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July 15, at If in fact you did not attempt to build a theme park in TW, and no neighbors protested, then I publicly stand corrected. I apologize for repeating something that I had not personally confirmed as being true. Thank you for weighing in on those alleged rumors. Regarding the proposed Grand Texas project, my original concerns which were previously stated via your company website, HCN and Swamplot , have not yet been addressed. To be clear, I am not opposed to the overall development and progress of Tomball, however, businesses with real staying power, and who offer sustainable jobs, are far more beneficial to Tomball. Even though I do not live inside the city limits of Tomball, I am a resident of Tomball and I have an interest in what affects our town as a whole. I completely disagree with building a theme park in the middle of a residential area. Since you are a resident of TW, you would not personally have to endure the day to day issues of living near a public attraction. You state that half of the owners of Grand Texas live in Tomball. On July 13th, a Chronicle correspondent reported they live south of Tomball …. Put yourselves in the shoes of the residents living near the proposed park. Try to understand their anxiety and frustration. There are valid concerns to be considered if your park is built. Rather than focus on the fact that some of us have a different opinion than you, it would be helpful for you to address our specific concerns. I applaud Tommy Muniz and Becky for laying out points worth pondering. I think we will all look forward to hearing your thoughts Mr. I will always respond with my real and full name, because I believe in full disclosure. Muniz do not even live in the city of Tomball, in part to avoid taxes and restrictions on their property use. The tactic of personal destruction is a commonly used one. If Grand Texas was greedy, we would shoot for rollercoasters and Six Flags style rides. We have a vision. We are not only going to be owners, but participants. We want attendance, or course. Obviously we are not a non-profit. But our plan is to meet our obligations to the community, meet our obligations to creditor and investors, put aside for rainy days and capital improvements, and then benefit. We are involving outside investors, and I have to make sure they are made whole. I will not be sleeping, taking vacations or relaxing until that time. We believe the city of Tomball has a sense of community that is not easily duplicated. The property is wooded, which provides a natural barrier to the outside world very important part of our motif , with a mild slope and good soil for our intended development. It has a great location. It is in the center of a growing community, 30 miles from Houston. Muniz, I understand your concern about flooding during heavy rains. It is not in any flood zone. Because the city has gone to great lengths to create a flood detention basin to minimize flooding. That is one of the benefits of being in the city of Tomball, and not an unincorporated area. However, this project is in part paid for by development fees. These fees are paid by developers, like Grand Texas. The county will not spend money on widening, fixing or improving these roads without there being a corresponding reason to, and corresonding revenue to do so. Ag exempt land is not going to provide the county with the impetus to improve those roads. Revenue comes from increased tax revenue. Also, SH lacks funding to be completed. If Grand Texas and Tomball are providing additional revenue, are they more likely to approve funding? Also, my home address has been posted on blogs. Marketingwiz must focus on marketing and not accounting, because he obviously is not aware of the circumstances on why Astroworld closed. It was a parking dispute and implied offer to purchase the land that prompted Astroworld to be closed. Also, Six Flags began buying every amusement park in the country on credit, which led to an overwhelming debt burden. Fiesta Texas was built with deep pockets by an insurance company. No, we have not gotten all of the approvals, plats and the like completed. We are talking about acres, not a building lot. That is a timely process. RWB asked if the city were against it, would we fight it? That is a fair question. We want to be a welcomed part of the community. We have already been approached by two different municipalities to relocate there. Although that is very flattering, we believe the city of Tomball does want us. However, when we did a comprehensive search of the negative responses, we found that several of the responses, including some on this blog, were using the same computers or email to send them. We also found that some of the comments were coming from Amarillo, Texas. We can agree to disagree. We can let the residents of the city of Tomball decide what is best for the city of Tomball. They may be left with a choice, Grand Texas or Greater Taxes? KLM July 15, at 2: Do you guys have an issue with my participation in this conversation? I am a confessed non-resident who has spoken on behalf of family and friends who are residents in the Tomball community. Some of those residents btw are elderly and benefit from having someone speak in their behalf. Additionally, I am a frequent visitor to Tomball and have been for the last 15 years. I have a genuine interest in Tomball. Galland is also a confessed non-resident. Maybe he should be kicked out the pool, too, unless he qualifies as having rights to blog since he is a potential property owner in Tomball. Along with others, I had an expectation of a response from Mr. Galland and when no one else asked, I did. Can I still swim in the pool or do I have to pack up my flip-flops, beach towel, and sunscreen and head home? Gac liquidating

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  1. I applaud Tommy Muniz and Becky for laying out points worth pondering. With a legacy dating back in , the team is among the most experienced and respected in the Georgian market.

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