Freezing cucumbers for smoothies. Daily Harvest Smoothies: A Vegetarian’s Review.

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Freezing Raw Kale for Smoothies

Freezing cucumbers for smoothies

But I have never chatted with you about a smoothie topic like this before. Joining the likes of Blue Apron and Plated dinner kit delivery services, but with a focus on your first meal of the day instead of your last, Daily Harvest will ship smoothies to your door. Well, the ingredients anyway: No muss, no fuss. Is all this convenience worth it? I signed up for 2 weeks of the service to find out. This actually highlights one of my struggles with these delivery services. OK, a lot pricey. But I feel fairly confident I could recreate them, at least those with the simpler and shorter ingredient lists, for less than eight bucks a cup, especially if I batched it and made several of the same kind at once. Each smoothie from Daily Harvest is vegan with mostly all organic ingredients. But beyond that, the actual nutrient content varies incredibly widely from smoothie to smoothie. Depending on the particular mix of ingredients, they are all over the map in terms of calories, protein, fat, etc. On the high end Chocolate Lovahhh has calories or with almond milk. Protein content ranges from 2 to 14 g before blending, and fat from 1 to 28 g. Who are we kidding? Now on to the important part…what did they taste like? Nutrition info is for the whole portion, or 16 fluid ounces, as packaged and without added liquid. What A Melon Totally boring with soymilk, and totally boring with coconut water. Matcha Colada A good mix of lime and coconut flavors, this one was also noticeably better with coconut water than plain water. But overall it kind of left me underwhelmed. My immediate thought was that it needed some lemon juice to brighten things up. Green Monkey A very refreshing green smoothie, with a touch of sweetness from the banana. Blueberry Mustache The figs and ginger made this basic berry and greens smoothie a little more sweet and spicy. Again, the flavors are all very mild, but quite sip-worthy. Berry Brightener The name is spot on for this deep red concoction. My best guess is that the acai or possibly the cherries are responsible for the bright fruity taste. Berry Brightener is on display here, with its vivid reds, alongside Chocolate Lovahhh and Green Monkey. The overall flavor and texture is reminiscent of chocolate soft serve ice cream, with a familiar and pleasing creamy milk chocolatey finish. I usually have a smoothie and green or black tea in the morning, but I can see having this all on its own and taking care of two morning beverages in one cup. Strawberry Shorty This pale pink preparation was unexpectedly great, and I opted for soymilk to double the protein content. The cocoa nibs added a nice crunch nestled amid the cold creaminess. And the highest calorie ones. They offered many more layers of flavor that made me want to keep slurping them up my straw. One more note about these pesky numbers: I sort of view this service like the dinner delivery kits. How do you make your smoothie habit more convenient? Got any blender-friendly tips to share? According to the label, this smoothie has calories if you drink the whole thing before adding milk. When I did my own analysis of my copycat recipe the numbers were considerably higher. As with my other reviews of delivery kit services, I paid for Daily Harvest on my own and received no free product from the company. Freezing cucumbers for smoothies

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  1. But overall it kind of left me underwhelmed. I just try to be aware of what is in my fridge.

  2. To sweeten up the smoothie, I just use some liquid vanilla stevia or pure white stevia extract, plus a little vanilla extract.

  3. This way you can start recording the prices of produce. This is also the same for some veggies like celery and carrots. You can find out how I do that here.

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