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Getting fucked stories

I racked my brains to think of something that would really turn her on and satisfy that need in her. I finally came up with a solution that was, shall we say, unusual and a turn on for me as well. Gina likes sexy underwear — like a half cup bra that that pushes up her ample breasts and leaves her nipples bare. And very sheer panties so that you can see her unshaven pussy underneath. She likes me to take her out when she is dressed with those and a very short skirt and a top that you can see her hard nipples pushing through. It was difficult for me at first, but then I began to relax and enjoy the show because I knew that she was going home only with me and I would get my brains fucked out when we got home or in the parking lot or somewhwere along the way. She would be so hot sometimes, I would have to pull over and satisfy her right there. I went to the department store where she likes to buy her bras and panties. I made sure no one was watching while I went to the dressing rooms so I could get the layout. It was perfect — dressing rooms on both sides of the hallway and about half way down a three sided mirror. She had told me she would come out of the dressing room and she herself in the three sided mirror dressed only in the bra and panties. And high heels — she absolutely loves being in high heels. I went back out to the main floor and looked around. There I came upon a young black man that was working as a stockroom clerk. I asked if I could buy him a cup of coffee and he hesitated, but finally said yes. We went to the lunchroom, which thankfully was empty, and I told him what I wanted. He thought I was nuts, but when I pushed a fifty dollar bill across the table he knew I was serious. I told him this is for your service and I think you and your friend will have a lot of pleasure besides. I gave him a snapshot of Gina and left telling him she would be in the store the next day. That night I asked Gina if she would like to go shopping the next day for some new sexy underwear. Usually she has to ask me if its okay for her to do that, but I said that she deserved some new sexy things if she would show them off when she got home and tell me about her shopping experience. I awoke the next morning to Gina happily sucking my cock and then mounting me and riding my cock until she came and then her jacking me off until I made a mess. She then spent probably two hours showering and getting ready to go on her shopping spree. Even after she got me off, I was still hard thinking about what I had set in motion. She was about to experience two very hard and hot black cocks. She left and went down to the department store and started looking at all the different sexy underwear. I knew that even by just looking at all this her pussy would get wet thinking about wearing it out in the open and all the men looking at her. She picked out several bras and panties and retreated to the dressing rooms. She went to the far end and the dressing room on the left and took off all her clothes so she was naked. She pinched her nipples with one hand while rubbing her now exposed button with the other. She came twice before she stopped, seeing herself in the mirror naked. She put on a red push up half cup bra that left her now hard nipples exposed and a pair of very sheer red panties that you could see right through. She left the dressing room and went down to the three sided mirror and was looking at her erect nipples and unshaven pussy. She started to bolt but she was so turned on that she just stood there and let him play with her nipples. He told her to take off the bra and tell him she wanted her breasts played with and sucked. She took off her bra and turned around and asked him to feel her breasts and to suck her nipples. He took turns sucking each nipple and playing with the other with his hand. He then ran his hand down over her tummy and slid his hand into her panties and began to feel that hot, wet pussy and she had no control after that. He got down on his knees and pulled her panties off and tossed them aside and spread her legs wide open. She was standing there completely naked with a black man licking her pussy and using his fingers to fuck her. When she came she could no longer stand up so he took her into an empty dressing room and told her to get on her knees and masturbate while he took off his clothes. He came up to her and put his rock hard cock in her mouth and made her suck it. She was loving it and she sucked his cock until he pulled it out and made her lay back and pull her legs back and spread open. He told her to reach down and spread her pussy open so he could watch his black cock go in that white, pink pussy. She came all over his cock before he even had it all the way inside her. He fucked her like that until she came another three times and he was ready to cum. Then he pulled his cock out and made her get on her knees facing the door which he had left open so he could take her from behind. She protested about the door being open, but he told her that people were going to watch her being fucked. He told her to reach back and put his cock in that wet pussy and she did. When she looked up there were four other men standing there watching her fuck. One came in and took off his clothes and got down in front of her and put his now erect cock in her mouth and told her to suck it so the other men could watch. They made her ask for the two men to change places so the other man was fucking her and she was sucking the first man. The other two men had stepped into the room and pulled their pants down and were masturbating while watching her fuck and suck the other two. Then the other men took off all their clothes and made her jack them off while she was being fucked. They finally made her lay on her back and spread her legs and pull them back while all four of them took turns on her hot, wet pussy. Then all four of the men took her out into the hallway and made her go down to the three sided mirror. They made her bend over and spread her legs and proceeded to take turns again fucking her in front of the mirror and making her watch their cocks pump her well fucked pussy. She could not remember how many times she had orgasms, but after they all came in her pussy and all over her ass, they left her there naked and almost passed out from being fucked so much and having so many orgasms. When she got home she took a shower and went right to bed. Getting fucked stories

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  1. And very sheer panties so that you can see her unshaven pussy underneath. I racked my brains to think of something that would really turn her on and satisfy that need in her. I finally came up with a solution that was, shall we say, unusual and a turn on for me as well.

  2. But this was the first time I'd come over in the evening; so maybe I just hadn't noticed it. He thought I was nuts, but when I pushed a fifty dollar bill across the table he knew I was serious.

  3. Watch this beauty with her long blonde curly hair, sexy tits, hot legs and big round butt as she receives his penis deep inside her anus. Chelsea, you are so fucking beautiful

  4. But I didn't move a muscle to leave. She came all over his cock before he even had it all the way inside her.

  5. She had decided to exercise her dominance and I couldn't be happier. She saw the cum begin to spurt out and she licked and sucked again, dragging the head around her tits and stomach, in a heat, totally turned on, as the Master fucked her pussy from behind, fingered her, sucked on her nipples making them huge and erect and she squealed and meowed and panted, slutty kitty bitch that she was. And high heels — she absolutely loves being in high heels.

  6. I slobbered on her cock as I heard the girl on the television behind me scream, "I'm coming! She said, "Perfect timing.

  7. You do want it in that delectable mouth of yours, don't you? She squeezed herself between her legs and moved to the next level, from connection with nature to a link with the primal force, the procreative energy force of the planet.

  8. I asked if I could buy him a cup of coffee and he hesitated, but finally said yes. I turned bright red as I realized I was actually drooling!

  9. She was tasting it cumming out of him this way, the first time. I wanted that big hard cock in my hands My mind went blank and my natural submissive obedience took control as I surrendered willingly.

  10. Thompson," Chelsea offered, still stroking her cock slowly as if it were a hypnotist's pocket watch.

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