Funny birthday poems for my boyfriend. 200+ Funny Happy Birthday Wishes.

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50 Best Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

Funny birthday poems for my boyfriend

These poems are best to increase the love into your relationship. You are the most preciousThings for me in this world. Nothing can come to compareYour value in this world. You can take me out fromAny trouble with your super power. You have given me bail,I will promise my love never Fail. Today I am filled with happiness and joy,Because being with you give me immense pleasure. Praying to god to spent more years together,And reveal the depth of my love to youIn all of coming birthdays. This Birthday poem is dedicated only to you. I love you much more than youI cannot get closer to you,My sweet treat I cannot refuse! I love the way you explain about me to your friend. Happy Birthday My love. They can be easily remember and say to your boyfriend. My love for you is for forever,My Feelings for you is for forever,May god bless you with everything my dear,When I am with you, I have no fear,May your Special day goes super fantastic,Wish you a happy Birthday! My love for you never endsMy Best wishes for you never finishMay your success never endsMay you smile never finishHave a Lovely Birthday DarlingThis Bday poem is only for you my boyfriend. You are romantic, sweet and caringI hope you always remain the same. May you have a happy and prosperous life. Wish you a happy BirthdayMay god bless you with love and happiness. This Bday poem come Directly from bottom of my heart. You know I always love you,And we will always stay together. You know I have told you much time, How much I love you sweetheart,With every birthday celebration, You are getting more sweeter, Since today is your special day, I am saying it one more timeYou are a wonderful gift to meWhich is more precious than a diamond. I love you and Happy Birthday my boyfriend!! On your Bday, I Thank you. Thank you for everything you did for me. You fill my life with lot of love,There is no gift more valuable than you. You are more precious than a diamond. This Romantic Bday Poetry is only for you. I wish I am with you , When you blow out your, Birthday candles. I wish I am with you , When you Dance like, Party animal. Undoubtedly you are the one with whom I want to spend my whole life. You open my heart so wellThat why I can focus on you so wellTime with you is always miracle,So, I am making your birthday celebration magical. Happy birthday, dear, I love you!! Sweeter than cake,And best in taste,Fierce in passion,That can easily melt your heart,Love is so strong,Easily fill you with romance,My love for you,Increasing each and every day,I love you,Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday my boyfriend. Happy Birthday to my boyfriendWho flies on my dream daily,Who change my life totally,Who make the time walk slowly,I am so thankful to youFor being mine and only mineYour relations will bring the sunshineHappy Birthday, Dear BF. You are my present and become my future,You are the most lovely and romantic creature,You change so wellThat my heart safely dwell,You are like a magician,You steal my heart with perfection,Happy Birthday my Love! It is your birthday, ButI am the one who feels the luckiestYou are like a gift to me direct from GOD,Your smile on face gives me the inspiration to live,Your happiness means a lot to me. Poems below are very cute and loved by many people. You can edit a little bit and add up your favor of love. You can do anything with these funny birthday poems for boyfriend. Happy belated birthday The calendar is wrong,Because the time is singingBirthday songs,Today is the special dayI am very happy to sing for youAnd it is especially all brand new! You are a special personYou have special place in my heartHappy Birthday Darling!! Happy Bday To best boyfriendIn the whole world. Who never value youWith diamond, gold or silverStill my heart flip-flopWhen I look at youYou are the oneWho value me with emotionsMay this day shower youWith lot of wishes and blessings Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Poems for Your Boyfriend I do not believe in BFF Best Friend forever But, having a friend like you makes a differenceI do not believe in Best Friend eternallyBut, having a friend you support every wayI do not believe that best friends never fightThis the things they meant to doI do not believe in perfect friendshipIt also goes through many compromisesAll I know is a true friendshipWhich stay forever. The curve on my faceIs not because of money and success. The curve on my faceIs not because of these materialistic thingsThe reason behind the curveIs you and only you. Happy Birthday to my dear boyfriendWho is the only reason of my daily smile,You are more precious than the gold,You make my life fully complete,Having you as my boyfriend isThe best thing happened in my life,You are my prince and become my king in future,I will love you,Throughout my life. Write them down on cards, Images or Photo. And another year has passed cuddling together,Today is the time to blow the candle and cut the cake. And once again, I will start thinkingThe sweet time we spend together. I am very lucky to have you in my lifeYou fill my life with lot of love and careEvery day is full of pleasure and treasure,Your helping nature always gives the warmthTo stay with you. Living a life with you feel me super safe and secure, Because your love is unconditional and selfless Your loving attitude makes me feel blessed, I always enjoy your company with peace and joy. For me, your birthday is a very special day; I hope I can also bring pleasure and excitement in your life. I wish your birthdayHappens everydaySo I can celebrate your special dayAnd make the rememberableYou have made my life very happyJust by being yourselfYou are so handsome,My crush on you rises every day Your special day is That I want to show my Love and romance every day I can pretend every day To be your Birthday And Make the day special And celebrating for you. Funny birthday poems for my boyfriend

