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Rare Early Royal Doulton 'Pamela' HN1469 Figurine - Dated 1932

Figurine dating

Devonian Relics Earth Sculpted by Ice: Near the end of the Devonian Period some million years ago - long before Earth's Ice Ages - Illinois, as well as much of the Midwestern United States, was at the bottom of a shallow sea teeming with life. The seabed in this region was iron-rich and oily with decayed sea life. Much of the ancient plants that came later during the Pennsylvanian Period mya became coal in this region. After the water had steamed away, a smooth, reddish-brown mass rich in silicates was left. Most of this material became microcrystalline jasper. Some of the silicates crystallized into cavities such as geodes but also within Devonian fossils, sometimes replicating the original animal in great crystalline detail. Often mistaken for the common Turkey Vulture, Zone-tailed Hawks do not have the predominate white coloration in the tail feathers and are active predators rather than scavengers. The light-colored "wing" is a natural part of the body stone. Black w brown jasper, 2 parts. Jasper is a term which refers to a member of the chalcedony family of microcrystalline quartz which includes flint, agate and opal. Chalcedony silicon dioxide - often with some iron and aluminum itself is an opaque to translucent quartz, usually white with pale blue or gray tint and with a wax-like luster. Chalcedony has been considered a semi-precious stone since the 15th century See Cloud Woman and Night Sky Maiden below and it is considered a gemstone when it interferes with light such as opal and carnelian. Another member of the chalcedony family is flint, a tough glassy quartz which breaks and chips easily but keeps a sharp edge. Its color scales the rainbow and was the primary material of projectile points, knives and other tools. Night Sky Maiden Virgo polus nocturnus Love often drives the artist and this stone may have been chipped to profile a young woman in the clan. Her sparkling mind is open and exposed to the cosmos. The Paleo Indian art form viewed from its front greatly resembles the face of a skull. From its right, a man. At that time, I refused to believe it had been deliberately worked. But in after the washout discovery, I gave it another look. It was found not far from the red flint surgical blade also found in Agate forms in bands or rings in rock cavities with successive layers growing in parallel rings usually towards the center of some stones. We have found a beautiful red and yellow carnelian agate figurine - Diving Duck Anas urino I looked in vain for signs of working and impact on the larger soft stone until I remembered that a smaller, similar piece was found two years earlier from the same site sector. Apparently this duckling figurine, like so many others, was buried by time with its head still on the base stone — it was recovered first. To the ancient Native American Indian, animals that could travel between the basic elements i. Knowing that, it is little wonder this figurine was collected from the river by Ice Age Indian. Green Pennsylvanian banded glacial slate, 2 parts. Jasper, a chalcedony, becomes various gemstones the more it interferes with light. Jasper can also hold fossils such as crinoids. Their stem segments are commonly called "Indian beads" and when found loose, were drilled in their centers and worn like jewelry by Paleo Indian and some later tribes of Native Americans. Other such jasper fossils would include small mollusks, sponges and other creatures often in crystalline form. Over millions of years in water saturated mud, some of the carbon and oils from those extinct sea creatures became displaced with silicates which precipitate to form quartz crystals within the fossil cavity. Jasper colored blue, gray or black is from the carbon of ancient sea life and, depending on the quality, is usually waxy smooth and classified as a rarer form of chalcedony. Rana insilio The body of this amphibian is a crystal-loaded nodule. The notch at the lower left side near the extended rear leg reveals its crystal interior. Caramel jasper nodule w caramel jasper appends, 6 parts; horizontal orientation. Despite the grotesque description, it's made up of many colors in a beautiful swirl pattern with fossil remnants. A geologist told me that he had never seen such a chalcedony before so we took the liberty to name it. These "Necro" chalcedony pieces assemble into figurine Great Grandfather's Bones below. Recently we found another pair of stones made of a lesser grade of this material, Father's Bones, below, but contains citrine crystals for a "third eye". Harvest Woman is another new stone we named "Salsa" chalcedony. There are other new chalcedonies in our Ice-Age Paleo Indian art collection we have yet to name. All three stones are of the same rare chalcedony. The body stone has an iron oxide "patch" on the back which can only come from long-term burial in the iron-rich Illinois soil. A very rare find. Waxy smooth Necro chalcedony a new classification of stone that we named colored by ancient-life carbon and loaded with crinoid stem fossils, 3 parts; horizontal and vertical orientation. A few have beautifully colored crystals, tainted by various minerals. Many jasper geodes were torn out and some broken up by glacial action and ended up as riverstone. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made predominantly of fine, round grains of quartz sand. Gritstone is similar to sandstone but made of angular grains and was prized by early man for its sanding abilities. It sparkles quite brightly in sunlight. Quartzite is also a sedimentary sandstone with much larger grains of round to irregular shape. Many of our quartzite figurines are downright beautiful in bright sunlight See Father of Men on page Prehistoric Venus. Grandfather's Bones Avitus ossis Looking like dried seabed mud, these heavily weathered Ice Age riverbed stones were glacier-ground, giving them the dried-up look of long-deceased remains. We've found several "mummy-like" figures at our site, why would the clan know what an old cadaver looks like? Why would they collect these stones? Though the concept rubs against the grain of many Native Americans, did the clan dig-up remains of ancestors and moved them around as some Indonesian clans do today? Khaki jasper, 2 parts. Without a microscope it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the latter two from each other. Semiprecious gemstones are found in this area and archaic man surely appreciated them. Shiny items were extremely rare and highly prized. Stones of any kind were few and far between after the flooding subsided and plant life took over. Some semi-precious stones such as Carnelian a fire-red and yellow chalcedony and Amethyst a clear quartz crystal colored violet-to-purple by tiny traces of iron were even more rare. Citrine is amethyst crystal that has been slowly cooked in the earths crust. It has a clear yellow to golden color and considered valuable to gemstone collectors. Pieces of beautiful petrified wood and dinosaur dung are also occasionally found in this area and we have several specimens of both. Sometimes olivine can manifest abundantly in quartzite and metaquartzite see Olivine can also be found in granite see Green Thunderbolt and in varying degrees in jasper. Other green rocks may include sedimentary shale and slate, which are usually colored by chlorite, such as 7. Cardinalis cardinalis Aside from being the Illinois state bird, this avian is a friendly sight at wintertime bird feeders. The male has bright red plumage and the female has drab reddish-brown feathers to camouflage it while nesting. We have another Paleo Indian cardinal figurine art in " Thunderbird ". Red blush w yellow beak jasper, 2 parts, 3. It is forged into a material much harder than any one of the original components making rocks such as gneiss see Iron Maiden above and hornblende but like the Samurai sword is resilience to impact. Gneiss is usually marked with striations or streaks like its cousin schist, a softer and finer grained stone. Hornblende is tougher and has a dark grainy appearance. Chelydra serpentina Snappers are common in this area. Their funky looking heads were designed by nature to look like old leaf litter. The snapper will lie still underwater with opened mouth and using his tongue as a lure, attract small fish to their doom. This jasper figure has a conglomerated naturally cemented stones jasper head that looks remarkably like a snapping turtle. Snapper is a delicacy in these parts, but this animal affords respect from swimmers and the curious alike. Its bite can remove a digit. This figure is big enough to have been a decoy to lure larger snappers. Chestnut jasper w jasper conglomerate head, 7 parts; horizontal orientation. It develops in many rock from granites to limestone. Sometimes it forms shiny crystals called spectacular hematite which describes the black, highly reflective crystals such as We are offering a beautiful hematite The River Owl may have prematurely started the Iron-Age by use of this mineral, not just for their Indian art, but as tough and dependable tools. Figurine dating

