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Friends hot wife sex stories

First of all, I am married to the most wonderful man on this earth. Now I know all women should feel like that their first few years of marriage. I feel that this feeling will never go away. You see, Bobby is two years older than I am and he is great. I knew him all through high school, and when he joined the Air Force, we kept in touch. I dated almost every night and the month after I graduated, Bobby came home on a day leave. I remember that wonderful day I got married, I was 18 and Bobby had just turned 20 a couple months earlier. To say that we were a young married couple is an understatement. Yes, I was a virgin my wedding night. I decided very young to remain a virgin no matter what and I did just that. Bobby had tried, as did many other boys, to persuade me otherwise, but I was always pretty good about knowing how to cool them off. Now Bobby works on an air tanker; it is one of those great big planes that refuel other planes in the air. Therefore, with this kind of work there were times that Bobby would leave for work at 7 in the morning and not get back until days later. The biggest problem for us both was he never knew until he arrived at work what his day or days were going to be. In addition, once he did know, he was not allowed to let me know. Trust has always been big in my life as it has been in his. I know that when Bobby is flying and if he has to stay over night some place in the world, he is always thinking of me as I do him. Now, when he does get home, we always kiss and make love the minute he walks in the door. No matter if he has been gone just a few hours or several days. You see, while I was a virgin on our wedding night, I knew I would love sex because of the way I felt about it prior to that wonderful night. Bobby is just like me; well, maybe a little more into sex than I am. I say that because he has so many sex books he reads on his flights. You see, in his job he is in the plane for hours on end so he keeps his mind busy reading those dirty pocket books. He has been collecting them ever since he went into the service, so here at the apartment he has this footlocker crammed packed with them. Since I just sit here doing nothing, I began reading them and they all are very explicit in their story lines. So by the time Bobby gets home I am going crazy with my pent-up lust. Oh, sure, I masturbated a whole lot reading them, but masturbating never will take the place of making love. And after about six months of a steady diet of those sex books, I have to tell you some of those books are downright filthy! I began thinking of sex in a whole new light. That has brought a big change in both of our lives. Two nights ago, after we made love for a good hour, we began to just talk. Bobby feels bad because his job is always taking him away from me and I end up staying in the apartment alone. I also had been thinking about that same thing, and I asked him how he would feel if I got a job to help me pass the time while he was gone. I was very pleased that my husband thought it would be good for me to do something to keep myself busy, He told me that he was afraid that if this kept going on the way it was for the next four years of his enlistment that I would end up feeling like a prisoner or something. I have to tell you he is one very smart man because I was beginning to feel just like that. We agreed I would look for a day job to keep myself busy and, of course, bring in a little bit of money. However, we both agreed that the money was not as important as my getting out and keeping sane. I saw one in a shoe store, so I filled out an application. I just walked around and if I saw a store I thought might be fun to work at, I walked in and asked for an application for work. I just turned 18 two months ago. He was wearing a white dress shirt without any tie and he looked to be a little older than my father. I would guess in his late 40s or early 50s. His hair was thinning and he had a small gut. He offered me a seat and we began to talk. Here is my military ID to prove it. How will your husband feel if I hire you to work here? How do you think your husband will feel about you working here? I know Bobby has read them all before I did, so I felt he would not mind my working at a place like this. I mean he trusted me. Why do you ask? Pretty girls bring in the men; the men get horny and then spend more money in the arcade. I need good-looking young girls like you that can dress sexy, act coy and stay out of trouble. I am not hiring any prostitutes or whores. I never hire anyone without talking to the other spouse. Do you think your husband would come down and talk with me? I truly did not know how to feel about this. How much is the starting pay? However, like I said, I need to speak with your husband first. Now I have a few other questions for you, dear. How do you feel about dressing real sexy? He gets a kick out of other men staring at me with desire. He always tells me how proud he is being with me like that knowing that other men want me and that I am all his. OK, now if you work here, you will get propositioned maybe 10 times an hour. Vice is always checking on us here and no one can have sex here in the theater. As long as no one is tearing up the place back there, or anyone is being forced to do anything, I say live and let live. Can you live with that or not? I guess if the door is to a small room, it just makes it more interesting. Can you live with that? That is part of why I hire happily married women, so they do not date. Are you happily married, Sandy? This is a sex business. Men come in here to watch adult sex movies, they sometimes get turned on, and they will jack-off in the theater. If we catch them doing that out in the open, the law requires us that we have to ask them to leave. That is why I never set foot in there unless I have to. Most men will come out of the movie and go to the arcade behind close doors. The thing I am trying to point out is in this place you will have men jacking off in the restroom, in the booths and in the movie theater. Would that be a problem for you, dear? In addition, if you are in the front cash booth, you are locked in by yourself. Therefore, you never will be in any danger of a man getting out of hand. Do you think you can handle that? Of course I would never do anything like that now, since I was happily married; I would simply tell any man now that I was not available since I was happily married. When will he be back in town to stop by so we can talk? He could return tonight and he could be gone days. I just never know. He said that when my husband did get back, to talk it over and call him so they could meet. He told me the job would be held for me until Friday; since this was Monday I felt he was being very fair with me. I was lucky because at 6: I was so thrilled he was home not flying around. We kissed and made love as we normally did. I cooked supper and while cooking I told Bobby of my day. I told him about Jack and the job as well as the condition that he meets with Jack before he would put me to work. Bobby called Jack and he said after supper we would drive down and see him. I had very mixed emotions about this meeting. I gave him and my husband a very funny look. I mean, God, she is a fucking knockout and you know the guys around here are going to be hitting on her all the time. Sandy knows how to take care of herself. She stayed a virgin up till our wedding night and I know for a fact she never went a night without a date, so I trust her. She will be getting offers to show her tits. Speaking of that, if she works here, she will have to do it without a bra as well as dress very hot and sexy. Friends hot wife sex stories

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  4. The look of shock was great. I have shown my tits to so many boys, and they have felt me up all my life, but for some reason this overweight man with his funny smirk excited me, knowing I was going to lift my tiny shirt in daylight in an office for him to see my bare breasts.

  5. I began looking at the numbers and I found I was at booth 36, I followed the numbers down up and down the isles until I found booth 15, I looked above the door and saw the light was green.

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