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Fun girl activities to do

Printed copies Stress-free, gentle, relaxed learning for little ones They also need the security of a curriculum that gives them age-appropriate activities to do with their children in order to stimulate them and lay a good foundation in their children's lives - a foundation that will also benefit their children later, when formal learning begins. After almost 20 years of homeschooling my five SIX, I've seen how important the freedom of childhood is for children, yet how laying a solid foundation of necessary skills helps so much, when formal learning begins. Research actually shows that small children need a lot of time to play freely in the preschool years and that this free play develops the part of the brain responsible for academic learning. You see, when children are playing freely, their imagination is stimulated, they formulate rules for their games, they solve problems they encounter and they engage the frontal cortex, which is required for later learning. This is why I always say that its the moms that need a curriculum, NOT the children! However, there ARE certain activities which parents can encourage which also make a significant difference to how children's brains develop. Regular reading aloud by a parent or caregiver ensures that children are being exposed to the complexities of language and this develops language and many other skills they need. Just like babies learn to walk and talk in their own time, with very little help from their parents, likewise, children who are read to and encouraged to explore their world, want to learn to read and write in their own time, and often require much less 'teaching', if they are not pressured to do so before they are ready. I have a 5 year old son with Down Syndrome and we have really been working on his writing this summer. Your worksheets have made it so much more fun for him than just writing letters. Thanks to you and your book! Thank you for helping him over the hump! Children love stories and stories are good for kids "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Young school-aged children benefit from responsive reading of stories with their parents. Such literacy-nurturing activities have been shown repeatedly to foster optimal language development. All history, research and common sense points in the opposite direction! Any who push the three R's early deny the readiness the Creator built in - reasonably mature vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell, reason, brain growth, coordination However, using the correct methods you can encourage interest, stimulate exploration and lay a foundation for later on when children are ready to begin with formal schooling. It will spark a love for books and a passion for learning in your children, without the stress that is typical of other educational materials. It includes reviews of good quality stories not twaddle that you can read to your kiddies. I taught for 2 years, and thought that homeschooling meant that everything had to be perfect and that I had to provide everything for my children that they would be getting if they were attending a nursery school and put so much pressure on myself that I spent half my life prepping lessons and programmes that I was too tired to give to my children Anyhow, what I love about Shirley's programme is that she gives an outline for the week, providing structure, which I need, and the activities are great and most of the stuff you will have in your home, and it is flexible. It also introduces the alphabet in such a gentle and informal way and yet both my children recognise and point out letters wherever we are and are delighted that they can recognise them! I am relaxed, they are enjoying it! Designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6, it can be adapted for use with slightly older and younger children too. I was desperate for something, other than seat work, for my curious little girl - and you've thought of everything to inspire her without the rigidity of school. They have been formatted into a preschool curriculum that is easy for busy moms and teachers to follow. It has been used in preschool classrooms too! You are free to use substitutes for any that you can't find! It is intended to be used as a fun introduction to the letters of the alphabet with preschool-aged children that are not yet ready to learn to read using a formal phonics programme. Neither is this a math curriculum. It simply gives suggestions for fun ways for children to experience number concepts in the concrete world of their home environment. In addition to all of the above there are also chapters offering: Advice to new homeschoolers Tips for homeschooling with babies and toddlers Encouragement for when doubts come! Reviews of other resources Lesson planning tips - to help you gently schedule your day Overview of learning activity categories. Fun girl activities to do

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  1. Make a silly Christmas video to email to friends or post on facebook on Christmas day. In addition to all of the above there are also chapters offering:

  2. I believe in the value of teaching a child to have independent play as well. For your good advice and understanding, too- But most of all for being you! Make some personal and family New Years goals.

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