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  1. The Hohle Fels cave, where the piece of sculpture was discovered, is located in the Schwabian region of south-west Germany just a short distance from the Danube valley. Its sister figurine, the Venus of Tan-Tan is morphologically so similar that it could have been sculpted by the same artist.

  2. A geologist told me that he had never seen such a chalcedony before so we took the liberty to name it.

  3. Most of the Tanagra figurines were discovered to be buried with the dead. These "Necro" chalcedony pieces assemble into figurine It is speculated that though it was usual to place the figurines in the graves, it was not essential, as a vase would have been.

  4. This affects the ratio of 14 C to 12 C in the different reservoirs, and hence the radiocarbon ages of samples that originated in each reservoir.

  5. It was announced this Thursday that Jollibee, the mascot of the country's top fast food chain, is getting the Funko Pop!

  6. These "Necro" chalcedony pieces assemble into figurine We've found several "mummy-like" figures at our site, why would the clan know what an old cadaver looks like?

  7. The Hohle Fels cave, where the piece of sculpture was discovered, is located in the Schwabian region of south-west Germany just a short distance from the Danube valley. Rana insilio The body of this amphibian is a crystal-loaded nodule. We have found a beautiful red and yellow carnelian agate figurine -

  8. Citrine is amethyst crystal that has been slowly cooked in the earths crust. German professor Nicholas Conard indicates the sculpture's size during a press conference in Tuebingen, southern Germany Scientists believe early humans followed this route as they moved out of Africa into central and western Europe. Their funky looking heads were designed by nature to look like old leaf litter.

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