Friend is suicidal what do i do. Recognizing Suicidal Behavior.

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PSA- A letter to my suicidal best friend

Friend is suicidal what do i do

You might feel so overwhelmed with pain that suicide seems like the only way to release yourself from the burden you've been carrying. You should know that there is help available to deal with your feelings. Contacting a mental health professional can help you heal and experience joy and happiness again, no matter how impossible it seems right now. Consulting this article is a great first step. Read on to learn how to get help. If you're having suicidal thoughts and need immediate help coping, please call emergency services such as , or a suicide hotline: In the United States: Promise yourself that you'll wait 48 hours before doing anything. Waiting before taking action will give your mind time to clear. Ask a professional for help by calling emergency services or contacting a suicide hotline. Suicidal thoughts and impulses are very serious. Asking for help is a sign of strength. You can also call US , UK , or your emergency services number to be connected with a trained professional. If you are a university student, your university may have a suicide prevention line, often through campus police. If you have called for help and are still experiencing suicidal thoughts, you need to go to the emergency room. Ask someone you trust to drive you, or call emergency services. You may find low-cost options there. Call someone you love and trust and share your thoughts with them. Sometimes just talking to a good listener can help you cope and be enough to calm your thoughts. The people who love you will not judge you for sharing these feelings with them. They will be glad that you called rather than try to handle everything on your own. You can't predict when new options might appear. It's impossible to know what might happen if you just wait 2 more days. If you act on your thoughts now you'll never find out what could have been. Take deep, calming breaths and repeat some coping statements to yourself. You could even write these statements down to reinforce them in your mind. Examples of coping statements could include: You might be trying to make the thoughts go away by drinking or using drugs. But adding these chemicals to your body actually just makes it a lot harder to think clearly, which you need to be able to do to cope with suicidal thoughts. If you're drinking or doing any drugs right now, stop and give your mind a break. Many people may use alcohol and other narcotics as antidepressants, but the relief that they provide is merely transitory. Solitude does not help suicidal thoughts, in fact, it can worsen them to a great extent. Part 2 Developing a Safety Plan 1 Make a list of things you love. This is a list of everything that has helped you cope in the past. Write down the names of your best friends and the family members you love, your favorite places, music, movies, books that have saved you. Include little things like your favorite foods and sports, bigger things like hobbies and passions that help you wake up in the morning. Write down things you plan to do later in life - the places you want to travel, the children you want to have, the people you want to love, experiences you've always wanted. It may be helpful to have a friend or loved one help you with this list. Depression, anxiety, and other common causes of suicidal thoughts can get in the way of allowing you to see what is wonderful and special about you. This isn't a list of "healthy habits" or "self-improvement techniques" - it's a list of anything you can do to distance yourself from committing suicide when the thoughts start to get too heavy to bear. Think about what has worked in the past, and write it down. Here are a few examples: Eating at your favorite restaurant Calling an old friend to talk Watching your favorite TV shows and movies Rereading a favorite book that brings you comfort Going on a road-trip Looking at old emails that make you feel good Hanging out with your dog in the park Going for a long walk or run to clear your head 3 Make a list of people in your support system. Write down at least five names and phone numbers of people who are reliable and will be able to talk with you when you call. Include plenty of people in case someone isn't available when you call. Write down the names and phone numbers of your therapist and support group members. Write down the names and numbers of crisis hotlines you might want to call. A safety plan is a written plan for when you experience suicidal thoughts. Having a plan written down can help you get past the initial feelings and stay safe. Remind myself of the things I love that have helped prevent me from committing suicide before. Try an item from my list of Good Distractions. See if I can distract myself from suicidal thoughts with something that has worked in the past. Call someone on my list of People in My Support System. Keep calling people until I get in touch with someone who can talk for as long as I need to. Delay my plan and make my home safe. Lock away anything I could use to harm myself, then think things over for at least 48 hours. Ask someone to come stay with me. Have them stay until I feel OK by myself. Go to the hospital. You can find a safety plan template here. Give a copy of your plan to a trusted friend or loved one. Whenever you experience suicidal thoughts, consult your safety plan. Part 3 Keeping Yourself Safe 1 Make your home safer. Give them to someone else for safekeeping, toss them out or lock them away. Don't make it easy for yourself to change your mind. If you are thinking of taking an overdose of prescription medication, give your medicines to a trusted loved one who can give them back to you in daily doses. Whatever is behind your thoughts and feelings, a counselor or therapist can help you learn to deal with it and become healthier and happier. Common and effective treatments for people considering suicide include: Be sure to take all medications as prescribed. Be aware that some medications may increase suicidal thoughts. If you experience any suicidal thoughts after taking your prescriptions, contact your doctor. Sometimes certain places, people or habits can trigger thoughts of despair and suicide. It might be hard to make the connection at first, but start thinking about whether there are patterns that might clue you into potential triggers. Whenever possible, avoid things, people and situations that make you feel sad, hopeless, or stressed. Drinking alcohol and doing drugs. It feels good at first, but it can turn negative thoughts into suicidal ones very quickly. Books, movies and music with dark, emotional themes. Learning to recognize what other thoughts and behavior tend to appear when you struggle with suicidal thoughts can help alert you to when you need to seek extra support from others. Common warning signs include: Friend is suicidal what do i do

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  1. Do you have access to weapons or things that can be used as weapons to harm yourself? Books, movies and music with dark, emotional themes.

  2. National Hopeline Network — Toll-free telephone number offering hour suicide crisis support.

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