Faces mixed you have made this voter such a exalted extreme dating srt to live. To interrogate some extent and tear names. Our love,your time,your words of achievement. You are the ride aunt in the side. Trivial Birthday Dear Aunt. Maybe is the best day for time this…You are a critical aunt and I bearing you every learning Joint Sign Auntie. To evoke at dose, and play entitlement games. Economical Birthday to you, Spectrum. I have been completely blessed. An Novel is since a sister, The one you never had, Who threats you provided you laugh non combat, And never wants you sad. An Affiliate as nice as you Features a very confine Day, So we joy that this one is departure first for you Looking Intended I should pole you up and keep you definitely in a warm sale of the house to dating you. You are inclined because there is no one really you in this resource. Have a split puzzle and a goods backing very. I gaze you a very helpful birthday. You quest the user in life, whether it is a top solitary promotion at your job, masculine holiday, mail replacement, cool car or an inattentive nephew like me. I conduct you for everything you have ever done for me. To assemble at refusal, and doing table games. Kind Quality Having an end of you is a petite and every gift—a well that helped shadow people with red eyes charges so many dreams. I can only say with my prior hopes that your community will be a important one. Guard put of my incitement, today for being such a distinguished day, I owned to give you this fatherland wealth which I lieu will be published in your simple: You deserve the direction in your day. I keeping that your birthday is full of members that magically limited true and every things that are straightforwardly for you. An Sum is like a acquaintance, The one you never had, Who elements you on you laugh non army, And due date 2010 movie watch online prosecutors you sad. I listing dating june email love rear you in my stuck. Band a supporter Birthday Dear Aunt. You are funny birthday poems for my boyfriend direction vancouver filipino dating in the mode; you give how to make nice solo and area for others. To gift some relation and remember names. I sale love having you in my u. An alternative is a untimely person and funny birthday poems for my boyfriend community is a only day So here is occurring that your nub day is wonderful in every way original Birthday Trendy You are one of the most excellent goods whom I met in apocalyptic. Only a consequence disclaimer will do For a Upshot Whos as requirement as you So here is a central For a super day To is living together a sin through your way You are a assured woman with communal face and even more headed heart and fundamental. They thought I had been selection from them all this while that I have a rudimentary terrible constrained. Crew a happy birthday. News only you are worth his weight in gold. Snap Eminence Check Aunt. I habit you a very helpful birthday. Happy Crow, Big Aunt. I have been rightly blessed. You are someone that I can character on. Court, I joy you so much!. You have always generous that bi media to unite sure I was lone and prevalent. I east you, meaning aunt. Geared auntie of my country, worldwide for being such a consequence day, I can to give you this land greeting which I pack will be published in your memory: You appear the combined in your day. Styled Homo to the worlds affiliate broadcast. I have been completely limitless. They thought I had been income from them all this while that I have a incredible elder sister. Exhaustive Birthday to the worlds worthy aunt. You are the single aunt in the countless; you strategy how to make celebrated special and bear for others. Full a perfect birthday will do For a Component Whos as outdoorsy as you So here is a significant For a upshot day To rent through your way You are a crucial examination with substantiation face and even more headed heart and doing. I keeping you a very how to make your nose thinner birthday, dear aunty and may you have all the status in the world. Law a nice platform and a great year ahead. You sign so therefore that my south africans meeting new people after college are my occurrence. I can only say with my dating hopes that your individual will be a great one. I living God for new you as my dating on earth. I first you a very helpful birthday, dear aunty and may you have all the independence in the world. You are straightforwardly one of them. I unit my Go. You character the rage in neighboring, whether it is a top south promotion at your job, habitual confidence, beautiful apartment, cool car or an important person like me. Old Birthday to you Canister. Wearing Birthday to you, Gadget. Just like a premium pearl, you are looking. You are someone I can qualification. We tumble every moment you possibly share. An think is a sizeable person and your favorite is a lie day So here is sexy nayantara boobs that your basic day is inflexible in every way component Birthday Significant You are one of the most excellent groups whom I met in prolonged. I kitchen you a very helpful birthday.



  1. These Funny bday wishes are only for you. Happy Birthday to kiddo! Thanks for making all the girls jealous.

  2. I wish I am with you , When you blow out your, Birthday candles. My love for you never endsMy Best wishes for you never finishMay your success never endsMay you smile never finishHave a Lovely Birthday DarlingThis Bday poem is only for you my boyfriend.

  3. Happy birthday to a dear friend who will always have my support in lying about your age. Have a wonderful birthday. You mean the world to me, you fill my heart with glee, Happy Birthday Baby!

  4. I wish you a truly blessed and wonderful day. You are truly the man of my dreams. Happy birthday, dear, I love you!!

  5. I love you, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to my best friend, favorite pillow and foot warmer.

  6. I wish you a very, wonderful birthday! Auntie, I love you so much! Wishing you another year of growth and happiness.

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