your linen closet. The above idea is all good and fine if you know how to fold a fitted sheet… but that seems to be something we never learned how to do! I used to do that. Below I detail my method. No more dirty clothes spilling out of their hampers and all over their rooms! Luckily, our laundry room is fairly close to their rooms, so each night before bed they are expected to walk down the hallway and sort all dirty clothing by following the color-coded tags I attached. Even my non-reader can do that, and she feels so proud when she successfully put clothes in the right slot! This saves so much time! That used to make me crazy!! This is much more efficient, and you can have some fun with your marks, too. Over-the-door Hooks for Beach Towels My girls are on the swim team, so I am constantly trying to figure out what to do with all their wet towels! No more towels hanging off any railing, doorknob, or chair my family can find—or worse, in a wet heap on the floor! Why not stick my million shopping bags in there? I used to just bunch them up inside one bag, but it saves so much space this way, and they are easy to access—you just pull one out of the top like you would a tissue! This is another favorite tip. The back of any door brings with it unused space. If you have a linen closet or a small closet in your bathroom, this might be a perfect option for you!! With the clear shoe racks, you can easily see everything and find it in a hurry—especially at times when you or your child ren are sick and you are fumbling through things to find just what you need. Think of all the space you can free up for other things! No worries—just cut it! Works like a charm. The door shown below in the picture is a narrow door, but the regular shoe rack still fit anyhow—I just had to tuck it behind the handle. When you have a sick child or if you are ill yourself, it is awful to be digging through a mess of bottles in search of what you need—or worse, if someone is bleeding and you need to locate some first aid items in a hurry. By simply grouping your items and labeling your bins, you will locate what you need in a snap! Before tiling, you build shelves in between the studs. That is never pretty when you are trying to figure out what to do at that point! If you grab the last roll, you are responsible for heading to the linen closet to find more to replenish that basket. If you have boys, having an open basket next to the toilet may not be the most sanitary idea!! For those with sons: Or go for a holder like this where the toilet paper is completely covered. We now have hooks for towels in all of our bathrooms even the master , and I love this new method so much!! Especially for the kids—we have the hooks hanging low enough so even they can reach them and be responsible for hanging up their own towels. Before, they used to try to throw their towels up on the bar, but they usually ended up on the floor. And now we can hang more towels up to dry, too, since the racks easily hold 4 or more towels. Our bathrooms are so much neater now! The hooks were bought separately and added. You could also buy a ready-made rack with hooks. I recommend using hooks that angle upward slightly and are long—something like this. The rounded hooks that stick straight out do not work as well, and the towels will slip off the hooks. With a long, angled hook, you or your child could practically throw the towel up into the air and it will still land on the hook—and stay put! Hang Hooks Behind Door for Robes and Towels Just like I love hooks instead of towel bars especially for the kids—hang them low so they can reach! They provide a perfect place for robes or longer towels. I love how almost every product I use can stand straight up in the drawer below. This allows for more to fit, and I can easily see everything as well. There is also plenty of room in the bottom drawer for things like my hair dryer—no more fighting to get that thing to fit! If you pan down a bit to the picture where I suggest subdividing your drawers, you can also see how well that large drawer works. I love how I can see all of my makeup, etc. No more digging in multiple drawers or in a makeup bag I keep under the sink—I have everything right at my fingertips and then I simply close the drawer! Subdivide Your Drawers This one is a no-brainer. Do not just throw stuff in your drawers!! I like to use plastic bins when anything might get wet. They are handy and easy to grab, and since they are inside such a nice container, it still looks presentable, too. No more tip-toeing, soaking wet, to grab another bar of soap! Kudos to my friend for this idea. She bought a wooden plate rack and added a little wood glue inside the peg slots to add extra strength and used it to organize her pans! Use Online Grocery Shopping I cannot even begin to tell you how this has changed my life!!! I wrote an entire post about online grocery shopping! It has given me so much time back each week. I wish I had started doing this sooner—especially when all my girls were babies. Give it a try!! Getting over losing the love of your life

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