Foley house inn haunted room. 22 of the Most Haunted Places in America, According to Paranormal Experts.

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Foley House haunting 2

Foley house inn haunted room

Specified we were seniors needing ease of entry and medically gluten free. Loved the home, room, ambiance, friendly staff and location. We had 4 short flights of steps to navigate in and out two of which were weather exposed and it was raining. Would recommend the aim. But also to emphasize special needs. First time in Savannah 5 on May 03, This is a lovely property. And a great place to stay. Helpful and friendly staff. And the extras - Sweets and Teas; Snacks and wine; and wonderful port in the evening! Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Delicious afternoon sweets and breakfast. Room was comfortable and relaxed. We had the romantic package and all details were taken care of in perfect order. The food at the Inn was superior and the staff was amazing. We did not meet the cook however she perfected every bite! She should have her own cooking show! The only thing that would have been good for us was to include transportation home from the restaurant. The carriage ride there was an excellent touch. The food was fantastic. A great location for visiting Savannah. We will definitely plan on staying at the Foley House next time we are in Savannah. Perfect anniversary getaway 5 on October 30, Chef Chris was fantastic, the entire staff was accommodating and extremely pleasant. The room was beautiful and very comfortable. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They were more than accommodating with our two dogs who joined us for our stay. Despite their yapping, the staff was just kind and friendly. The breakfast was perfect, but I wondered where the wine and cheese were. I would have liked to have that as an addition. Besides that, the stay was beyond perfect. From he moment you arrive you are made to feel welcome and at home. The staff are warm and friendly and there is just not enough space to write how wonderful hey made our stay. Foley house is beautiful, serene, and relaxing. Classical music is using playing in the downstairs rooms creating a completely relaxing atmosphere. Afternoon Ice teas and deserts are served between pm all of which are wonderfully delicious. Breakfast at Foley is for lack of any better words fantastic. We elected the Haunted Savannah Tour, and we were not disappointed. If you are even an amateur paranomalist you will not be disappointed with Foley—we got crystal clear EVP's in our room. If you are not into the paranormal, don't let this frighten you. We experienced nothing harmful at Foley, rather quite the opposite! In closing Foley made our Savannah trip memorable and perfect. We will will go back in future without hesitation, in fact, I would prefer to stay at Foley than any other place in Savannah! We loved our rooms and the customer care was fantastic. The breakfast is a pretty small portion, so be prepared for that. Beautiful City, Inn and Staff!!! He booked the Foley House a couple weeks in advance due to recommendations from friends. My birthday could not have been spent anywhere more beautiful. Our room, the inn itself, the staff, the delicious hand-made breakfast and afternoon snacks where just incredible. And the fact that the inn is located on a beautiful square was just icing on the cake. This was Southern hospitality at is finest. Foley house inn haunted room

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  1. It was a Union hospital during the Civil War, and as legend goes, is the site of tragedy Do you see any ambivalence or contradiction? What makes the poem so moving is the degree of empathy it shows.

  2. Others are unknown and can be found here. All manner of living, births and deaths have taken place in the ensuing years.

  3. Folks say the spirits they consulted still remain on the mountain, and sometimes visit the beautiful lodge as well. I am indebted to these living legends you know who you are… BT: In fact, in town librarian and historian Madeleine Anthony took a photograph of the cemetery which is believed to show several ghosts as well as a mysterious

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