Fun ways to announce pregnancy at work. 10 Cute Ways to Tell the Kids "We’re Expecting!".

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Wife Surprised Her Husband With Pregnancy in Very Sweet way

Fun ways to announce pregnancy at work

I had taken a gummy with my boyfriend. Well, I guess first I had condom-less, birth control-free sex where the white stuff got inside the vaginal pocket, but a couple weeks later I ate marijuana in the form of candy. Being a timing expert, halfway into a giggly game of cards, I went to the bathroom for my pre-menstrual pregnancy test ritual. Tip tap tippy two… Two lines. I have 15 years of urine-on-stick experience. There was no digging out instructions or googling necessary. No franticly peeing on more tests to confirm a result. I walked through my railroad apartment back to boyfriend. I told him what I knew. I work as a freelance advertising creative, I dress like Silent Bob and stack my clothes on the floor. I run around nonstop until my body physically collapses. My boyfriend works in TV, dresses earnestly, and hangs all his pants. With the stress of being in the public eye, no move seems like the right move. I was full of love. Nev was confident he would be great. It felt as good a time as ever. It was as if I told them I had a terminal illness. Again, to be fair, maybe it was half their shock and half self-doubt. Is this what having a baby is allowed to look like? I could get one? Ultimate confusion set in. I was having one. And the friends I told seemed to spiral into freak outs about their own lives and baby hypotheticals too. Married or unmarried, most people my age seem to not want kids. And for many very real reasons. The main being that adult life is hard to wrap your head around and growing up looks a lot different now than it did for our parents. My parents, the Boomers, sure. But my millennial do-life-our-way friends too? Am I fucking up? Can we nurture them physically, emotionally and financially? Do we want to? Are we happy and excited about it? Am I allowed to have friends that aren't moms? Do I have to change the types of things I post on the internet? After a few teary-eyed nights in an empty bathtub, I had made up my mind. We can do it our way. We live in an ever-evolving world that breeds new skill sets but also new fears in how successfully we can translate this world to family life. Can these skills come in handy or are they just going to get in the way of being a good mom? I placed my bet on no. Call me an optimist. Big love to all the bb girls out there, Laura. Fun ways to announce pregnancy at work

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  1. If possible, share their own ultrasound photos with them and explain that they were that little once, too. Yes, but I can totally see myself doing this!

  2. Am I fucking up? Looking for a fun way to announce pregnancy to your significant other or friends??

  3. When he asks what it is, tell him. Plan your announcement around a holiday, if possible.

  4. I was having one. See if he catches on. This is the one Andrew received the first go round.

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