Gay grandpas having sex. Grandpa’s Milk.

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Gay grandpas having sex

This is complete fiction. I am not a writer but I tried to organize my thoughts and eliminate incongruities. Comments and constructive critisisms are welcome. Abby, the middle girl and most expressive of the three, rushed in like a linebacker- hitting me with in the gut with her head and the groin with her chest. Bending forward at the blow to my balls. Try to limit the junk food. Do you even HAVE nutritious food besides the milk that they rave about? You behave yourselves and do what Grandpa says. The last I had known was when I took her shopping for a bra at She, still dressed, came over with her arms crossed over her chest and gave her mother a kiss and a long hug. Her chest, although not starting to swell, showed enlarging nipples. The pants, panties, and socks came off in one clean movement. She was facing away from me so I got a flash of her wet vulva and her sweet vaginal aroma taunted me. As a baby, she was an habitual masturbator- not unlike many babies just discovering their bodies. But she never really grew out of it. Lately she developed a love of carrots… A couple years earlier after many doctor visits for concern of vaginitis, she was diagnosed with precocious excessive vaginal lubrication. Nothing else, short of surgery, could be done. And make sure they get sunscreen. My wife and I were raised by naturists and raised our four children as naturists. On occasion the club was able to rent the local swimming pool privately for club activities- usually family swims. Otherwise our nudity was practiced mostly at home. Indeed, many have enjoyed my refuge. Becky, my oldest daughter, was trying to continue the tradition with her girls. After much chatter and giggling they all emerged with huge grins and pink vulvas from the hot water and towel rubbing. Abby, get the udder cream and Rachel can bring the disinfectant and the rag. I watched their jiggling little bubble butts run down the trail. With that they all screamed in mock fear and sprinted the rest of the way. As I finished jogging the rest of the way to meet them Rachel looked down at me and with a huge grin turned and whispered something to her sisters. They then turned, staring at my genitals and they all burst out laughing. She obviously had a good grasp of both slang and proper terms for body parts. This caught them totally by surprize as their eyes widened, hands went to the mouth and they roared with laughter. Then, realizing what she was doing, she suddenly dropped them and stepped back. She gingerly wrapped her fingers around it, not waiting for permission. He can slide it back and pop the head out. Your penis looks like it has a turtle-neck shirt on! When baby boys are born lots of parents like to have the doctor cut off the foreskin because of tradition or because the foreskin is hard to keep clean. They all giggled at this thought. And he should have a name! How do you like that, Hermie? They all turned to the gate and the task at hand but Rachel turned back, glanced at my fluffed-but-not-erect penis and smiled and winked. I grabbed a couple buckets of grain and Mildred and Gertrude came over- they knew the routine. But it would really start and hurt for Mildred and Gertrude because their udders are used to being emptied every day. Sarah was watching intently. Just grab it and clean it. After Rachel got a good flow going I told her to let Sarah try. She fumbled with one teat, then the other getting minimal squirts of milk. Gertrude started fidgeting, indicating she had just about had enough fooling around. I was intent on the chore of buttering and slicing cheese as Sarah served a glass of milk to her sisters and placed two on the table for she and me. What are you doing?? She put her head on my shoulder, wrapped her arms around my neck and clamped her legs around my waist; her crotch hot and moist on my belly. I turned around to supervise the seating and belt-buckling. With big grins they piled into the car and as Sarah took the center seat I discovered the reason for the commotion- her bald pussy flashed at me from under her dress! As the other two settled in they were a little more blatant and spread their knees to give me a better view. Just keep your dresses down. As soon as we got in the door Abby pulled her dress up over her head, grinning, looking for boys. Abby just basked in the attention as we walked to an empty locker. I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back and handed her the bag. You little pussy flasher! One dad even stood dumfounded at the sight of Rachel with his mouth open and fondling his huge cock. The girls were fascinated with its size as it seemed to be 6 inches and flaccid. When the water is running down your legs just let your pee go with it! Then just go back swimming! The other two smiled. They grinned knowingly as men and boys walked by oblivious to what they were doing. Sarah looked down to watch as she invisibly released her urine inside her already wet bikini. After swimming lessons I walked with them back to the boys showers. All three stripped down upon entering and handed me their swimsuits. I stood to one side and watched and waited for them to shower. I could tell by the look on their faces that they were peeing, too. Nobody else seemed to notice even though they all seemed to be enjoying the show. Only a few of the boys showered nude and the girls got an eyeful. Everybody seemed to be having extra-long showers for some reason… Fathers started yelling at sons to go get dressed. I told the girls to get out and handed them towels. Swim trunks started sliding off and a few more boners popped out as we walked to the locker. The girls slipped on their sun dresses. They were all slightly different styles of backless dresses with a bib of sorts to cover the front. In fact, if you looked at her from the side or above you could see those little beauties perfectly. I took them for ice cream before heading home. We got our order and sat down. Rachel looked down at her chest, pulling at her dress. This just caused her nipples to peek out the sides of her dress top and draw more attention. I want you to stay in the house. Abby, make sure you wipe your seat when you get up. I woke the sound of three whispering voices. Just then I realized my penis was in a full blown erection and they were all staring at it wide-eyed. As naturists this is bound to happen. And girls start to make tiny eggs in their tummies. And when the sperm gets into the egg a baby starts to grow. When the penis needs extra oxygen it fills up with blood- like a balloon- and gets hard- like it has a bone in it. Looking at a sexy girl can help cause an erection. Or hugging three sexy girls!! They all screamed in mock panic and ran, giggling, from the room. That incident seemed to be the turning point in our relationships. After that they seemed to be always staring at my cock- looking for signs of an erection. Or they would find games or create circumstances that would put themselves in contact; or just close proximity to my cock to cause an erection. It almost seemed like a competition… hmm, imagine that, three sisters competing. Gay grandpas having sex

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  1. My knees were weak, I had never experienced anything like that before! I didn't say anything about it, but it did get me to thinking you know. Touching enemies reduces your health unless you are dodging.

  2. He never said anything, and neither did I for almost 2 weeks, I would just smile when I caught him looking at my crotch, and he started smiling back.

  3. I smiled at him as we looked into each other's eyes. Like I said, theres people you could own with a big, hot cock like your's! I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back and handed her the bag.

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